Bold and Beautiful's Joanna Johnson on ABC Family's The Fosters: "It Was So Worth Taking The Risk"

Joanna Johnson has a full plate these days. The Bold and the Beautiful guest star is gaining raves reviews for the new ABC Family series The Fosters, which she’s co-executive producing (under the leadership of some chick named Jennifer Lopez). TV Guide Magazine’s  Michael Logan spoke with Johnson, where she revealed the risk she took with show and if she will be back on B&B.

TV Guide Magazine: Word is, you turned down another series hoping the pilot for The Fosters would get picked up. True?

Johnson: Peter and Brad made a beautiful pilot, which I had nothing to do with. I met with them after it had been filmed and got very excited, even though I had an offer to do another show that was all set to shoot. Since The Fosters hadn't yet received a pickup from ABC Family, my agents said, "You gotta take the sure thing." In this business, you don't say no to work, but I really wanted to do The Fosters. It was so worth taking the risk. I couldn't stand the idea that it would get picked up and I'd be working on some other show, playing it safe. I would have kicked myself forever. This show can achieve so much! It's a great opportunity to raise awareness and inspire people to open up their hearts and get into the foster-care program.

On her B&B status:

TV Guide Magazine: Speaking of that, are you feeling any guilt that you loused up some "good drama" on The Bold and the Beautiful by abandoning your storyline for these producing jobs?

Johnson: Yes! I do feel bad, even though [B&B exec producer] Brad Bell always knew that was the deal. My writing-producing always comes first. But it does look like I'll be going back to B&B pretty soon. Brad and I are talking about my returning for a really fun story in July when The Fosters has wrapped for the season. I really do miss B&B — both the people and the news. I went to the GLAAD awards a while back with Crystal Chappell [Dani] and Linsey Godfrey [Caroline] and found out that Karen's daughter has turned into a total badass crazy person since the last time I was on the show. I couldn't believe it! [Laughs] Clearly, I need to come back. That girl needs some mothering!



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I adore Joanna Johnson! Happy to see her back on B&B too, even if it will be just to scold/reign in her daughter Laughing out loud

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Always liked her too.

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Seems like a lovely person. It's great that she got the show she wanted. I'd like to see her back on B&B more.

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Caroline needs "something" from her mothers!

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So glad to hear JJ will soon be back on B&B! Loved the premiere of The Fosters! I can't wait to see where this show goes!