First Impressions: Roger Howarth is General Hospital’s Franco! (PHOTOS)

After weeks of teasing the identity of Roger Howarth’s latest General Hospital character, the truth was finally revealed on Wednesday’s episode. Those closest to the late Jason Morgan were none too pleased to find out the mystery man who invited them to a party on the Haunted Star was the notorious Franco — back from the dead.

Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) first instinct was to whip out a gun. Surprise, surprise. Sam (Kelly Monaco) wanted to know if her husband was still alive. Franco was coy about his twin, but did provide video proof he didn't rape his sister-in-law on her honeymoon.

On the docks, Ava (Maura West) revealed the truth to Kiki (Kristen Alderson) about her father’s identity. Did anyone else wonder if the episode may have been sponsored by Diaper Genie?

What were your First Impressions of Roger Howarth as Franco? Check out more photos after the jump!

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  1. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    I just hate the character of Franco no matter who is playing him and I cant STAND that KiKi is a Q and yes that’s because I can’t stand the actress I hated her on OLTL to (I actually preferred Danni)

    That being said i’m sure Roger will be good in the role as he’s a good actor I just don’t see the need to have the character of Franco back.

  2. Profile photo of SoapsRHere2Stay

    Can we just give praise to RH because he murder it. I still see Todd but I’ll always see Todd. His chemistry with the cast already helped out this storyline tremendously. I do like they kept RH and KA father and daughter.

  3. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    What a mess. But with all that disgusting rapetainment in yesterday’s episode, the Franco reveal at least wasn’t the worst thing.

    Seriously, I still can’t get over the fact how GH uses rape as a plot twist and entertainment. It’s so sick.

  4. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    [quote=LauraWrightCrazy]The old regime used it as a plot twist and entertainment.. This regime just fixed it by not having Sam be raped … Bravo Cartini!! Still loving it![/quote]

    Yay instead Lulu was raped by her mother’s 2nd rapist. Bravo Cartini! And that all while Sam feared she would see a rape tape. So much to love…

  5. Profile photo of rlshel1015

    i’m a little weary of what’s going on right now but i trust Cartini to make this whole thing soapilicious. i love that KA and RH are father and daughter again because they have amazing chemistry together. i am concerned about the chemistry between KA and CD when their characters are actually cousins but we’ll see i guess. i don’t really get all of the hate that’s always launched at KA, i liked her as Starr but she is doing a good job as Kiki and i don’t really see alot of Starr in her so that makes her a good actress. cut her some slack!

  6. Profile photo of dellygrim

    I realize this development was rushed but I’m left with the impression that its going to take a lot more effort for me to accept and enjoy RH as Franko than it would have taken for RC to pen a more palpable story. Was Valentini on vacation? If not maybe its time they both take one. I haven’t been so unimpressed with them since the rapemance. I’ll give it a shot still, I just really didn’t want to.

  7. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    Unlike some I love it…I hated Franco but if anyone can get me into this version is RH..and it’s nice that it brings him with Kristen again as father-daughter. It allows me to not have to learn a new characters name or background

    And before people jump to conclusions one rape wasn’t substituted for another, unless what I saw on TV today was wrong

  8. Profile photo of mfarris70

    The real 411? Give me a break. The paranoids who comment here with their made up percentages and plots to intentionally create a bad show are just beyond. Great comedy.

  9. Profile photo of bishbay

    mfarris, I think your calls for moderation are usually appropriate and needed (I know I need them sometimes!). But the original Franco story was uniformly hated and deemed terrible (at least by DC commenters; I know some of the writers here felt differently), so a continuation was never going to get a warm welcome. But, I think people wouldn’t be going so crazy if the “rape tape” angle hadn’t been included. It makes my skin crawl and it’s provoking visceral reactions in a lot of people that I think are justified. And that’s only one of the problems, really.

  10. Profile photo of katehhoward

    Darling you understand what I have had to deal with. So many of these posters are falsifying numbers and putting out false information. All of the negativity which I feel is an attempt to have GH be cancelled.

  11. Profile photo of mfarris70

    bishbay, I totally agree with you on those counts. I tried to watch in the Jill Farren Phelps days but just couldn’t get into the non-stop darkness and violence, including the terrible Franco story. But the challenge of turning lemons into lemonade instead of just sweeping Franco under the rug is bold and exciting to me. I get why viewers who stuck through the original Franco days may have an “ick” gut reaction but let’s give it a chance!

  12. Profile photo of mfarris70

    [quote=katehhoward]Darling you understand what I have had to deal with. So many of these posters are falsifying numbers and putting out false information.[/quote]

    I’ll never understand why people, not just online commentors but everywhere in the world, feel the need to spread their negative attitudes and opinions on everything just because they can. We all have and are entitled to our opinions, but if you’re just going to rehash the same thing in every post, you should really find a more productive use of your time. When I don’t like a show I stop watching and I write a letter to the network telling them why. That’s the best message you can send to the people in charge.

  13. Profile photo of Mel_O

    I am loving it! Yes, there are flashes of Todd in his portrayal but for the most part he’s been amazing to watch. Already a bazillion times better than the original Franco ever was.

    I can’t wait to see what craziness Franco brings to Port Charles.

  14. Profile photo of mfarris70

    I can understand why Bernard might feel uneasy, coming from the all-mob all the time days. The fact is that Sonny is a criminal and people get hurt so he can make money. I would love to see Sonny get busted and lose everything and having to start life over at the bottom, the way many criminals do. It would be a great challenge to an actor. As for Sullivan I think they’re just lightening her load after all the heavy lifting she did recently.

  15. Profile photo of katehhoward

    The only thing that was off with the episode was Maurice Bernard. I hope he is doing well he looks like he is in hell with this show. I know Maurice has suffered from depression I hope he is okay. I have a feeling he will soon be exiting from GH to pursue other projects. I know the movie thing did not work for him but perhaps he should return to AMC on a part time basis as Niko. My heart sunk watching him just stand in the background like why am I still here. He looked awkward. With all the mob folks leaving the canvas or becoming recurring I wonder if Maurice will want to resign next time. The new GH is light, bright, and fast paced. I think some of the other folks from the old regime are not thrilled with the new direction, even though its a better direction. The Laura and Scott 2.0 scenario is great to me but I think some people would prefer Luke and Laura 3.0 and that’s not going to happen. I love the new Nicholas and Elizabeth, the AJ and Carly tension, Anna, Duke, Felicia, Lucy, Doc all of these people have made the show enjoyable. Not every episode will be gold but sweeps is over. I have a feeling that Kelly Sullivan and the Sean Blakemore will be exiting next. Although I feel that we could have a very good story for Shawn and TJ by bringing on additional black family. Victoria Rowell as TJ’s mother. Or perhaps we can have Maya and her sister return. Lord knows Michael can use a girlfriend now. The only way Sonny should be kept on screen is if we get Brenda to return. For the first time I will have to agree with PJC too much attention is being placed on the three former OLTL characters. We did to focus on fixing other stories. Morgan’s gambling problem should of only been worked in if he grandfather was still on the show.

  16. Profile photo of Mel_O

    [quote=katehhoward]Not every episode will be gold but sweeps is over. I have a feeling that Kelly Sullivan and the guy playing Shawn will be exiting next.[/quote]

    From your keys to God’s ears! I know Frank and Ron think Sullivan is the best thing since sliced bread but I’ve really enjoyed this break we’ve been having from the Kate/Connie show.

  17. Profile photo of mfarris70

    I’ve made it a habit to not state things as fact when I don’t know for sure. Unless someone here is actually working for GH, I doubt that anyone knows what Frank and Ron’s intentions are or who their favorites are.

  18. Profile photo of Cornfed

    @rlshel1015 — i’ll cut RH and KA some slack when the ENTIRE cast gets spread around the way those two do. They drop kicked Starr into half of the stories, and i think the reason they made RH Franco was b/c in some sick way he could be tied to Carly to expedite *Cranco* (i just made that up lol). UGH. The whole epic speed of the Tarly romance was just mind boggling and SO not believable.

    And before i get pigeonholed as some hater, i’ve been on here MANY times gushing about the show. I know that the staff can write a good show cuz i’ve seen it. But unfortunately a lot it happened while the OLTL’ers were off! And November sweeps rocked pretty hard too thanks to Finola Hughes…

    Rock on Bishbay!

    And to katehoward — 10-12 hour workdays w/very little time to spare, i wouldn’t spend my free time “trying to get a show canceled”…but i’m not — and never have been — a BLIND supporter of soaps. I have CONDITIONS that must be met. Soap characters can’t be in the same place at the same time, like when LML ran Y&R. I also loved DOOL for 10 years, and have hated it for 20 LOL. I’m trying to hang in there with GH. Talk about “paranoia”…

  19. Profile photo of Cornfed

    Okay mfarris70, that being said, would you agree or not agree that the Guza/Phelps era was the Sonny/Carly/Jason show? True or False? B/c if you agreed that it was — as most do — do YOU have information behind the scenes from the Guza era?

  20. Profile photo of Daniel St. John
    Daniel St. John

    The one thing I kept thinking was why wasn’t anyone beating the living hell out of ToddCo? I get Sonny not shooting him but somebody needed to punch him in his smug face repeatedly.

  21. Profile photo of Cornfed

    Thank you DSJ. The second RH said “you’re hawt” to lovely Liz, my fingers hit the FF button. Gross! Man, when you can have Tyler Christopher and Rick Hearst, WTF is gonna touch RH? No way.

  22. Profile photo of
    commitment to freshness

    Is RH still under GH contract? He does not appear in the opening credits any longer as all contract players do. I’m wondering if perhaps his stay is limited? Initially I liked the three Llanview transplants but now I just find them completely annoying. Todd was a redeemed rapist and now they are going to redeem this Franco character. It’s like Roger Howarth just can’t do anything other than Todd Manning. I like the idea of calling him Toddco.

    Krustin Alderson has also just become annoying and at this point I would love to see them all three back off the show. I only started watching last year but I feel like they hog the show.

  23. Profile photo of mfarris70

    Iowahawkeye, I do agree that it was mostly the Sonny/Jason show then just from the amount of time they spent on-screen. Steve Burton left GH to join Phelps at Y&R. That’s all I know. My point is that we should all stick to the facts and not present opinions as fact.

  24. Profile photo of mfarris70

    [quote=commitment to freshness]Is RH still under GH contract? He does not appear in the opening credits any longer as all contract players do.[/quote]

    He did appear in the version played on Friday.

  25. Profile photo of Cornfed

    So if you think it was the Sonny/Jason/Carly show, that’s just an opinion, based on WHAT YOU SEE on screen. We all have subjective opinions, based on what we see on screen. From what *I* see on screen, CarToony def. has favorites…

  26. Profile photo of mfarris70

    Iowahawkeye, with due respect you’re missing my point. Every writer has characters and actors that they like to write for. My point, once again, is that we should stick to our opinions and not pass them off as fact. I wasn’t saying that originally about anything you said. But other commentors have said things like “Ron C. thinks she’s the best thing since sliced bread.” That’s not the same as stating your opinion.

  27. Profile photo of katehhoward

    IOWAHAWKEYE, I believe that we are being forced to accept these three characters and that kind of urks me sometimes. Especially when the stories could be written so differently. But at the same time we were having the three trinity Sonny, Carly, Jason propped up to us for years. The new regime is doing it in a lighter way. I do not hate the old regime entirely because they did create the character Kate Howard whom FV and RC had a chacne to save but instead went Broadway cheezy crazy on it.

    I am enjoying the lighter side of GH. If it were not for the new regime we would never of had Lucy, Laura and all the other vets back on set. So as much as some may complain about FV and RC if it were not for them we would still be in dark times on GH.

  28. Profile photo of katehhoward

    Darling save your breathe it seems as though IOWAHAWKEYE, feels that we have been ganging up on he/she, when no one has pointed directly to a poster. No wonder Bernard has not posted today.

  29. Profile photo of mfarris70

    Katehoward: Pamela Sue Martin! How upset I was when she left Nancy Drew to be on some grown up show called Dynasty that I was not allowed to watch!

  30. Profile photo of Mel_O

    [quote=mfarris70]Iowahawkeye, with due respect you’re missing my point. Every writer has characters and actors that they like to write for. My point, once again, is that we should stick to our opinions and not pass them off as fact. I wasn’t saying that originally about anything you said. But other commentors have said things like “Ron C. thinks she’s the best thing since sliced bread.” That’s not the same as stating your opinion.[/quote]

    Oh, Lord. It was a throwaway comment. Of course I don’t know for a fact who Ron’s favorites are. But it’s also no secret he adores Kelly Sullivan. Which I don’t fault him for. What I find over the top and ridiculous, is obviously something he enjoys writing, considering how much story revolved around her for so long.

    Either way, that’s not the case now, and I for one am happy.

  31. Profile photo of pjc722

    The fact is that GENERAL HOSPITALS ratings have fallen since the 50th anniversary. They are tied with DOOL at the bottom and have lost viewers in key demos.

    THAT’S A FACT and not some little scenario that HATERS put out to make simpletons angry.

    I’ve been watching soaps for close to 32 years when I would return home from school and watch the second half hour of another world. They told stories and were borrow a word from another poster.

    My biggest HATE in being labeled a HATER , as is everyone else on here is that we expect more from this genre BECAUSE ALL OF US TOGETHER HAVE KEPT GENERAL HOSPITAL, days, B&B and Y&R alive because we all hoped for better. And we expect it.

    Right now we have on general hospital three stories of rape. One has been erased as a figment of a woman’s imagination. WOW… Thought soaps were for women. The second was done alto a boy in prison and now is being revisited which for me makes no sense. And the third has the woman claiming she willingly succumbed to the man that raped her mother to save her mother.

    Great story to empower women. Then you have Carly… WHO WE ALL KNOW WILL EVENTUALLY LOCK LIPS WITH “Franco” as much as she sleeps with AJ because the writers refuse to write her as nothing more than a dumb bullying women who can’t keep her legs together whenever bad things happen.

    I LOVE THE ACTORS ON THIS SHOW… Kristen alderson I can do without… But other than her the cast can act. They can deliver. It’s painful to see Maurice Bernard in a scene because I get the sense he’s bored and waiting for phelps to call and say genoa city needs the mob.

    Franco’s story in the beginning was to show that big time stars respect daytime. Then that star used it as vanity along with phelps and basically destroyed what could have been a great vehicle for other celebrities n actors to do story arcs by having him come back over n over again. Then when he left it was over.


    Sam wasn’t raped and Ava informs us of the death in Cali was a suicide EVEN THOUGH the cops there said it was an I solved murder.

    All I can say is that CARTOONY are a lazy team who take quick and easy ways to change story just to fast forward to what they want to write.

    So I’m a hater then.

  32. Profile photo of

    Actually Lulu said no to Starvros and was never raped so again you are wrong

    Stop looking for reasons to hate.

    WHy not find a Law and Order Special Victims Unit forum and complain to them sine they use rape as a plot twist and entertain ment every week and have been doing so for 11 or 12 years now

  33. Profile photo of

    You are a hater because

    Lulu did not have sex with Starvros she said no which is what made him freeze her and try to kill her family as revealed in todays episode.

    Sam was not raped as Cartini reversed that. If you remember the rape was done under the Guza regime

    And the Michael prison rape again that was done under the Guza regime.

    Rape has been part of soap operas going back to the 1970s. Imagine if the internet was around when they did the whole Luke rapes Laura thing then redemmed him and put them together.

    I guess that wedding would have not been the top rated show. I guess that means Gloria Monty is guilty of the same things pjc.

    All that Ron and Frank have done is erase these horrible rape stories that BOB GUZA and Jill Farren Phelps put in place.

    Oh should we hate on I believe it was Wendy Roche for Elizabeth’s rape?

  34. Profile photo of nysam

    PJC…you are so smart and spot on with your posts.

    I just don’t understand why Cartoony would even revisit the character of Franco seeing that the original story bombed with fans and even with James Franco on the show the ratings dropped.

    If it was so important to have Roger Howarth back on the canvas there are numerous characters he could have portrayed. For weeks posters across the web have made great suggestions….Steven Lars, Tom Baldwin, Jimmy Lee Holt’s son, an unknown Cassadine, etc.

    Everyone is going on about how Howarth is such a great actor. Well, he isn’t. Look at his performance as Paul on ATWT. Now he is cast as Franco who is so reminiscent of Todd that Howarth doesn’t even have to spend time developing and building a new character. So much for acting. He now wears skinny pants and has a bad bleach job that show off his odd ears.

  35. Profile photo of Sharsy47

    RH is so very good at what he does, but the Franco thing isn’t working for me. I am willing to give it time though. GH has really improved.

  36. Profile photo of pjc722

    Keep following along, ghrulz. everyone needs a follower. Come back in a year and let me know if you were led down a road with a brick wall at the end of it.

  37. Profile photo of radrobd

    I like Roger Howarth. I’ve enjoy him as “Todd Manning” on OLTL and GH, and now on the new OLTL. (I never saw him on ATWT). However, I don’t know why Cartini chose to make him Franco. I actually am a fan of James Franco. Although the Franco storyline was not popular among all fans, I enjoyed it. But when I see Roger playing Franco, all I see is Roger playing Todd pretending to be Franco. His mannerisms, smart ass jokes, etc., it’s Todd, not Franco. Cartini could have chosen any past character to bring back for Roger to play or created an entirely new character. I just don’t see how this is going to work. I predict that they’ll redeem Franco and pair him with Carly.

  38. Profile photo of ANGELWENDY15

    Agree about Maurice Bernard. He looks so lost without his BFF Steve Burton (Jason). But, Steve Burton, to me, isn’t fitting in well on Y &R . MB used to be the main star of the show, now he’s only on once-in-awhile.
    Hated the character of Franco, when played by James Franco. Am trying to like RH in the role, but I still see Todd. BUT, they HAD to make changes to keep him on the show. As Franco, he and KA are still father and daughter, and he will be involved with the Q’s, giving them more stories ahead. So, there are both plus and minuses about this.

  39. Profile photo of Cornfed

    @mfarris — to wrap this up, i thought your post #31 was in response to my post #30. Not sure what you think i “stated as fact” in this thread, but of course all i can do is state opinion, and draw certain *conclusions* based on what i see on screen. I think that goes for all of us???

    Mel-O — thanks for post #44. Agreed!

  40. Profile photo of Cornfed

    #47 — i still think you miss pjc’s overall bigger points, but appreciate what you have to say. PJC you rock!

    Once again RoHo can’t even portray being CHOKED realistically, he has to mumble one-liners as he gasps for breath *eyeroll*, ugh so over him, for realz.

  41. Profile photo of Cornfed

    @ ANGELWENDY15 – did you see how they’re bringing on these comic as a recurring character/buddy for Dylan? The non-stop Burton propping continues! UGH. But at least to their credit CarToony are keeping Burton as Jason — for now.

  42. Profile photo of tardis1975

    Roger is great for this role for the simple fact that todd and franco are very much alike. to answer the question of why franco…well he is a legacy character and has ties to gh …think about what will happen when jason comes back and carly is in love with his crazy brother ….as for alderson she is an actress you love or hate..i love her and thick she is doing a good job ..its nice she can be with morgan but not michael….

  43. Profile photo of Cornfed

    Franco is a legacy character? Are you sure you know what that term means? “Legacy” as in written into the Q family as of 6 months ago by the current head writer? Umm, nope.

  44. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    Legacy character? No way!!! Edward is rolling in his grave. I do not understand how anyone is supposed to forgive a man who tortured Jason. Carly? Jason still is more important to her than her children. Sam? Shouldn’t she care that Jason was made to believe his baby wasn’t his? Monica? Uh, no!! Franco cannot be long term. I just will not buy anyone accepting this crazy man.

  45. Profile photo of star

    I hate the way General Hospital has brought over One Life To Live actors I loved them on OLTL not G.H. I want B.B. back as Johnny all my favorites are leaving and why so we can make room for more new plp , I say hell no .I have watched G.H. for 43 yrs but im about ready to quit .I mean omg vampires come on and now since Jasons gone everyone loves A.J. now Franco. Make G.H. the show I loved or your gonna lose a lot of fans.

  46. Profile photo of md1347

    Tried to watch. Tried but had to ff through the scenes. I doubt both will be on GH long. I think they both went through William Shatners school of acting.

  47. Profile photo of Cornfed

    [quote=md1347]Tried to watch. Tried but had to ff through the scenes. I doubt both will be on GH long. I think they both went through William Shatners school of acting.[/quote]

    HA! LOVE.THIS! If you think RoHo is bad on GH, you should’ve seen him on ATWT, eee gads. I saw him break a blood vessel trying to shed a tear in some jail scenes last year on GH. I only see one mode from Howarth — sarcastic. UGH

  48. Profile photo of Grimm

    I wonder if there hasn’t already been prominent characters named “Robert” and “Bobbie”, would they have gone all the way and had RH’s Franco start going by the name “Robert ‘Bobby’ Quartermaine” to symbolize his new start?
    Can you imagine Jane Eliot’s Tracy having to force that name out of her lips?
    It’d be like chewing glass!

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