Do General Hospital’s Sam and Silas Sizzle or Fizzle? (POLL)

Kelly Monaco and Michael Easton know a thing or two about generating heat. The actors were scorching-hot as star-crossed lovers Livvie and Caleb on the short-lived, supernatural sudser Port Charles.

When they reunited years later as Sam and John on General Hospital, the chemistry was definitely still there. Will the third time be the charm?

Easton recently returned to the Port Charles/General Hospital universe as yet another character, Dr. Silas Clay, brother of the late Stephen Clay aka Caleb Morley aka Father Morley. It's no surprise TPTB have Dr. Clay interacting with Sam Morgan and her kids, but will it prove enough to reignite the spark between Monaco and Easton on camera?

Silas has served to antagonize the widowed private dick from the moment they met; first by seeming to give less than two poots about his nephew, Rafe (Jimmy Deshler) and more recently by trying to sue Sam for custody of the teen ward. Then there's Danny. Dr. Silas suspects something is wrong with Sam's son. Is he trying to help the mother out, or is he just screwing with her even more?

Whatever Silas' motives are, the big question is, will it all be enough to make Sam and Silas General Hospital's next It Couple? What do you guys think?

Do Sam and Silas sizzle or fizzle?

Do General Hospital's Sam and Silas Sizzle or Fizzle? (POLL)

  • Fizzle! (45%, 836 Votes)
  • Sizzle! (55%, 1,024 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,860


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18 Responses

  1. Profile photo of Yoryla

    Unfortunately, I have to go with “Fizzle”.

    The problem is, I can’t take it seriously. It’s cartoonish. Knowing all of the backstory as to why ME is this character in the first place, and seeing him trying to be different from John McBain is just not working. And the ponytail is weird.

    It’s a shame, because I like ME as an actor, and I really liked him as John McBain.

  2. Profile photo of Daniel St. John
    Daniel St. John

    I still see a slight spark between ME and KM but the character of Silas is just so underwhelming that it is making it very hard to make myself care about anything having to do with him.
    The writing staff needs to do a quick overhaul of whatever the character’s motivations are and make him a bit less of an enigmatic douche before it is too late. And the character also needs to get more involved with the rest of the cast. Get him working at GH and living at Carly’s hotel so that we can see more of his personality separate from the contentious stuff with Sam and Rafe.

  3. Profile photo of mfarris70

    I think it’s way too early to judge this, but I’d have to say fizzle so far. I wish that they had actually brought SIlas in via another character rather than pair him, even as an adversary, with Sam so quickly.

  4. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Fizzle. Sadly lighting didn’t strike a third time. ME and KM still have chemistry but it’s not that crazy awesome chemistry that I can’t get enough of. John and Sam … McBam was supercouple worthy … Silas and Sam feel like Stefan Cassadine and Katherine Bell … if you know what I mean.

  5. Profile photo of Mel_O

    Fizzle. His character (and storyline) is a fail. I loved ME as McBain. He seemed to have chemistry w/ just about everyone he came in contact with. Alexis, Anna and Sam, of course. Out of the three OLTL transplants he is the weakest this time around.

    TPTB need to realize this – chemistry alone does not make a couple. And they were fortunate enough to have lightening strike twice w/ Easton and Monaco. But it is just not so this time. Move on. Pair him with someone else. And Sam with Patrick. :)

  6. Profile photo of blueskies

    I say sizzle! I love ME and hope he is a Mr. Darcy (Pride & Prejudice) type character. On first impression he is self centered and rude but that gives him potential for deep character development as we learn more about him. This could be the beginning of a sweeping romance. I can only hope. :)

  7. Profile photo of mfarris70

    But again this is liking judging a book after reading one chapter– or in this case a few episodes. There’s more to come and the chemistry is still there.

  8. Profile photo of engradypind

    I see arrogant indifference on his part and some unbecoming self-righteous indignation on her part.

    I’d rather see Sam with AJ than with ME’s character. The characters need to shine with someone else. There really are not that many men on GH any more who are of the right age for Sam.

  9. Profile photo of For Whom the Bells Toll
    For Whom the Bells Toll

    It’s going to be a slow-burn and it’s ridiculous to judge Silas now.His character is yet to be developed.

    Silas is obviously going to stay in town and then we can get to know him better.

    Patience people! :)

  10. Profile photo of curacaoman

    That’s it I am done with Cartoony’s mess. Now they had to give Danny cancer just to prop this stupid pairing. How imaginative.

    Enough is enough!

  11. Profile photo of ANGELWENDY15

    I will wait in judgement because right now they are doing a hate relationship between them, but this is soaps, we all know where that leads. Have a feeling DR. Clay will save Danny’s life, which will connect him and Sam. I always felt ME and KM had huge chemistry together, mostly on PC as Caleb and Olivia. GH needs to bring on some new writers to help Ron C out on how to bring romance and sexiness unto the show. He writes like a juevenile when it comes to love stories.

  12. Profile photo of IrishWitch

    They definitely sizzle, it will be even more so as each character has room to unfold. Silas has a lot of mystery underneath that has him so standoffish, which eventually come out. ME and KEMO will bring both to light if given time. There is a lot of comparison to McBain,( sorry he is gone due to legal issues and cannot return nor can ME play anything related to McBain, they are not allow to even mention his name)So give this duo a chance to pull off the magic as only they can and you will definitely see a sizzle, big time.

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