Haves and Have Nots’ John Schneider: “This is a Show About People Who Think They Have Life by The Balls”

Bo Duke has left the building! Dukes of Hazzard alum John Schneider’s latest role, in Tyler Perry’s highly-anticipated soap opera, The Haves and the Have Nots, will definitely make viewers of the 80’s series do a double take.

Schneider gave TV Guide Magazine’s  Michael Logan a little taste of what fans can expect from the sudser. Schneider stated:

I'm usually cast as the guy who lives on a dirt road — the one who'll be there to sandbag your house when you need help. That ain't Cryer.

Schneider's alter ego, Jim Cryer is a rich, power-hungry, Georgia judge who has his sights set on being the state’s next Governor. By day, the married politician lays down the law on the bench, but at night he's sweating up the sheets with scheming, high-priced call girl Candace (One Life to Live's Tika Sumpter).

Did we mention Candace also happens to be the daughter of the Cryer family's new maid and roomate to Judge Cryer's privileged daughter Amanda (Jaclyn Betham)? Added the actor:

This is a show about people who think they have life by the balls, only to find out they don't."

The two-hour premiere of The Haves and The Have Nots airs tonight at 9 pm EST on OWN.

Photo credit: OWN


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    I am looking forward to tonight’s premier. The ONLY reason is because it’s Tyler Perry, love him and his work. Not a fan of Oprah or her network but Tyler is her saving grace for me. Plus I have been saying for years he should do soaps! Ya know…since I sat on my “rusty dusty”, as my daddy used to say and didn’t do it myself. Since I didn’t do what God gave me the gift to do, someone else stepped up. There’s always a ram in the bush! Go head Tyler, brotha do yo thang!

  2. Profile photo of logan_echolls

    I will watch only because I loved the movie The Family that Preys. This seems like it has the same plot kind of and that was Tyler’s best movie. Every movie and tv show not based on one of his plays are good

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