Ellen Pompeo Doesn’t Relate to Meredith and Cristina’s Bond on Grey’s Anatomy

Meredith Grey has had two great loves on ABC's Grey's Anatomy, Derek (Patrick Dempsey) and Cristina (Sandra Oh).  Her portayer Ellen Pompeo, however, just doesn't relate to the bond Meredith shares with her "person".  Pompeo told Parade,

I relate more to a husband-wife relationship. I can’t really relate to a married woman having such an obsession with a female friend. I love my girlfriends. I have some great girlfriends, and I love them to death, but no one competes with my husband. I don’t know what guy would actually put up with being second in his marriage. Obviously, I love Sandra Oh, and I think she’s a brilliant actress. I just don’t think that their relationship is very realistic given that the character of Meredith is married and the fact that Cristina is married as well.

Pompeo also revealed she isn't a fan of medical dramas.  Talk about a good actress, she sure fooled me on both fronts. 

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    Ummm, okay. And why exactly is she saying this?

    No offense, but if she feels this way about two of the most important elements of the show, maybe she should keep it to herself. I’m sure most of the fans enjoy the two women’s friendship. Besides, it’s not that unrealistic. There ARE other important things in your life than just your spouse. It’s actually a good thing to keep up some friendships aswell.

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    TV Gord

    I’m sure Shonda Rimes also enjoys hearing how unrealistic her writing is. And I agree with you, Yoryla. I have seen friends who are closer than they are with their spouses. It’s not a question of one being a better relationship than the other. It’s apples and oranges. They’re both great (when they’re great, that is).

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    The way the article is presented doesn’t include what specific questions were asked so it’s hard to say why it came up. What she did say wasn’t out of line IMO.

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    Married people need there friends. I have had so many former friends drop me after they get married then I watch from the sidelines as they no longer have any friends only each other which is great cause they love each other but you need someone to talk to once and a while other than family/wife/husband.

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    Really, Ellen? So nine years after receiving steady million dollar paychecks you’re going to state your dislike of medical dramas and the relationship between Meredith and Cristina?

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    People bother to read the original interview. Ellen didn’t say she hate the show.. She was asked a question about her favourite dramas besides Grey’s and she answered she didn’t have one. never a fan of them, before Grey’s. She said that this at the beginning of the show, but she liked the script of course. But you know how articles are pick some of it to make a headline.

    And it’s nothing new she’s not a big fan over the toxic friendship with Cristina, she’s been playing Meredith for 9 years so that’s a huge part of her. Can anyone says that having your BFF sleep in the same bed with you and your husband, have constantly sleep overs, interrupted them, making desicons with Cristina instead of Derek, like he even said most of times,the ”you’re my person and soulmate” crap is a good thing for a marriage? Both Ellen AND Patrick stated that the Mer/Cris friendship needs to tone down before s9, cause it was down right creepy at s8.. and thank god it was kinds better. Ellen said in another interview they talked to Shonda about this. (If you cut Meredith going to see Cristina, while her husband’s bestfriend is dying.)

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