Country Crooner’s Affair With Ex-Young and Restless Bad Boy Inspired New CD

Relationship drama has been the source of inspiration for countless singers; it looks like the same is true for LeAnn Rimes. The country warbler sat down with People to talk about her new album Spitfire and the affair with Eddie Cibrian (ex-Matt, The Young and the Restless; ex-Cole, Sunset Beach) which led to the breakup of both their marriages. Here's an excerpt:

The songs on her new album Spitfire, out June 4, chronicle the drama and include an apology to her ex-husband Dean Sheremet. "I broke the sweetest heart of the only man that's ever loved me," she laments in "What Have I Done." She shares the experience of being a mistress in "Borrowed" and offers an olive branch to a woman scorned in "Just a Girl Like You", which many will assume is aimed at Cibrian's ex Brandi Glanville.

For those who may have been living under a rock at the time, back in 2009 Cibrian and Rimes got together while filming the Lifetime movie Northern Lights. Both were married, so of course the celebrity news world lapped up the story's twists and turns like kittens in front of a bowl of cream.

Viewers have followed Brandi Glanville’s life post Eddie Cibrian on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

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    I have mixed feelings about her. It’s odd, I try not to let the personal lives of artists impact how I feel about their art, because really, they are all kinda nuts on some level. For some reason, the way that LeAnn did this was so extremely distasteful, and she and Eddie blast Brandi for discussing it…but LeAnn can make an album about it? I think why it bothers me is that they are constantly telling Brandi what she can and cannot say, but it doesn’t apply to LeAnn. LeAnn can use the kids to show them as a happy family, but Brandi can’t say that the kids are confused and hurt. LeAnn can paint herself as a victim to Brandi, but Brandi can’t share her pain which was laid out publicly.

    Meanwhile, Alicia Keys is now married to a man that was married when she began dating him…but she gets no backlash (maybe cuz they were separated at the time). Gabrielle Union broke up Dewayne Wade’s marriage (in a manner of speaking). Angelina Jolie is still called a homewrecker…so I guess the title never leaves.

    I just wish LeAnn would shut up about it. I don’t think she has any right to rail against Brandi. Just sit and take it.

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    Wouldn’t it be great if both Glanville and the “Cibrians” went away.

    I get so tired of Glanville’s mouth on the Housewives. She contradicts everything she says. Trash.

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