Corbin Bernsen and Jess Walton to Introduce “In Memoriam” Tribute at 40th Annual Daytime Emmys


The late Jeanne Cooper's real-life son and her scene partner for over a quarter of a century will present the "In Memoriam" segment during the 40th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards. A spokesperson for the telecast has confirmed The Young and the Restless' Corbin Bersen and Jess Walton will introduce the segment. Genoa City's generation next, Bryton James, Max Ehrich and Hunter King, will also present during the awards show.

The 40th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards will air Sunday, June 16 at 8 pm EST on HLN.


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    Sorry, but I don’t see how Bryton James can be considered as GC’s “Generation Next”. An absolutely boring character played by an absolutely boring actor who’s done practically nothing storywise , imo, in… what’s it been….6-8 years now?. Time for Devon to hit the road!

  2. Profile photo of ryder

    Next generation on Y&R…..yawn.
    The veterans are the only reason to watch this show. No successful new characters in years….and now Michelle Stafford is leaving.
    Nail in a coffin.
    Hope they can turn things around but it’s starting to feel like one of those cancelled shows, revolving doors behind the scenes and no vision or respect for the past glories.
    My advice would be fire anyone hired after 2009 and focus on Victor, Nikki, Lauren, Paul, Michael, Jill, Sharon, Nick, Billy and Victoria…..please and thank you.

  3. Profile photo of Danny Ricci
    Danny Ricci

    They can do whatever they want with most of the show. But there are two things I request. One, they should show clips of each nominee’s reel.
    And two, the In Memoriam thing MUST include the following people.

    1. Claire Malis-Dorian Lord, One Life To Live
    2. Bobbi Jordan-Terri Webber Arnett, General Hospital
    3. Celeste Holm-Isabella Alden, Loving
    4. Larry Hagman-Curt Williams, Search for Tomorrow
    5. Al Freeman Jr-Ed Hall, One Life To Live
    6. Virginia Dwyer-Mary Matthews, Another World
    7. Phyllis Diller-Gladys Pope, The Bold & The Beautiful
    8. Carolyn Conwell-Mary Williams, The Young & The Restless
    9. John Ingle-Edward Quartermaine, General Hospital
    10. Jeanne Cooper-Katherine Chancellor, The Young & The Restless
    11. Barbara Esensten-Co-Head Writer, Guiding Light, All My Children, The City
    12. Eileen Pollock-Co Head Writer, The Doctors, General Hospital
    13. Norma Monty-Head Writer, General Hospital
    14. Al Rabin-Executive Producer, Days Of Our Lives
    15. Paul Rauch-Executive Producer, Another World, One Life To Live, Guiding Light, The Young & The Restless

    THESE are the people we as daytime fans want. Not last year’s hodgepodge of agents, and primetime talents, and directors. We want these individuals.

    That is all.

  4. Profile photo of pferrando

    While I have no issues with the “next gen” on Y and R presenting, I also don’t think it should be at the expense of the veteran characters.

    And while all three are noms this year, Devon has been seen only twice since Josh took over writing. I agree that the character should probably be written out if he’s not being used.

  5. Profile photo of blake3b

    Sounds like she’ll have a great memorial! It’s great to see someone get a great memorial, unlike ones we didn’t get for people like Beverlee McKinsey, Michael Zaslow, etc.

  6. Profile photo of pennywise555

    [quote=ryder]Next generation on Y&R…..yawn.
    My advice would be fire anyone hired after 2009 and focus on Victor, Nikki, Lauren, Paul, Michael, Jill, Sharon, Nick, Billy and Victoria…..please and thank you.[/quote]
    YES! All the flashbacks left me wanting more today. Problem is there is no more of that. I’ll bet tomorrow it’s back to the Chelsea, Dylan, Avery, & Tyler show & I have no interest in them.

  7. Profile photo of Mets82

    I agree about the In Memoriam. The people Danny mentioned MUST be included. Also, Devon, Summer and Fen. They cant be the only 3 the Young and the Restless sends? Right?

  8. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    I have to admit. Get rid of Devon. He has gotten laid, like what, 3 times in the last 8 years. Roxanne is never one. What a joke.

    Now that Katherine, Harmony, and Tucker are gone, why is he around at all?

    BYe, bye Devon.

  9. Profile photo of RebeccaJ

    while I loved the fact that the Bersens intro’ed the show with their piece, I was rather disappointed at how disjointed it was. I wish they would have asked each person to give a two or three minute talk of their favorite memory and have two shows if necessary. As it was, they kept jumping from person to person and not many of the ppl had a chance to really give a memory. The guy that played Brock said all of about three words.

    My absolute favorite JC stories were the ones Michelle Stafford told about not being able to cry and Joshua Morrow’s bit about not being stupid…very funny. I just wish they had all had the same opportunity.

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