Check Out The ‘Reel Story’ on Supporting Actress Daytime Emmy Nominees! (VIDEO)


Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series is one of the most competitive categories at this year’s Daytime Emmys. HLN has published the reels submitted by Katherine Kelly Lang, Jessica Collins, Melissa Claire Egan, Julie Marie Berman and Arianne Zucker.

Check out the videos after the jump; then tell us who you think will take home the golden statue.

Arianne Zucker (Nicole Walker, Days of Our Lives)

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    soapy opie

    I’d love for it to be Arianne Zucker (Nicole, Days),
    but it will probably be Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke, B&B),
    for all those years of Emmy neglect.

    And that’s OK. She’s got it coming, after all the fun
    scenes she’s given us as Brooke, for the last 25 years.

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    Yeah, my personal pick would be Ari Zucker as well; she’s consistently the best thing about DAYS next to Eileen Davidson. And she had some seriously wonky storylines to work through in the last year–Dannifer, anyone?–and still managed to emerge unscathed. My second choice would be Melissa Claire Egan, who took a fairly one-note character in the beginning and came out the other end as one of the better characters to be introduced on Y&R in the last few years.

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    Staying with my beautiful girl, Julie Marie Berman. She runs the gamut of emotional depth and nuance here, anger, frustration, as well as that touch of cynical amusement in a reconciliation that is cushioned with warmth and a generosity of spirit. Her work with AG is and always has been immpeccable. They have the best father/daughter chemistry/relationship in the soap genre and this reel captures that at its’ finest. Brava!

    I’ve never considered KKL’s Brooke to be a supporting role and personally I think her reel should truly be in the lead category. Looking at her with SF they strike me as equals in terms of material in these scenes. I think this could have been a year where these two women could have tied for the lead actress award. I don’t recall if that’s ever happened, but watching them I’d be hard pressed to place one above the other.

    I believe the award will be between Julie and KKL for supporting actress… 0:)

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    KKL has no business in this category. Just submitted herself in this category because she will never get a nomination as Best actress.
    Melissa Clare Egan should win.
    KKL will win..:(

  5. Profile photo of lostfan

    Ari Zukor by far the best and deserves to win. KKL should be in lead category and there’s no reason why she couldn’t or shouldn’t have been nominated in lead category

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    I don’t watch B&B, but if KKL has never won, give that b!tch an Emmy already! That being said, the biggest tour de force always– 24/7/365 — is Ari Zukor. She can do ANYTHING. She has grown so much over the years, she’s deserved an award for a very long time. Great category, i love me some Julie Berman too, what a doll and great actress she is, but has already won…

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    KKL all the way! Love her and Brooke. The only reason I watch, love the Logans. She submitted in the Supporting Actress category, because she was just that. It was SF’s SL. Just like HTom submitted in the Lead Actress and unless I am mistaking, she is not a lead actress on B&B. But it was Katie’s SL.

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    MCE by FAR!! She’s had a really great year. She fits in perfectly at YR and I loved her as Annie also. She has amazing chemistry with MM, but I’m loving her with SB now too. The 3 of them are the sexiest love triangle ever! LOL

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    I think its a two woman race. I dont watch Days, and I didnt like what Julie submitted. Wasnt that storyline of her drinking stopped? I mean I dont even remember it.

    I dont think Jessica Collins wins just because I dont know if she’s well liked. People do think that she and Dylan eat up the scenery.

    Which leaves KKL and MCE. This could go either way. KKL was fantastic when Stephanie died and MCE has done a great job on Y&R ever since she lost the baby. To me, it really is a toss up.

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    jeremy in chicago

    It’s between Julie Berman and KKL. I *think* KKL has the best reel. I don’t watch B/B but I follow the storylines on paper and she obviously picked the best scene possible, with the best scene partner available. Julie Berman made a great choice too, also with the best scene partner.

    Ari Zucker DESERVES an Emmy (that is, if the Emmy’s actually meant anything). She was freaking outstanding last year and basically carried the entire show on her shoulders. Her tragic mistake was picking this reel where Dr. Daniel has a lot of air time. He is a very weak scene partner and this featured him way too much. She should have picked when she lost the baby. If these awards were picked based on body of work, Ari would win. She made me cry more times than I can count last year, and the rest of Days was not so great.

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    KKL was definitely supporting last year. She supported Hope in the neverending triangle storyline and she supported Stephanie when she died. This year she’s clearly become the lead again but I totally agree with her decision to go in supporting for last year. I really hope she wins!

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    This was the best group of submissions and it would be tough to pick one except one thing. KKL and SF sat there and resolved 20 plus years of story line. This is such a momentous occasion and the actresses lived up to every second of it. This was a moment! and it deserves to be celebrated. Both SF and KKL should be carrying home an award for this awesome duo that they have presented to us all these years. There are so few of these long term relationships of frenemies on soaps now that I personally want to give them the award. I think back on this past month when Jess Walton and Jeanne Cooper shared their final scene together and how poignant it was. This scene had the same feeling. It has not only been the death of a character but the end of an important era. It is above critique and comparison.
    I do agree that Ari acts her ass off every minute she is on screen and quite often is the best reason to watch Days. I also feel that she is really a leading actress and not supporting. What story has she ever supported? It is always about Nicole, even when it’s not LOL. KKL might be a leading actress in one way but she definitely supported in both HT’s scene and really in SF’s as well. This was about Stephanie dying and laying bare herself to Brooke. Even in their body posture, Brooke was supporting Stephanie. And we were seeing this magnificent character leave the earth through Brooke’s eyes and it was touching and beautiful.
    The other ladies in this category were very good too. It was the only category that had top notch submissions worthy of consideration.

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