Will Sami’s Feelings For Rafe Cause Problems With EJ on Days of Our Lives? (VIDEO)

Sami (Alison Sweeney) and EJ’s (James Scott) relationship has been doing pretty well lately, but can they overcome Sami’s longstanding tendency to be her own worst enemy? How will EJ take overhearing Sami question Kate’s (Lauren Koslow) love life with Rafe (Galen Gering)? Watch this week’s Days of Our Lives preview after the jump!

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    I cannot really state just how strongly opposed I am to an EJ/Sami/Rafe triangle happening again.

    If it ever occurs, I’ll stop watching Days til it’s over… or it’s cancelled. I don’t see a lot of enthusiasm to go back down this awful, awful road.

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    If they go here again (Sami/Rafe/EJ), it will effectively destroy any momentum the show has been making. I pray it’s just Sami’s way of rankling Kate.

    I actually want Rafe gone from the show. He should have died. That would have been a better story line. I can’t say I will keep watching if Sami is thrown back in Rafe’s orbit.

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    Ewww. What feelings? Sami isn’t supposed to HAVE any feelings for Rafe anymore?! She’s with EJ, who in their right mind could have feelings for someone else?

    Please don’t go there Days, and ruin a perfectly A+ show right now.

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    Safejami, again?

    I’d rather see Sami’s friendship with Lucas, custody issues, and issues over bringing up the children in a mansion full of psycho criminals cause problems with EJ. There’s lots of story right there.

    Not every relationship hurdle needs to be a triangle. Don’t go that route again writers. I’m begging you. :|

    That said, the show’s ratings appear to go up whenever they do Safejami, so America seems to have a different idea of what’s good for the show.

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    I cannot stand to watch Sami at all. I FF all of her scenes regardless of who is sharing the stage with her. The character is so ludicrous she isn’t even comic relief. I can’t take anything she says or does seriously.

    I had to laugh at Kristin’s crying, “I told the truth. But I told the truth,” as though telling the truth for one time in her DiMera contaminated life makes up for all the nasty crap she has pulled. Bien hecho, chica. Bien hecho!

    Who is Brady going to fall for next? Maybe Father Eric will find that the parish school needs a nun, one who just happens to be gorgeous. Poor Brady. In the love department, Brady just catch a break.

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    After this last triangle go-round, I was perfectly okay with Sami being with either EJ or Rafe. But then they sprung Rafe and Kate on us and I have to say I REALLY like that pairing. So I say it’s time to give Safejami a permanent rest, keep Sami with EJ, and explore the Rafe/Kate relationship once he emerges from his coma.

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    Brown Eye Girl

    Oh they soooooo better not go back to the Sami Rafe thing…that whole thing is getting on my last nerve I am still trying to to get use to the fact that Kate and Rafe where sleeping together…..that’s a picture in my head I would rather forget…EEEEWWWW!

    and what is up with all this interest Sami has with Rafe…you can’t say you are sooooo in love with EJ and there is always somthing that brings you back to him and then act this way for Rafe…come on give it a rest already…

    Oh and I am still so hopeing that Ej with Justin help… can bring Stefano down..one can only hope!…

    That was a good moment with Hope and Sami..just trying to do there best in being moms… that help Sami settle down that was good thing…

    and Stefano was so close in pulling the plug on Rafe…what’s up with that!…..interesting….

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