The Bold and the Beautiful’s Alley Mills Talks Converting From Buddhism to Christianity

Wacky, fashion house receptionist Pam Douglas has gone through a lot on CBS Daytime's The Bold and the Beautiful. Remember the time she tried to murder a honey-drenched rival, with a little help from a hungry grizzly bear? Nothing the late Stephanie Forrester's kid sister has gone through on the sudser, however, compares to the real-life journey of actress Alley Mills.

In a new interview with The Christian Post, The Wonder Years mom discusses the spiritual transition that led her from being a practicing Buddhist to becoming a devout Christian. Said Mills:

"I was a Buddhist for 20 years. At a certain point, in my late 30s I began to get unsettled about Buddhism. and the major thing was I felt like I needed to be grateful for this incredible creation … I've always loved nature. I've always been a hiker. I love the wilderness. I didn't realize it was God then, but I now do."

For more of Mills revealing chat with the publication, click here!

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    Good question. She is overrated, her character is cartoonish and there wasnt a purpose for her the minute Betty White or Patrick Duffy was gone. Those where the only two characters which she showed some chemistry on screen.

    She is a worthless character, and I think Brad just needs to have these characters to fill his opening credits. But for me, its time for Pam and Thorne to get lost and give some new hot actors a chance to show off.

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    Well she obviously misunderstood Buddhism. Most people who follow Buddhist teachings end up becoming deeply connected to nature.

    I should point out that Buddhism is not really a religion and converting from a non-religion to a religion doesn’t really make sense.


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    Personally, I like her on the show. It gets us away from the “trio’s” and adds a little change to it all. I like diversity and I like her more now that I know she is a peace loving person.
    If Budda is not a religion, why do some things call it a religious statue?

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