Who Will Land The Outstanding Younger Actress Daytime Emmy? (VIDEO)

Is the 2013 Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series a wide open race, or a lock for one actress? Watch the reels submitted by Lindsey Morgan, Kristen Alderson, Hunter King and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood and then tell us who you think has the category nailed down.

Lindsey Morgan (Kristina Davis, General Hospital)

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    Its got to be JMW. The other nominees don’t come close to the workload or the emotional range, even though the Steffy/Liam/Hope plot could drive a Buddhist to violence.

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    JMW…I said that from the beginning before I even saw the reels. But now I really say JMW deserves it. She had a wide range of emotions…and I think she did pretty well, compared to the others.

    Hunter King is good for Y&R. I don’t think she’s terrible…and I think the more she’s on, she’ll get better. Her scenes were good. but JMW deserves it.

    KA was good but I’m just not a fan of her acting style. IDK what it is.

    LM….no comment.

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    IMHO, this is the worst group of “nominees” I’ve ever seen. It’s impossible to pick one of these actors to win anything. I’m almost offended that KA was even nominated. That just shows there were “slim pickings”.

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    [quote=NathanHastingsSr.]Hunter is the best in this horrible bunch…[/quote]

    Yeah, I would have to agree with you there; she’s not my favorite, but she’s not a terrible actress. Would’ve loved to have seen Kate Mansi from DAYS make this list; she’s better than any of these four.

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    I think it could be either Steffy or Starr. I would give Starr the win just because Steffy’s real storyline has been the dreaded triangle which is so overplayed and honestly I dont think I’d vote for her just based on that. I just cant stand it anymore.

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    JMW isn’t a bad actress…

    I mean, the girl has fallen off a 4 wheeler and bumped her head, she’s fallen down a ski slope, she’s lost her grandmother, she’s gotten pregnant, miscarried after a motorcycle accident….all in ONE year. lol. Geez, she deserves an award just for that.

    Not to mention she’s basically kept a straight face after repeating the same lines over and over every day for the past year. She’s a good actress to me…even tho not many here seem to agree. lol. #shrug

    I also think Hunter King is a good actress

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    jeremy in chicago

    The Emmy’s are a joke and this is one of the worst categories ever. LM… not even remotely an actress. I just pretend the Emmy’s don’t exist. It’s much easier to remain sane that way.

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    hey mon

    I think Hunter King is going to get it, but the girl who plays Steffi may get it as well. Summer is the future of Y&R, so it may go to her just because of that.

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    Ms 45

    Based on these reels, HHK is the best of a middling lot. I’d say it both helped and hurt that her scenes were with a powerhouse like MS. Frankly, the other reels were hard to sit through.

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    [quote=NathanHastingsSr.]After that Brittany Allen debacle, I wouldn’t be surprised if Lindsey Morgan the Emmy smh.[/quote]
    Debacle indeed. Of the winners in I can recall, I’ve never been so taken back when I heard Brittany Allen won. I NEVER saw that one coming.

    Perhaps it’s just me, but it feels like of all the acting Emmys, the Younger Actor & Actress categories seem to have suffered the most from the dwindling number of soaps on the air. I suppose it’s casting’s lowering expectations of their hires’ talent too — = beauty over talent. To some degree it’s probably always been that way. It just feels more pronounced to me now I guess.

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    I think my Jacqueline MacInnes Wood should take this one. She showed multiple emotions in the reel and I love the Steffy character on B&B, and since she is leaving the show after putting in good work for the last 4 years this would be perfect to have that gold statue, as she moves on from daytime. :-)

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    Not to mention she’s basically kept a straight face after repeating the same lines over and over every day for the past year.She’s a good actress to me…even tho not many here seem to agree. lol. [/quote]

    She’s a very good actress and has improved 120% since her start on B&B.Especially having to repeat some of that awful dialogue that’s on the show.But somehow Jacqui Wood manages to do it and pull it off. She’s so believable in the role,the girl could probably sell ice to an Eskimo.

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    JMW should and will win (hopefully)! Great reel and honestly she was great all year. Although if she doesn’t win she’s got next year’s locked up with her recent miscarriage scenes. She really came into her own last year and I remember Scott Clifton saying the director actually forgot to say “cut” at the end of the one scene from her reel because he along with everyone in the crew were crying and so into the scenes.

    I really like Hunter too but from Joshua Morrow’s tweet the other day about her deserving an Emmy for scenes they just shot most likely about the paternity reveal then I think next year could also be her year.

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    I’m glad the Emmy’s are on Father’s Day, so I won’t have a chance to watch them. I have no interest in most of the nominees. Obvious, Peter or Doug will win best actor, Susan F or Heather T best actress and JMW, only because she has no big competition. Why watch when I already know the results? There is no excitement left in the soaps.

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