Eileen Davidson on Jeanne Cooper: “She Was Really an Amazing Person”

The late Jeanne Cooper’s work ethics never ceased to amaze her colleagues. Days of Our Lives firecracker Elieen Davidson recently chatted with We Love Soaps and discussed how Cooper always brought her A-game while the two were on The Young and the Restless. Here's an excerpt:

WE LOVE SOAPS: We recently lost daytime legend Jeanne Cooper. Could you share some thoughts on what it was like to work with her?

EILEEN DAVIDSON: She was really an amazing person…never complained…had the same call times and working just as much as we all were. I remember I was working with her in a storyline just a couple of years ago and we were in a hospital scene at 9 o'clock at night. She had a big monologue and somebody mentioned she had just turned 80. I knew she had just had a birthday but I thought she turned 70. I was like, "You've got to be kidding me." I will never complain about anything again. She was just that good, and that humble about everything. She was also a stinker, very funny, very raunchy woman, and really just a joy to work with.


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    What a contrast Ms. Jeanne Cooper provided compared to some of her surviving cast-mates who use the Twitterazzi to vent and moan and complain, hitting the Re-tweet button every five seconds and engaging in Facebook and Twitter wars.

    Cooper was outspoken and saucy but I respect that she didn’t indulge in passive aggressive behavior, she just came right on out and said what she meant and meant what she said.

    She will sincerely be missed for surely represents a by-gone era, the like of which we may not witness again, especially on Y&R.

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    I love them both.

    It was such a pleasure to watch Y and R for so many years when both were always on.

    The Abbotts, Newmans, Winters and Chancellors ARE Y and R.

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