General Hospital’s Bradford Anderson: “Recurring Isn’t a Bad Word”

Spixie fans everywhere were ready to cut a bitch over the weekend. Why, you ask? Because news broke of Bradford Anderson going on recurring status at General Hospital.  

Anderson—who according to sources made the choice to go off contract himself—tweeted the following to soothe savage Spinelli lovers:

From what I hear, Port Charles' most lovable geek ever will remain front and center at least through the end of the Spixie/Lante baby saga.

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    Well it’s not a bad word in GH’s world, who use their recurring characters almost like contract players. Well most of them anyway. But when you’re are going on recurring on B&B you are never heard of again – sigh, Amber Moore – or you are part of some family celebration once a year – sigh, Felicia Forrester.

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    I was sort of surprised by this, considering how much the current regime has invested in Spinelli. Not only is Maxie pursuing him now after all these years, instead of it being the other way around, he is now in the MIDDLE of a triangle with two young, beautiful women wanting him. And the baby storyline has been pretty big thusfar, I’m sure it will remain that way and have a big climax coming to it.

    However, I’m not surprised given the fact the he is best buddies, not to mention bandmates, with Steve Burton, Scott Reeves and Brandon Barash, all of which have either left or were fired during the last 9 months. I was kind of expecting for BA to quit at some point aswell. But, we shall see.

    As a character, I don’t mind Spinelli. He has been written so much better under the Guza regime, in terms of being more viable and serious and less annoying. Yet, he still remains “Spinelli” with all his quirkiness. And I like it. I actually like his nicknames too. I’ve realized the biggest thing that shadowed Spinelli’s existence, was, like with Sam and Elizabeth – Jason. Now that he is gone, voilá: Spinelli is viable.

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    Wow, I thought Bradford Anderson would go down with the ship, that is, staying with GH until the bitter end. Personally, I thought Spinelli was overplayed and should have left years ago. But good luck to Bradford.

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    It’s the little things that make you go “hmmm.” I forgot when it was– two or three months ago maybe– Bradford Anderson posted a Twitpic of himself, Sbu, Kirsten Storms, and Brandon Barash out to dinner with the caption “We all like each other. We’re friends;” or something to that effect. It was at that time I thought to myself “Here we go..”

    Bradford Anderson has been a perfect gentleman about the whole thing.

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    I can understand Bradford A wanting to look for more in his career and while he’s young he should go for it. It’s just strange,that Steve B leaves, the leader of the band, and the rest of the Port Chuck band are now all gone. I’m sure they were not happy with their current story lines, which is where Ron C seems to faulter, in my opinion. He never seems to complete a story and actors, that were on the show, were pushed in the back-ground for newer characters. But, I think Steve B should have stayed with GH, his character, in my opinion, on Y &R, is a big DUD!!! That is why I worry for Jason T. His story-line is so terrible and he is a great actor , and who can blame him if he’s the next to leave?

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