Stephen King on Mad Men: "If I Want Soap Opera, I Watch Revenge"

With a new, serialized drama based on one of his books set to debut on CBS soon, Horror meister Stephen King is throwing shade at one of television's most popular programs! When asked by Parade what TV shows he enjoys, the Under The Dome author responded:

Justified, Bates Motel, The Walking Dead. The best show of the year is The Americans. I don’t watch Mad Men. I think it’s basically soap opera, and if I want soap opera, I watch Revenge. That show is crazy, but they have great clothes.”

How long do you think it will take Mad Men scribe Matthew Weiner to pen a story where Don Draper takes down a quirky, reclusive novelist?

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What a pointless comment. To some extent, everything's a soap opera. You could say The West Wing was a soap opera. Harry Potter was a soap opera, as were the Twilight movies. Comic books are soap operas. Hell, life is a freaking soap opera! What's his point?

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Haha love Stephen King. Great shout out to Revenge.

Mad Men bores me this season. The magic is gone ... and Megan still there.

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Lol! Mad Men is excellent. It is up to par to Good Wife for me, in terms of being unique in storytelling and casting. But I love Revenge too! I didn't get the hate for Season 2, it's been great for me thusfar.

However, I do agree with soapjunkie - Why the heck is Megan still there?! She really needs to go.

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Funny, I thought Stephen King was right on with loving Bates Motel. Love that how and Noma deserves actress of the year for her portrayal of Norman Bates mother. Her understated neurosis and comedic timing are excellent - especially for such a dark show