Steffy Passes Out on The Bold and the Beautiful! (VIDEO)


What would you do if the woman who once tried to steal your husband passes out on the floor, helpless, in front of you? Katie Spencer (Heather Tom) is faced with that situation today on The Bold and the Beautiful.

No, she doesn't stumble upon big sister Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) foaming at the mouth; it's Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood)! I know that girl's insurance premiums must be through the roof. 

Elsewhere in SoCal, Dollar Bill (Don Diamont) tells Maya (Karla Mosley) how the cow ate the cabbage; Thomas (Adam Gregory) tries to berate Brooke into modeling her line and Eric (John McCook) once again feels the heat of Brooke's intense desire for him to be her pretend baby daddy. Watch a sneak peek for today's B&B after the jump!




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Katie doesn't "find" Steffy passed out...she CAUSED her to pass out by berating her. That surprised me, but I haven't watched this show for very long, so I don't know all the history.

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B&B has an over-reliance on medical ish fueling its drama recently:

Steffi: miscarriage/fainting/depression

Katie: bi-weekly coronary events

Hope/Brooke: antisocial personality disorder (sociopathy)

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I wanted to jump through the TV and stangle Katie! So cold and didn't make any sense!

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I'm so disappointed (yet again) for the writers to have Katie act so coldly towards Steffy, especially now, when the two really need to become allies and friends against the common enemy: Brooke.

But, of course, that is also the reason why they are doing this. To get people to hate on Katie, so it would somehow seem more plausible for Brooke to steal her husband, in the thinking that "Brooke saves that poor man". Not working...

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Hmm, I did not take it that way at all- Aunt Katie sticking up for her niece. Ms. Steffy tried to steal Katie's hubby - why should she give a crap about her.