DC #723: The Great General Hospital Debate

On today’s Daytime Confidential podcast Luke Kerr, Jamey Giddens and Melodie Aikels debate the latest All My Children, The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital, One Life to Live and The Young and the Restless headlines and storylines, including:

The Young and the Restless aired a beautiful tribute to soap icon Jeanne Cooper. From the stars who gathered to share their memories to the gang’s favorite moments, the DC crew dishes it all. 

Y&R's No. 1 stunner, Dylan (Steve Burton), gets a new pal, portrayed by Sean Carrigan. Is this really necessary? Carmine manipulates Fen into telling his parents not to stay together. Should Fen develop feelings for Carmine?

The previous week of General Hospital was the most controversial in recent memory. Fans across the web, on social media and in Daytime Confidential comment threads weighed in on the revelation of Roger Howarth portraying loathed villain Franco. General Hospital’s multiple rape storyline threads also had fans up in arms.

Did the show go too far, or was it all still entertaining? One co-host feels GH was too cavalier with the topic of rape, while others on the panel felt the soap has being mired in rape since Luke and Laura's romance began and if anything the new regime was working to undo some of that nasty history.

Should the soap have phased the Llanview Three back in over time, to reduce confusion for viewers who aren’t plugged in to the online community? Did GH stack the deck against Emme Rylan, as Lulu? The DC gang doesn’t agree on much about the controversial week, but they all came together because of Maura West’s brilliant performance as Ava.

Days of Our Lives has been on fire creatively and the ratings are reflecting it. Kristen and Brady’s relationship imploded. Will was shot, while trying to rescue Nick. Nick admitted to Maggie he had been repeatedly raped in prison. Sami became a grandmother.

Eric resisted Brooke’s enticement to be her baby’s daddy on The Bold and the Beautiful, but how long can he hold out against her charms? Hope didn’t wait a minute before making a move on Liam. Does she have a right to want her man back, after all of Steffy's manipulations over the years?

Is Prospect Park in a labor dispute over All My Children? Jesse hunts for Cassandra’s kidnapper. Is it time for Eric Nelsen to tone things down as AJ? Would AMC be better off by getting rid of Celia? 

Snoop Lion returned to One Life to Live. Where are the storylines on the new OLTL?

All this and MUCH more on today’s Daytime Confidential podcast.


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43 Responses

  1. Profile photo of appleridge

    I feel there are stories on OLTL. Todd working for the org that wants Victor dead. The pelagrino fund and Matt not wanting to be a dad are the most interesting. However the pace is SLOW. It needs to be done better. Hopefully Jessica & Marin as HW’s will fix that.

  2. Profile photo of stoney07

    I was watching Y&R last week, and Carmine and Fen DEFINITELY have some kind of weird chemistry going on. Like the writers don’t even have to write Fen crushing on Carmine….the actor is kind of playing it. It’s really weird…but I was intrigued. LOL…

  3. Profile photo of yllianos

    It’s not a good idea to listen to Jamey’s one man DAYS recap while at work. Trying to feign laughing is so hard when people are thinking you’re having a seizure. We need more of those!

  4. Profile photo of Smitty

    Quinn Redecker (ex-Rex Sterling Y&R) is alive. They posted a picture of him, Patty Weaver (Gina Roma) and Michael Damian (Danny Romalotti) filming a tribute video for Jeanne Cooper’s passing.

  5. Profile photo of Jerseygirl515

    I usually read Daytime Confidential for soap news. I haven’t ever listened to one of the podcasts though but I thought I would today. I will never make that mistake again. Jamey totally monopolized the conversation, hardly letting anyone else get a word in edgewise. I couldn’t even make it through the whole podcast and stopped listening because I was so annoyed. He was constantly screaming and shouting so much that I could hardly understand him and I ended up with a headache. I’ll stick to just reading the news stories and skip the podcasts.

  6. Profile photo of SoapyBitch

    Realistically, when will the new material hit AMC and OLTL? I know the joke is that Days shoots far in advance, but I feel with two episodes a week we’ll not get the new material until Christmas.

    I agree that OLTL is slooow and I am most bummed about that. They had their ducks in such a row for some immediately explosive storytelling. AMC needed much more help and I do find myself engaged with that, Saved by the Bell guitar riff for Miranda and AJ aside. Everytime I hear it I think, oh it’s 1991.

  7. Profile photo of Islandof1

    Silas at least looks different from McBain. It probably does not help that I hated Franco storyline and I would be perfectly happy with a “Who Kills blond Franco?” plotline. Kiki’s storyline is just not working for me either! Even with Morgan in the picture it is too much like Starr and Michael romance

  8. Profile photo of GHFan76

    Love Jamey, but I agree with Luke that fans expect a little more realism today regarding GH. It’s almost embarrassing the level of camp this show has reached. The only reason I say this is b/c GH at its best was always light-hearted, humorous in a non-campy way, had heart and raw emotion, explored relationships and hard hitting topics, displayed gut wrenching performances, etc etc. It’s been replaced by more soap cliches than you could shake a stick at. What worked 30 years ago doesn’t necessarily work today. I do think some of the dialogue is clever and witty and GH still has one of the best casts in daytime. They keep me drawn in even when I’m not a huge fan of campy stories. And yes Ron and Frank have paid homage to GH history, but at the end of the day I really don’t think they have a grasp on what GH’s personality really is or at least has been for the large majority of its years.

  9. Profile photo of ItsJustDonnaLee

    Anyone who makes fun of someone on his own website is a loser! If you don’t like it here, then LEAVE! I reported both of you, so stop trolling here. You both spend a lot of time here for someone that does not like the product.
    |( \\( :angry:

  10. Profile photo of thecourt99

    I am not finished listening, but so far, I agree with Luke. I also disagree with the comparison to Revenge. We all know what they did, but the Revenge story is told from the perspective of the perpetrators. We have never seen a victim of the actual crash. On GH however, we have seen Sam suffer, we saw Michael suffer…on a daily basis. So while the crime is bad, it is also about the people that we care about on the show. I am not sure if I am saying that correctly.

    Also, I agree that Dylan is overused on Y&R. He has a set and has been force fed into stories…I think that Todd, Starr and McBain were also forced into stories. Todd got his own set (the office) rather quickly, Starr was forced into the story through a relationship with Michael that came from nowhere…and McBain and his “connection” to Sam that was mentioned every few days was also overkill. I think it is comparable.

    RC made Franco a Quartermaine, IMO, to add a WTD story on top of the “maybe” rape…and give Jason another issue with Sam to deal with…and bring Sam closer to McBain.

    That being said, it boils down to preference. I don’t like Franco, and while I agree that many hated characters can be reborn…it takes time. Given this character came back and was redeemed instantly, all that does it make me dislike him more. Michael has said that Franco didn’t mean to rape him, to me…that means that Michael doesn’t blame Franco anymore. Ava said that one guy committed suicide, so that takes a murder away. It’s too much, too soon.

    On Project Runway they talk about editing and taking an idea too far. I think that is what happened here.

  11. Profile photo of luverica

    I have to say that this is the most I’ve been watching Days of Our Lives in years. Two reasons:

    1. Will, Sonny, Nick, and Gabi – This storyline has me absolutely riveted. I’ve always thought Will and Sonny were one of the most adorable couples I’ve ever seen on daytime. The chemistry between these two talented, and yes, quite attractive actors is quite special. Add this whole situation with Nick, including all the recent stuff that’s come out, and I do believe we have the makings of quite the special soap triangle. C’mon now! I know I’m not the only one to think that maybe this will lead to Nick making a play for either Will or Sonny.

    Also, Blake Berris’ performance as Nick Fallon is just awesome. He’s one of the best young actors on soaps today. I actually find myself sympathizing in spite of his past, and maybe future, villainous ways and that’s the mark of a very talented actor.

    2. KRISTEN, KRISTEN, KRISTEN DIMERA – Oh my God! I wasn’t watching Days during her first appearance and now I see why Jamey goes on about her so. I don’t think I’ve had this much fun watching a soap vixen since, are you ready, Erica Kane. That’s right, I said it and some of you all know how much I love my Erica. Eileen Davidson f**king WORKS this role. When she got all up in Marlena’s face, holding that tumbler of booze like Joan Crawford, and said, “Honey! Honey! Sweetie! (whispering) – Girlfriend”, I HOLLERED and fell in love. I love me some Marlena but damn if I can’t get enough of Ms. Kristen.

    I haven’t finished listening so I’ll probably have more to say but Jamey’s excellent Days recap that would make Clarence proud compelled me to write something.

  12. Profile photo of blosslover

    I think the comparison to Revenge with the story content doesn’t exactly work. Revenge hadn’t been on for multiple seasons before they played the terrorism plot, so people who were offended just turned off the show and that was that. Usually there is more of an outrage if people are invested than if they are not. Also like a prior posted shared people knew the villains and not the victims in that plot.

  13. Profile photo of Nk3play2


    GH: I’m not as upset about Franco as everyone else either!!!! Overall, enjoying the show. Love Kiki, Love NuMorgan, HATE SILAS, enjoying Ava and NuFranco. Liking that the Quartermaine mansion is filling up again (no matter which Quartermaines are in the mansion). Enjoying the little bit of Shawn we see, he needs a better love interest, and I don’t wanna see him thrown under the bus when the wrong person takes the bullet.

    AMC: It’s a sad sad fact when I am enjoying AMC more then OLTL. Bcuz I’m so used to bad overacting on AMC, I don’t notice AJ that LoL. Can’t wait for Colby to throw a monkey wrench in Pete and Celia.

    OLTL: The show is moving along at a snails pace…. Enjoying Jeffrey, Matthew’s stalker needs to hurry up and make it Llanview. I’m not as upset about not seeing so much of Natalie as others seem to be.

    B&B: I’m behind, so I need to catch up… Still hate Hope and Liam, can tolerate Steffy n Liam. Brooke is crazy, I still don’t like that she’s pregnant but I can deal. Love Brooke and Bill, Katie annoys me, like Rick and Maya, I don’t like that Lindsey Godfrey has improved, I was content with hating her. Don’t like that they’re bringing on another love interest for Hope when Carter is RIGHT THERE!!!!

    Y&R: Dylan is in the same boat as Cane for me, I want them dead!!! Enjoying the Michaelsons, Liking that Devon is onscreen again, but he needs a storyline. Maybe something will come out of Katherine’s passing for him. The Dylan character should actually be replaced by Jack’s OLDEST 4Gotten SON, Keemo Abbott damn it!!!! Makes for much better story. The Chancellors need to be rebuilt. Victoria and Abby BOTH SUCK… I’d love nothing better than a recast or a write off. I’m loving the hell out of the Baldwin family story and the Newman/Abbott with Summer’s paternity. Noah needs a permanent love interest. Mason and Summer would be pretty hot BTW… Kevin and Chloe’s story, I’m kinda indifferent, I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it. Don’t care for Avery at all… will definitely miss Jeanne Cooper and Michelle Stafford. Oliver Jones (B8B) needs to stay in Genoa City.

    Days: Enjoying everything except Daniel or Sami suddenly being so territorial over Rafe. I’m like Jamey when it comes to SAFE, I cringe whenever they’re being friendly. I’m gleefully happy with Rafe being in a coma and I’m dreading the day he wakes up. Liking that the DiMeras are back on my screen together, especially Chad. Liking that the triangle is shaking up. Hope needs a new man, kill Bo in a plane crash and be done with it. The only thing exciting about Jarlena is Kristen. Brady is as a dumb as a box of rocks.

  14. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @Jamey Giddens: I give you an A for effort. But no gold star when it comes to GH. Camp is not sustainable model. And that mess that Ron Carlivati tried to pass off as plausible is just breaking all the rules that Douglas Marland put in place. And I know you said before that you have to “know the rules before you can break them.” I’d say it is time for Ron to brush up on How Not To Wreck A Soap. Because he needs a refresher course.

    Agnes take the script!

  15. Profile photo of NathanHastingsSr.

    Jamey is the best. While the others are great, Especially Jillian, these podcasts aren’t the same when Jamey is missing. He adds the knowledge of soap history and the comedic flair IMHO…

  16. Profile photo of theblackknight

    Usually I enjoyed the debates you guys have on the podcast, but that was a little intense.

    When I think of RC I think of extremes, either it works excellently or it goes down in flames, there’s no middle ground. He does something right to spark this type of discussion, but to be honest I never thought that he fits writing GH. His style and energy seems to fit DOOL or BB, not to say that I would want that to happen but the way the campiness has been written on GH had always had a grounded, seriousness to it. The Ice Princess was a real threat, Helena and the Cassidines used to be serious threats. Things like this past week are what stop me from giving %100 praise to RC especially when DOOL is doing so much more with less.

    The recap of DAYS…fantastic, it has not been better in forever and everyone has stepped up to the plate. They just need to figure out what to do with Hope. Ciara and JJ are so hilarious, Ciara snapping at Nicole “IT’S PRIVATE! DONT YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS???” Was one of the funniest things on Days. BB sold the hell out of telling Gabi that he was raped, just incredible. DOOL is doing great stuff.

    Bringing back Amber for Kay’s funeral would be great considering how close Katherine and Amber were and Amber helped Ghostwrite her memoirs. How good was it to see Jess Walton lead front and center during the tribute episode. Hopefully Jill’s dealing with Kay’s death will be something to watch and listern too.

    I think the thing ignored from the Franco revelation was AJ finding out about Micheal’s rape. A moment like that was so wasted and what he said to Sonny and Carly afterwards that they took Michael away from him to protect him but ended up messing him up horribly, needed to said but was buried in the Rapey-Rape.

  17. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    I never thought this day would come but I completely agree with Luke on the GH debate. I have the feeling with RC and FV some can defend them through everything. I don’t know if people could justify this what has happened on GH last week on every other soap or even with a different regime in charge.
    RC and FV are doing good things for this genre but there needs to be place for real critic when it’s appropriate. Sadly I felt that Luke’s opinion was not taken seriously … and comparing rape to terrorism didn’t give me a great feeling either. While I tried to get Jamey’s argument and he normally can convince me to see things different, I simply wasn’t able to this time.

    Instead I didn’t understand how he could praise DAYS which really had an awesome week and next to that try to justify how poorly GH has handled the topic of rape this last week. The used it as a plot twist in a poorly script IMO.

    I would also like to adress the comparison of rape with terrorism shortly. I think the big difference is what Luke tried to say … that for a lot of people terrorism is out there in fiction used as a crime element that you have an understanding for but you don’t see people emotionally damaged like when someone gets raped. Some might say that rape is worst than murder … and I agree, because the victims always are left with the scars their whole life.

    So rape just is a topic that you want handled that way. You don’t toy with it like GH did this past week. And yes Cartini DID NOT have Sam raped by Franco, but they certainly used it for a year for their storylines, letting us care and made us believe that it happened.

    Anyway I always enjoy the podcast. And I enjoyed this one… only wished someone could have Luke backed up on such a serious topic…

  18. Profile photo of J Bernard Jones
    J Bernard Jones

    that mess that Ron Carlivati tried to pass off as plausible is just breaking all the rules that Douglas Marland put in place.

    Douglas Marland’s famous/infamous “rules” are not inviolate nor are they any kind of “law” that any writer of daytime or soap operas in general are duty bound to follow.

  19. Profile photo of ItsJustDonnaLee

    [quote=blosslover]I think the comparison to Revenge with the story content doesn’t exactly work. Revenge hadn’t been on for multiple seasons before they played the terrorism plot, so people who were offended just turned off the show and that was that. Usually there is more of an outrage if people are invested than if they are not. Also like a prior posted shared people knew the villains and not the victims in that plot.[/quote]

    Aren’t David Clarke and Emily victims of the Grayson’s plot? Isn’t that the point of the whole show????

    What am I missing here?

    And to further the Revenge analogy, Jamey didn’t even mention that in the season’s final episodes *SPOILER ALERT* they had a bomb go off in a Manhattan skyscraper, which I thought was pretty ballsy even 12 years after 9/11. So after seeing that, I believe his comparison was right on the money!

    That being said, I was #TeamLuke in the podcast debate. I believe that Jamey and Luke are good enough friends to respectfully disagree. I believe everyone should be entitled to their own opinion.

    I’m still pissed at the podcast bashers above. I have loved me some DC podcast since 2009 and I was checking EVERYDAY to see if they uploaded a show discussing the happenings this week! Seriously! Keep up the good work, all of you!!


  20. Profile photo of logan_echolls

    I so agree with Luke. Everything Luke said regarding the rape stuff and the Franco stuff. I like when someone can actually say something bad about GH. GH is not perfect and they need to be held accountable. Thank u Luke for being honest about how horrible last week was. I get everyone wants soaps to stay alive but ppl should be honest about horrid last week was.

  21. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @J Bernard Jones: And yet as Agnes Nixon would say, “….you got a lot of people out there who think they are good writers but they are not.” In the case Ron C. he could use a brush up course in what has made greater writers great! What put Bill, Agnes and Douglas on the charts. So while you may say that Douglas’ rules are not law, Ron C. leaves a lot left to be desired and at the end of the day it was because of those rules being broken that both rose and became the ultimate downfall of JER’s career on both Passions and his return to days.

    Again, “camp is not a sustainable model!”

    Agnes take the script!

  22. Profile photo of Jerseygirl515

    Honestly I wasn’t trolling. I have bever posted on the board before but really felt the need to after listening to the podcast. I wanted to express my opinion as to why I couldn’t listen to the whole podcast. I guess expressing an opinion is no longer allowed on message boards. I apologize for offending Jamey or anyone else. Obviously my opinion is in the minority and the majority of readers/listeners like Jamey’s style. I will just refrain from listening to any further podcasts since I do not feel the same.

  23. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @Luke Kerr: Yes I am the one sitting in the corner grabbing my package saying I TOLD YOU SO! I know what I know and call it like I see it. My advice for ABCD/GH would be pair Ron with a veteran Head Writer who can reel in his excesses. Because when OLTL had that tumble from grace in 2009 it was because of some of (not all) the same mess he had going on the screen.

    But I also want to address something else that was brought up in the discussion. Fans of Days were not happy and did not accept when Sami who went undercover as a man named “Stan,” went off to Iraq and was the cause of Phillip losing his leg. The online and off audience found that story to be insensitive and disrespectful to our men and women who were off at war. And it didn’t help James E. Rielly in the ratings either.

    Agnes Nixon, one of the most influential writer in daytime; knew how to spin a socially relevant tale or to write a controversial storyline that both entertained the audience and was in some sense grounded in reality. Even in the often larger than life world of soaps, she knew how to bring in some believability.

    There is also a limit to what fans will and won’t accept. Rape is still a continuous issue in America and should be taken seriously.

    That leads me to another point. Passions in its last 2 years on air had descended into having rape as a part of almost every storyline. Liz tried to rape Julian, Liz revealed being raped by Alistair, Alistair was beating and raping Theresa, Fancy/Sheridan were facing double rapes by Vincent, who went back for more from Fancy weekly and Jessica was being beaten, raped and prostituted by Spike. All these stories were running co-currently. And the campiness didn’t help lighten the mood.

    Ron is a Jr. Rielly. And that ain’t nothing to praise.

  24. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    David, ‘camp is not a sustainable model’ just won’t fly as a mantra. Sorry. Tell the creators of Soap, listed as one of the 101 Best Written TV Series by the WGA, that camp isn’t a sustainable model. Tell it to James Reilly’s sister, who still receives a fat check from Sony TV and Corday Studios every month.

    Reilly may be the butt of a lot of online jokes, but there’s a reason Sony was so desperate to get him back they agreed to pay him royalties. There’s a reason he got a new soap greenlit at a time when everyone said it would never happen again. There’s a reason he almost got a Saturday morning spinoff.

    Was Passions a hit? No. Was his second stint at DAYS a success? No. Guess what? Monty’s second stint at GH wasn’t a success either. Doesn’t take away one second from the smash her first one was.

    Doug Marland’s estate doesn’t get royalties from any of the soaps he wrote for; Reilly’s does. Camp is sustaining Ms. Reilly pretty doggone well.

    Tell Aaron Spelling’s wife ‘camp is not a sustainable model’. That bazillion dollar mansion he built off of criticially-dismissed, campy shows would say camp sustained him and his family pretty well. Candy just sold it for a mega fortune.

    Melrose Place premiered as a slice-of-life, wannabe Thirtysomething for twentysomethings, complete with stories about the L.A. riots and what not. They added Heather Locklear, Laura Leighton, Marcia Cross and a ton of camp and it went from 126 in the Nielsens to a Top 30 show.

    You also keep mentioning Agnes. Do you honestly think Agnes never wrote camp? So Erica Kane fighting that bear was what, Shakespeare? Love me some Agnes, but yes, she wrote camp too.

    GH is doing better in the ratings than it has in five years. Don’t take my word for it, go to Variety, Broadcasting & Cable, Deadline. Sure it’s hit a slump — all soaps do. but, there is no denying that what Cartini has done—love it or hate it—kept this show on the air. That’s not even a debate point, it’s a fact.

    ABC was all but ready to cut it before Cartini took over and saved it. So, while you may not like camp, it most assuredly has been a sustainable model for many a television creative.

  25. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Honestly I wasn’t trolling. I have bever posted on the board before but really felt the need to after listening to the podcast. I wanted to express my opinion as to why I couldn’t listen to the whole podcast. I guess expressing an opinion is no longer allowed on message boards. I apologize for offending Jamey or anyone else. Obviously my opinion is in the minority and the majority of readers/listeners like Jamey’s style. I will just refrain from listening to any further podcasts since I do not feel the same.
    I don’t feel you were trolling at all. You had every right to express your opinion. That other person who was on here calling people see you next Tuesday’s and what not, won’t be tolerated though. You expressed your opinion in a fair, non-toxic way.

  26. Profile photo of Luke Kerr
    Luke Kerr

    @David I don’t know what is more disturbing, the idea of you “sitting in a corner grabbing your package” waiting to say “I told you so” or that you interpreted what I had to say about last week’s General Hospital was an indictment on Cartini as a whole.

    For the record, I trust Ron and Frank’s creativity more than anyone/team in the genre. However, I do think there are times when they take things too far. IMO what happened on GH last week, plus the rush to reintroduce Howarth, Alderson and Easton all at once, are instances when things have gotten away from Cartini.

    Since I started this blog years ago, no single team has consistently delivered more must see storylines than Cartini. For almost their entire run at GH it has been the first soap I watch, because they captured my imagination. Did they make mistakes at OLTL. Yes and I and my co-hosts said so. Was last week a big mistake at GH. IMO Yes and I said so, though the co-hosts present didn’t agree with me on most points.

    One of the great things about the six soaps airing is that there is something for everyone. Just because they aren’t your cup of tea doesn’t mean they aren’t viable. Some people loved Desperate Housewives others enjoy Parenthood. Each is viable in their own form. Yes GH is more campy than it was under Guza, but as far as I’m concerned it has vastly improved over the era of Mob Central.

  27. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @Jamey Giddens: Agnes sure did write some stuff. But she mostly had her stories grounded in reality. The bear scene you mentioned was a fun escape, but that was never what AMC was all about. As for Rielly, it is well known that soaps keep recycling the same writers over and over again and that has been partly attributed to their downfall. Because there were few fans accept for that former Allistercrane poster who wanted him to return to Days for a 3rd time.

    When it comes to camp. You are talking about the past. A time when Americans of that generation loved and accepted that kind of escapism. It’s 2013. And with shows that came about like Breaking Bad, The Soprano’s, Mad Men, Entourage, The Wire, The Good Wife, Scandal, House of Cards, Gray’s Anatomy and so on. Today’s viewers are largely looking for something different.

    Soaps have to evolve with the world. And when they stopped evolving creatively (from where I sit) they started down the path that would have them viewed as archaic and fluffy.

    You know as well as everyone else that Agnes and Bill would look at the news paper and come up with some of the best stories ever. And it doesn’t mean that they didn’t dabble in camp. But it is surely not what they are most remembered for.

    Bill Bell is largely remembered for (not only) once having a primetime quality soap. Agnes for dealing with controversial social issues.

    I just don’t see the evidence or much of it that in 2013 people are largely looking for camp.

  28. Profile photo of BoricuaAngel

    I LUV YOU DC TEAM!!! Your perspectives on OUR soaps are so different, it makes for great entertainment. I probably agree with Jamey the most. I’m 10 years older than him, but I grew up watching the soaps with my mom as well and would just rush home from school to watch Luke, Laura, et. al. But I also feel bad for Luke sometimes, ya’ll gang up on him so much, let the man speak. hahaha. And the DC ladies, your just fabulous divas .. do not change! Regardless of differing opinions, we’re just talking about TV, so I ain’t mad at ya’ll. lol. I enjoy listening to all of you, you bring great laughs to my work-day. Keep up the great work…see you on the Boards!!! :-)

    PS-Red-Rover, Red-Rover bring me a Victoria Newman recast …. PLEASE! ;-)

  29. Profile photo of pferrando

    I’d love more of today’s writers to follow the Marland method.

    I can bet we’d have more than four network and two recently rebooted online shows on the air.

    If Marland had continued writing for either ATWT or GL and/or mentored someone (like Bell mentored Alden), they’d probably both still be on the air.

    I can’t comment on the current GH team, but it seems like the hardcore GH fans do as much complaining about them as we do about JFP, MAB, LML who have done a lot of their own “forcing” on Y and R.

    At the end of the day, I feel any new team needs to remember and honor what made the show great to begin with.

  30. Profile photo of stoney07

    Personally I started watching GH and I still try to watch it.

    But most of the time I just think its toooo much!!!! I’m not the type of person to go into each GH thread and complain about it because I’m trying to support the genre as a whole…but to me, I just don’t see what all the praise is about when it comes to Cartini.

    Since I’ve started watching GH, I’ve been viewing older youtube clips and comparing it to today’s show…it’s just kind of “off” to me. Sure, GH was super campy in the ’80s…and I’ve seen a lot of clips. I don’t claim to know the history of the show because I have no idea, but watching those “campy clips” of the ’80s, it seemed like the show was still written more seriously as opposed to just silly comedy. The villains were actually scary or threatening villains. Not men standing around dropping vases of roses…The camp has outweighed everything else in the show.

    Then again, I look at B&B which is also known for its camp. But even today, as campy as B&B is, you still have times where you feel like you’re watching a realistic soap. There are still hard hitting moments and episodes where you don’t laugh out loud at the stupidity taking place on the screen. Pammie strutting across Eric’s office made me roll my eyes more than laugh, but even as campy and silly as it was, that was on the same episode of Steffy dealing with the death of her unborn child, and Brooke’s “secret” pregnancy. Entire episodes built around humor is just…idk.

    To keep from rambling, I’ll sum it up with my own very humble opinion. I’d rather watch a soap, as opposed to a soap spoof. That’s what GH feels like majority of the time to me….a soap SPOOF. And I don’t get how Cartini are praised for “honoring the show’s history” by repeating storylines from the ’80s with those characters’ children…when if any other soap writers had done that, it would’ve been called “recycling”. How is this not another case of “lather, rinse, repeat” when the stories are stories that have already been told???

    I just don’t see the greatness in Cartini as a whole. Didn’t see it on OLTL, and I don’t see it on GH. Not saying they aren’t talented…they just aren’t MY personal cup of tea. And it frustrates me to no end to hear and see people praising these two men, while griping about the other soaps that are actually at least TRYING to put out a serious daytime drama and not making a joke out of the entire genre. But I admit, the DC podcast is addictive to me. LOL. I love listening, and I do get a lot of insight to things I don’t understand. Unfortunately, the Cartini love is the ONLY thing that I completely disagree with with all the DC gang. lol. But I still love them and respect their opinions.

  31. Profile photo of thecourt99

    I may ramble a bit but I wanted to add another point. I am sick of rape being used as a plot point. I am desensitized…and that is why I am sick of it. I am a different person than I was 25 years ago, and my definition of entertainment has changed. The things that I found amusing or enjoyable in the past, are often not amusing today. Why shouldn’t that also apply to soaps? Someone may have loved this Casey the Alien character back in the day..but it doesn’t mean that they have to love it today.

    To go back to the revenge discussion, the emotional track of the story is on the coverup and not the act of terrorism. Also, Conrad is the clear villain. There is no whitewashing, no apologizing, he is just evil. Now…since they blew up that building in the finale and one of the main characters was impacted, I wonder how that will change the emotional track of the story..if at all.

  32. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    I have to agree with everyone on the podcast regarding the Prospect Park shows–AMC is definitely better than OLTL right now. While I actually like a lot of the characters on OLTL more, that show has absolutely no structure. Stuff just happens. There’s no rhyme or reason to anything that happens. The acting’s great for the most part though(and Kelley Missal is turning into a mini-FloLo–that girl can chew up any- and everybody around her, spit them out, and keep going).

    AMC, which I hadn’t watched for years, is actually pretty good right now. True, the younger set is a bit hit-or-miss(though I totally don’t agree about Luke regarding Celia; the actress isn’t terrible and definitely no worse than nuDestiny on OLTL). But the adults are great–Billy Clyde Tuggle is highly entertaining, I’m actually not completely turned off by Zack Slater this go-round, and I like the interaction between Zack and this Lea Marquez(Thorsten Kaye and Paula Garces have some good chemistry going on). And I also like the possible burgeoning relationship between JR and Cara(good chem between those two also).

  33. Profile photo of Ms 45
    Ms 45

    [quote=ChrisGa]I have to agree with everyone on the podcast regarding the Prospect Park shows–AMC is definitely better than OLTL right now. While I actually like a lot of the characters on OLTL more, that show has absolutely no structure. Stuff just happens. There’s no rhyme or reason to anything that happens.[/quote]

    You nailed it. The show does have storylines but no forward momentum. Scenes just get repeated (Matthew & his online mystery woman, Natalie and Cutter flirting at Shelter, etc) rather than building on each other or progressing. It’s very frustrating because I love the show and want it to be great.

  34. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @everyone: Here is my last say on the subject of GH. I warned people back in January of 2009 before anyone saw it coming that Maria Arena Bell was sending Y&R to hell in a hand-basket. I was raked through the coals for doing so. But my intuition and deep understanding of this genre, comparing history and data vindicated me in the end. I was right. I knew I was.

    So I’m going to speak on this one. Don’t care of you like Ron C. or you love camp! I don’t care what happened in 1982 or 1992. None of that matters in the world we live in today. You can’t use the past as a justification. It just ain’t gonna work no more.

    Ron Carlivati has shown us what he can do. And his bag of writing tricks are limited. And to paraphrase soapjunkie (much like James E. Rielly), when he is good he is good and when he is bad he is bad. And that is not a good sign for a writer who is mirroring James E. Rielly’s post 90’s Days career highs and lows.

    So here it is:

    Ron Carlivati is not a strong enough writer to do it on his own. He needs a co-headwriter to reel in his excesses. The co-head writer would be his serious dramatic writing opposite. And preferably someone who knew the show and its history good enough to know how to draw out the best dramatic elements needed. Basically Ron needs someone to check him. To get him together in the writing room.

    And I say this because the daytime audience as a whole is smarter and is no longer willing to expect anything because it is “just a soap.” People want to see something they are familiar with.

    And again if you look shows like Mad Men, The Good Wife, Scandal, Gray’s Anatomy. Or even The Vampire Dairies or True Blood. All of these show infuse social realism into the templates of what they are about. Because everyone knows that nobody wants to watch some show with vampires hiding around corners in capes doing over-the-top lunges at their victims anymore. Not even in daytime.

    So here are my suggestions as possible co-head writers:

    Claire Labine who has 9 daytime Emmys for writing (one for GH) and 4 Writers Guild Awards (two for GH).

    Elizabeth Korte who was a former head writer. Also was head writer and co-creator of GH: Night Shift.

    Michele Val Jean (if you could pull away from B&B) then she would be a great option.

    And my non-GH related writer. And you know who she is, would be my trusted Sally Sussman Morina. This is a woman who came in after JER and won Days its first Writer’s Guild Award ever. Won another WGA for Y&R. Won an Emmy while at Y&R and has had gotten Days writing Emmy nominations it had not seen in years at the time. So she knows how to reel in the excesses of camp and produce hard hitting drama that meets the needs of the show and its fans.

    So those are my suggestions. Feel free to add more.

    But I am making a per-enmptive intervention suggestion for Ron C. And i’m saying it out of love.

    Feel free to bring up The Edge of Night and live in the past if you like. But I have not gotten as far as I have in my own career by not knowing what I know. And this I know.

  35. Profile photo of Ms 45
    Ms 45

    I also agree with Luke that GH was waaaay too rapecentric last week. I felt like they wanted to exploit the drama of rape and then turn around and say “oh no, it wasn’t really a rape.” Rape has been overdone on all the soaps and unless you have something fresh or illuminating to bring to the table, just leave it alone.

  36. Profile photo of ItsJustDonnaLee

    “The DC Podcast is addictive to me.”


    Me, too. That is why I don’t like seeing it – or the gang – trashed. Sorry if I was harsh.

    Not sure who used that swear word that Jamey referred to (wasn’t me) but I feel that level of venom about a TELEVISION SHOW is unnecessary.



  37. Profile photo of Dariclone

    I’m listening to the podcast right now and I’m *so* happy that Jamey loves GH like I do at the moment. I love RH as Franco, BTW, I have *one* friend who loves James Franco and was a diehard “Franco” fam from day one.

  38. Profile photo of SonnySprocket

    Thanks Jamey for the great comments regarding Days. It has been incredible lately. I agree with you about Camila Banus. She did some great acting. Everyone was great last. I was choked up when I saw Will hold the baby for the first time and then nearly lost it when Nick revealed to Maggie what happened in prison. Suzanne Rogers gave him solid support. And what else can be said about Kristen on her knees begging Brady to take her back…AWESOME….

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