Robin Roberts Nixes Daytime Talk Show Rumors; Is Katie in Trouble?

Could Robin Roberts be the next celeb-friendly journalist to attempt a daytime talk show? The Good Morning America anchor tells Broadcasting & Cable no, but that isn't stopping the industry rumor mill from buzzing over talk of another planned GMA spinoff. 

From the report:

ABC News has made no secret of its desire to elevate its GMA franchise further. But in a statement to B&C, Roberts said a new show for her is not on the table: "No one is developing any show for me nor are discussions being had to that effect. I am 100% focused on my health and anchoring GMA, now and in the future."

Haven't I been telling y'all ABC News is still sitting up just THIRSTY for more of the Mouse House daypart? This was one of the reasons Vicki Dummer had The Chew and General Hospital team up recently, according to my moles. Birds of a Time Square Studios feather had to flock together!

Good Afternoon America's huge, catastrophic flop last summer hasn't deterred ABC News President Ben Sherwood at all. Soap fans, however, can reportedly breathe a sigh of relief, as it isn't General Hospital that should be sweating this time — it's Disney's $80 million dollar, syndicated talk show Katie!

From B&C:

The buzz about Roberts comes amid ratings woes for Couric's daytime show, which debuted in fall 2012 under a two-year deal. If the show doesn't come back after its current deal expires, that slot could open up at 3 p.m. in fall 2014. "No one is talking about renewals," said one station general manager who asked not to be named.

Oh snap! Local stations aren't planning to renew The Perky One, according to B&C's source? The Disney board of directors needs to tell Mickey Mouse he sure did shell out a whole lotta cheese for just two years worth of programming.  


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  1. Profile photo of DaytimeFan0001

    Good article. Of course, I’d rather hear that ABC’s The View is in serious danger of being dead, but I am surprised that there was no mention of The Chew’s piss poor performance. Syndicated shows make a lot more money than something like The Chew. It’s also interesting that GMA would syndicate something, seeing they are so closely identified with ABC. Interesting to see how this develops.

  2. Profile photo of sassysdreams

    In my area Katie does not come on at 3 pm, Anderson Cooper does. With his show already cancelled, nothing else has been announced for his time slot. They are showing repeats now. Katie is on at 4 pm, Oprah’s old time slot so if she isn’t renewed that is another time slot that will be open. ABC will have two hours of daytime programming to fill. Too bad they cancelled AMC and OLTL!!

  3. Profile photo of Yoryla

    I’m sure big changes are on the way for ABC in any case. Won’t shed any tears if Katie goes, though I don’t really mind her either.

    Would rather see the Chew go.

    I’m glad GH being out of the woods for now, though.

  4. Profile photo of jeffufl

    @sassysdreams – What your local ABC affiliate airs @ 3 & 4 has nothing to do with OLTL & AMC. Trust me, the affiliates would much rather fill that time with syndicated shows than ABC owned shows – it’s more money for them.

  5. Profile photo of SZima

    I’d rather see “The View” canceled than “Katie”, even though I don’t watch Katie much. I quit “The View” a while back…can’t stand any of the hosts. :angry: That show has gone waaaay past the time it should have been canceled.

    Katie’s show has more possibilities of working, but they haven’t found the right formula yet. Her show needs to be in a “lighter” vein ALL the time and forget about the “news heavy” shows. To me, that’s NOT entertainment, and I think that’s what most of us want to see in the afternoons. We get enough “news” on the regular news shows that seem to take up so much air time every day.

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