The Young and the Restless Honors Jeanne Cooper’s Memory (PHOTOS)

The Young and the Restless aired a touching tribute to Genoa City’s grande dame Jeanne Cooper and her iconic character Katherine Chancellor on Tuesday. The special episode brought together Cooper’s family and co-stars, who shared the impact she had on their lives.

From stories of Cooper pinching the butts of her younger, male co-stars, to heartfelt memories, the tribute featured laughter and more than a few tears. Check out photos from The Young and the Restless’ tribute to Jeanne Cooper after the jump!

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    After weeks of anticipation I had huge expectations for this special episode…And they completely surpassed my expectations. This episode was AMAZING!! I was in tears and since I didn’t get any kleenex in preparation, I was using my t-shirt!

    It was great to see the cast break down that 4th wall and share their memories! I loved seeing current cast members and also Heather Tome, Beau Kazer, Tricia Cast, John McCook…Y&R outdid themselves with this. I can only imagine the stories that will materialize when Katherine’s death is addressed.

  2. Profile photo of pferrando

    I want to thank long time Y and R director Sally McDonald for her contribution.

    Thank GOD it was in the hands of someone who knows the rich Y and R history.

  3. Profile photo of lance_prentiss

    Great tribute to Jeanne Cooper. I truly enjoyed seeing both past and present Y&R vets onscreen. I hope that the current regime handles Katherine’s onscreen death properly with respect for all of Y&R’s longtime fans.

  4. Profile photo of fmat55

    It was outstanding. And the way they showed her final scene at the end, it was enough to bring this grown man to tears. Thank you Y&R.

  5. Profile photo of zaxx

    I commend whoever was responsible for making this happen, because it is truly a rarity to feel like the audience and the fans are being acknowledged by the daytime powers that be. This was a beautiful tribute not just to Jeanne, but to the fans who have spent decades watching her brighten their screens. Everyone knows Katherine Chancellor. Daytime fan or not, Mrs. Chancellor was an icon that won’t be soon forgotten.

  6. Profile photo of booze26

    Well, perhaps its just me, but I wasnt impressed at all. For a big part of the crew it was nothing more then acting an episode of…the Y&R.

    I liked the flashbacks though, I wished they had done more of them and less acting of the current cast. The last scene was a nice touch.

  7. Profile photo of pferrando

    Booze…you are always critical of Y and R. Even their tributes? Wow.

    A lot of the actors you are talking about have worked with this lady for years. Some of them I’m sure find they and they characters become mixed sometimes. I don’t think any of them “acted”. They were being themselves.

    Maybe you felt that way because they were on the set…but I thought of it as friends of Jeanne sitting around reliving fond memories.

  8. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    I loved it and didn’t want it to end.

    I don’t think Jess Walton, Christian LeBlanc, Eric Braeden, or Elizabeth Henrickson were acting when they were crying or trying to hold it together and not.

  9. Profile photo of Yoryla

    It was amazing. Done with very good taste and with exactly the right people. Loved Jess Walton opening and ending the show, and all the visitors – especially Jeanne’s children, Beau Kazer and Kate Linder. Wonderful.

  10. Profile photo of richalan67

    I was truly moved beyond words. I remember as a little boy as I would be playing in the room while my mother watched the show. I then began watching full-time in June of 1986. I remember the scene of her telling Phillip that she didn’t know what she was signing with the divorce papers. If I remember correctly, she was driving and drove them off the road, thus causing his death.
    Booze- I will not even dignify your ludicrous comments.

    Jess Walton was truly amazing. She did her best to hold it together. When Eric could not talk, I almost lost it then too.
    Bravo. Katherine’s death will be even harder to watch.

  11. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    Yeah, it was so touching. Jess opening and closing the show just seemed so right(God, I really wish JFP would BEG her to come back full-time; this show needs Jess more than ever now). So great to see the classic vets(Tricia Cast, Beth Maitland, Jerry Douglas, HEATHER TOM–and Amelia Heinle nowhere in sight)talking about Jeanne and Katherine. Very classy and heartfelt.

  12. Profile photo of pjc722

    Such a wonderful tribute to someone I welcomed into my home almost 5 days a weet for 20 years!

    Missed Eileen Davidson in all that because she was such a huge part of the show and shared many a scene with Jeanne.

    But other than that, AMAZING TRIBUTE.

  13. Profile photo of ANGELWENDY15

    Beautiful tribute to a classy lady. I can see her looking down from heaven and hearing all these loving tributes. How many people, in their lives, get to have such a loving tribute, which proves what a class-act lady she was. This was the best tribute I ever saw for a soap star. I shed tears , and loved seeing all those younger photos of Jeanne. They don’t make them like that anymore!That is why the soaps just aren’t the same anymore. You CAN’T replace the vets! The younger actors, especially the teenage set, can’t hold a candle to them. They can’t act, and bore me to tears. Jane Elliot is, to me, the only older actress left, that still delivers and has that spit-fire personality like Jeanne.

  14. Profile photo of FoxCrane

    Overall, it was really well done. Two minor quibbles would be that they really should have featured Beau Kayser more. And they also should have invited Thom Bierdz (Phillip) to participate.

  15. Profile photo of ryder

    Just watched the episode online here in Canada, loved it. I have to say that I was particularly impressed by Jess Walton, Greg Rikaart and Michelle Stafford (maybe not the bejewelled pants) but I agree with her statement that she connected with people who are trying to better their lives.
    Jess Walton’s opening remarks were unbelievable. Wow.

  16. Profile photo of Soapking1965

    The tribute episode was done the right way. At least, Jill Farrah Fowler honored Jeanne’s memory. This is unlike what Fishface (Pam) Long did to Charita Bauer (Bert Bauer, THE GUIDING LIGHT). She waited 18 months after Ms. Bauer’s death to deal with it in the storyline.

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