Did Declan Have to Die on Revenge?

It's hard out there for a townie! The Season 2 finale of ABC's once-brilliant sudser Revenge saw the demise of Declan Porter (One Life to Live and Gossip Girl alum Connor Paolo). Jack's (Nick Wechsler) kid brother and Charlotte's (Christa B. Allen) baby daddy perished following an explosion at Grayson Global. While a presumably hacked off Paolo declined to speak to TV Guide Magazine's William Keck, his co-stars weighed on the death of Declan.

Said Wechsler:

"Connor wasn't happy. But he also took it like a champ. I think on some level he was preparing himself for it because he knew he wasn't being used that much."

Added Allen on learning her leading man was getting iced:


"I couldn't hold it together," she recalls. "Then Connor came in to the make-up trailer while I was still sobbing."

I can see why TPTB decided to cut their losses with Declan. His death gives Jack even more reason to want to destroy the Graysons in Season 3. Also, Char being preggers with a dead man's tyke is totes more dramatic than watching another couple trying to raise a brat on a boat for 22 episodes. Do you think Declan's endgame was justified on Revenge? Sound off in the comments!

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    I thought Connor wanted to leave the show. He seemed to be MIA for most of the season. And just like Gossip Girl he ended up leaving once the show began to lose its appeal. I thought that’s what happened. I have always been a fan of Connor’s since OLTL.

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    All I know is that I cried buckets over Amanda, the white-trash, slutty murderer, that I didn’t even like, but I didn’t shed one tear over Declan.

    GOD I hope Revenge gets back to what it was in its first season. Though he’s gorgeous, I wish Dec took Aiden with him into the light. He also has NO purpose.

    I think the consensus is that Emily’s “Revenge” was getting old, so they now have to focus on Jack’s revenge to keep the show on the revenge track without getting stale (unlike this season). Hope it works! *crosses fingers*

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    This season was really bad. It lacked the suspense of season one. S1 shined out in the battle between Emily and Victoria. Besides killing off Amanda in seoson 2 was a mistake. There was so much more story to tell. I didnt liked the cliffhanger of season 2. Actually, the whole season was a big let down. It was contrived, over the top, and full of plot holes.

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    I hate that they killed off Declan. Connor Paolo is such a cutie. He was a little uneven acting-wise in the first couple of episodes, but eventually he became a favorite. Too bad the show didn’t know what to do with his character. Also, I agree with the OP -killing off Amanda was a huge mistake! I’m glad Aiden, a poor man’s Channing Tatum is gone. Watching him was like watching paint dry plus he had more chemistry with Nolan and Daniel than Emily.

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    YES. YES. YES. Death to Declan. The character was a waste. The show should just go back to Emily Vs Victoria – that’s the only thing that was interesting. Jack is another boring character that I can’t stand. It’s probably the actor and his height doesn’t help him much. He looks like a freaking goblin waddling about.

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    I so agree with the comments that Amanda should not have died. Everyone hated Amanda when she first came on but I loved that girl. She would take a rock and bust it up someone’s head in a second for the ppl she loved. I wish it was Declan who died on that boat. Then Jake would have even more reason to hate the Greysons.

    Then when Emily would have revealed the truth about who she was to him, it would have created a great quadangle because Jake would have been torn between Emily and Amanda. And Emily would be torn between Daniel and the other guy. It just would have been more soapy.

    I hate that Charlotte is pregnant. We just had a pregnancy on the show, why have another one? Also why repeat Victoria’s storyline. She got pregnant as a teen now Charlotte is also? Hopefully she has a miscarriage.

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    Let’s hope that now the reveal that Emily is Amanda and Declan is dead that maybe JUST maybe we will see Victoria… the magnificent Madeleine Stowe be the powerhouse bitch we know she is meant to be.

    This season was dull oNLY because they pushed it way too far to make the Grayson’s somewhat innocent of the very first crime and threw in Takada and the other brit and made it international espionage WHILE VICTORIA still couldn’t put two and two together with Emily.

    So here’s hoping TRUE SOAPY goodness is in store for us come fall.

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    I love Connor Paolo but Declan just wasn’t that interesting and was a victim of horrible writing.

    I hope that Revenge returns to its original formula and what made it shine come season 3. Season 2 was just awful.

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    Revenge needs to go back to original formula. Second season lost me.

    What started as a psychological thriller of sorts turned into a mess the 2nd season with Emily and her martial arts circle of friends, etc. Yuck.

    I am not sure if it is too late. We will see. Remember they wasted two episodes with the return of her mother? For what? Such a disjointed 2nd season.

    Not wild about the character of Declan but he is gone. Don’t care one way or another. He was part of original cast so I would rather him than some of the 2nd season characters that were added.

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    Jack has suffered too much loss in only two seasons from the deaths and murders of his father, wife, and brother. The loss of his dog and his boat were other blows. The only other people he trusted were Emily and Nolan, but now he has learned they’ve been deceiving him as well, and he will be blame them for some of these losses as much as he does Conrad. The Porter brothers was the only relationship on the show where I knew they had each other’s backs and would never betray each other. I liked how they were always there for each other and would sacrifice for each other cause unlike everyone else they don’t have much money.

    The Ryan brothers terrorized the Porter brothers for most of season 2, but they still overcame all that crap they put them through, and still had each other in the end. I didn’t want to see Declan die, just put him in a coma for the summer, it still wouldn’t have changed the fact that Jack planned to shoot Conrad which lead to Emily confessing. Baby Carl doesn’t have anybody now but Jack with Declan now gone, and at this point Jack is too messed up to raise his son, so I hope they will introduce a Porter family member for Season 3 to help Jack out.

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    I will be so pissed off if pointless expendable Aiden is back for Season 3, after losing both Amanda and Declan in such a short time span, but really it was newbie characters like Aiden and Padma and the Initiative storyline that was the downfall of Season 2 after an amazing Season 1. How many episodes this season were centered on the Initiative and how it affects Aiden and Padma? Emily and Nolan were propping them for the most part. I don’t care about Aiden’s sister or Padma’s father.

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    Newmanwins, it looks like Aiden is indeed going to be around in some capacity–which is so disappointing. His character was terrible. I couldn’t stand the Declan character in season 1, but I think if recast (sorry, Paolo and his ever-changing accent simply weren’t doing the job; the only way he fit was that he was a similar height to Jack) Declan could have been a great character. Aiden needs to GO! in any case. Terrible, pointless character who ushered in all of the “Alias”-style stuff that ruined the second season and completely shredded the buzz the show had.

    And they should have kept Fauxmanda! Actress was awesome and she was just an all-around entertaining character.

    The other-other thing about this season that was such a mess: All of the random pop-ins that went nowhere. Remember Jennifer Jason Leigh as Amanda’s mother? Yeah, I vaguely do because her story was terrible. Or Amanda’s foster brother who came and went in two episodes? Or Charlotte’s random lesbian friend? What was her deal? I guess they’re setting her up to be Charlotte’s support next season after Declan’s gone? Whatever. It didn’t work very well.

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    i agree that Faux-Amanda shouldn’t have been killed off, but I disagree about Aiden.

    In S1, I LOVED the push pull with Jack, and I hated that Faux chic came between them….HOWEVER..Jack became dull and Fauxchic was the only person, especially in S2, that gave him life. Aiden was a better fit for Emily. Emily needed someone that she could trust and confide in…that could also bring muscle to the game. Fauxchi had muscle…but she wasn’t reliable or trustworthy.

    That said, I think Aiden is needed cuz Jack can go the way of Declan.

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