Will Daytime TV Viewers Want to Keep Up With Kris Jenner? (VIDEO)


Just about everything Calabasas, California momager Kris Jenner touches turns into ratings gold. if you don't believe me, just turn to the E! channel at any point during the day and you're likely to find one of several reality series starring her fame-hungry family, all executive-produced by Jenner and Ryan Seacrest. Twentieth Television is banking on the millions of viewers, who keep up with all things Kardashian on cable, following Jenner to the syndicated daytime airwaves.

Starting July 15, Kris will get a six-week trial run on several Fox TV stations. This seems to have become the go-to model for launching a new talk show, as both Bethenny and The Wendy Williams Show did trial runs prior to securing lengthier pacts. Check out the first promo for Kris after the jump! 


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    She killed it on The Talk when she replaced Sharon last fall for a bit. The rest of them are robots, but she still, she definitely had the ability to be spontaneous, coherent and fun. She might be better on a panel though.

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    TV Gord

    Oh good, because we don’t have enough Kardashians on the air.

    My fondest wish is for her to stay on long enough to obliterate Bethenny Frankel’s new show this fall…and then fade into the woodwork with the termites and roaches once that is done.

    The equally abhorrent Craig Kilborn also got the six-week summer tryout on the same major-market Fox stations a few years ago, and he thankfully fizzled into obscurity once again to lick his wounds and shore up his smugness.

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    TV Gord

    Yes, her fake self fit in quite well on a fake (and, unlike The View, rehearsed) talk show. I didn’t see much evidence of spontaneity, though. She seemed very guarded (“protected”) to me.

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    Sorry, she is nothing short of a PIMP or a MADAM… the way she pimps out her daughters to celebrity men, and their family morals are horrible.

    Kris set the example when she had her affair with OJ…. nothing she says will ever convince people that it never happened.

    Now that she has pimped out Kim and Khloe, she has the two younger ones to use for a few years until America gets tired of all of the Kardouchebags!

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    She’ll be parading around Kim and Kanye’s baby, being “grandmama” while poor Bruce wanders aimlessly in the audience, wondering where he is and how he got into this mess.

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    TV Gord

    Maybe she’ll “pull an Anderson” and “come out” partway through the season, admitting that she’s in a lesbian relationship with Bruce Jenner!

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