More AMC and OLTL Catches Up With Robert S. Woods and Lindsay Hartley (VIDEO)

One Life to Live’s Robert S. Woods and All My Children’s Lindsay Hartley sat down on this week’s More All My Children and One Life to Live, to talk about their characters and storylines. The episode also teases upcoming Pine Valley and Llanview twists. Watch the episode after the jump!

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    I gave up on the “More” shows. They are not “recaps” as originally stated. There is between 1-2 minutes of clips showing “recaps”. The rest is filler. I guess that makes sense because if the Friday shows were truly recaps, then most people might skip Monday-Thursday and just watch the Friday show. But for me, less is more. :)

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    there is rumbling that this show is slowing down produciton of taping real episodes. Would not be surpise it it reduce to a monthly show or shovel all together

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    I actually like the Behind the Scenes segments. I used to be a Prop Master myself in college (don’t laugh!) so I liked the aspect of the Props Master getting his ‘Props’.

    And it was interesting to me (guess I am the only one) to see how they coordinate their location shoots (from my days as a barely paid PA on film sets).
    At the very least, I think it is a few moments of recognition for the people whose only familiarity most of us have are through their names rolling during the credits. And perhaps an added insight about how much goes into the production of each episode.

    However, I do agree that we really only need to see these episodes of More, once or twice a month. They don’t need to be weekly.

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    Lindsay Hartley is doing some great work. I must admit, I never really have gotten a sense of how talented she is before. The writing for her on “Passions” was patently ridiculous, her character on DAYS was boring & forgettable, and on the original AMC, she just always seemed to be like wallpaper…………..a piece of the scenery. Now I’m getting to see how versatile she is and it’s quite a revelation……………. :)

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