Brooke to Eric on The Bold and the Beautiful: “I Can Give You So Much More” (VIDEO)

What on Earth is Eric Forrester (John McCook) waiting for on The Bold and the Beautiful? Everyone knows he never got over goddess Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) trading him in for his son Ridge (Ronn Moss) all those years ago. You'd think he'd be panting at the sheer opportunity to ditch boring, preachy, sanctimonious Taylor (Hunter Tylo) to once again bask in Logan's liquid warmth.

Sure, Eric kept going back to Stephanie (Susan Flannery), out of some sense of comfort and obligation, but even the late battle axe herself knew only one woman had truly ever gotten a rise out of her husband—or any man in the Forrester family for that matter—and her name is Brooke Logan Forrester.

Watch the sex spider continue to trap her fly after the jump!

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    B&B has become, of all things, a case study of mother-daughter sociopaths. Brooke’s utter disregard for Bill’s right to know that he has a child or Taylor’s relationship with Eric and her insistence that what she is doing is the right thing (!!??) is textbook sociopathic behavior. She says that she’s trying to shield Katie but in fact she’s trying to protect herself–and she’s admitted as much.

    But at least Brooke didn’t intend to get pregnant. Hope is really even worse than her mother. She was quite literally talking about having another chance with Liam hours after the miscarriage happened. She’s utterly lacking in empathy. It’s riveting TV but really I can’t see how we could ever root for Hope again, in any context.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Why should Hope not go after Liam? Steffy and Bill rigged a ski lift to keep her from the guy. Steffy, on the heels of her near-affair with Bill, bumped her clumsy head in a tub and decided to take Liam away from Hope. Turnabout is fair play.

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    That d@&n Brooke Logan. Lord I wanted to jump through my TV and just shake her! I think the Taylor/Eric/Brooke/Bill/Katie mess is so good! I am enjoying the aspect of Brooke trying to use Eric. It makes sense and it has me hating that “slut from the valley” even more! She once again wants to break up my Taylor’s happy home! Her being all smug with Taylor yesterday too. Now I have to give it to Brad Bell this is good soap! I just don’t know what I am going to do once my Taylor is gone. This new twist in her feud with Brooke is pretty clever. Maybe Taylor will run off with Ridge in Paris!

    Now that Hope/Liam/Steffy nonsense….yeah simply put…OVER IT!!!

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    Jamey Giddens

    Steffy used that baby as a weapon. Then she carelessly drove a motorcyle, with her ammunition on board. I don’t see Hope as evil at all. She’s just sick and tired of Steffy and her shenanigans coming between her and her man.

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    I used to be fully on Team Hope, all the way up until Steffy being pregnant and seeing Steffy and Liam be genuinely happy about their upcoming baby. And then the tragic miscarriage that should NEVER had happened, while Slut Brooke is getting to have her child. And THEN seeing Hope planning to take advantage of the situation is too much.

    On the other hand, I could be happy for Steffy for getting rid of Liam. I mean, he is now prize, after all.

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    Jamey Giddens

    I just don’t know what I am going to do once my Taylor is gone.
    It is gonna suck. Brooke isn’t half as much fun when she isn’t battling a sanctimonious wind bag. Paging Macy!

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    I’m shocked that this story is being told. I just don’t find it believable at all.

    Even SOD is giving it the thumbs up. Weird.

    The Hope/Steffi/Liam ongoing saga at least is justified.

    But Brooke going after Eric and being transparent about it is just…Weird.

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    Oh Lord. I looked at the crap today because I was home and had to see my Y and R and couldn’t not believe it. Does no one recall soap history? Is Eric that senile? He loved Ridge yes but he didn’t know while he was loving him that he was another man’s child! And what did happen to the great love? Ridge’s children call Eric Eric not grandpa. What about the love between the foolish old goat and Brooke? What happened to that? Ridge? Nope. SHE NEVER LOVED HIM THAT’S WHAT HAPPENED! Please write Eric has becoming senile.

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    Steffy was foolish but I think she’s been punished enough. Hope’s reaction to this miscarriage–barely restrained excitement, untempered with sympathy or respect for neither Liam nor Steffi’s grief–is on a different level than any of the hijinks that Steffi pulled. It’s disgusting that she’s trying to creep on Liam when the man’s mourning his unborn child. Steffi is a mess but Hope is completely tarnished by this story.

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    I dont agree with you. Brooke turning to a man for help or comfort is typical Brooke. Its totally believable and in character. The choice of Eric seems logical too, they didnt mentioned it, but she used Eric before, married him for a second time, to keep another marriage intact (Now its Bill and Katie, then it was Nick and Bridgets) You maybe dont remember, because the fact that they married came out of nowhere, and was a total cliffhanger, and it only lasted for three weeks, but it is typical Brooke.

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