Nancy O’Dell Discusses Paris Jackson’s Suicide Attempt on The Talk (VIDEO)

The attempted suicide of the late Michael Jackson's daughter Paris has Hollywood reeling. Entertainment Tonight confirmed the story with Jackson's biological mother Debbie Rowe.

The celebrity newsmagazine's anchor Nancy O'Dell appeared today on CBS Daytime's The Talk, where she weighed in on the tragic story with Julie Chen and Co. Watch a video clip after the jump.

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    I was really surprised by this. I just saw the makeup video the other day and she seemed pretty happy and healthy. Guess not. I hope she can pull it together.

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    Michael Jackson is a sore topic for me. I am in tears now just listening to this. That baby is beautiful and she lost her dad who was everything to her. I love Sheryl Underwood. She is one of my favorite. Her sweetness and kindness exudes from her. May we all listen to her words and send this baby love and embrace her as if she were our own.

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    And ppl thought Michael was crazy for shielding those kids the way he did. I believe that’s why she started a relationship with her birth mother. Michael’s family are a bunch of money hungry ppl. I feel so sorry for this little girl.

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    TV Gord

    Michael WAS crazy for shielding those kids the way he did. What kind of impression did it leave on those young minds to have his children under veils/shrouds/burkas every time they went out in public? I loved The J% growing up but he became a freak show and he passed that along to his kids. My heart REALLY goes out to his kids.

    I cringe every time I remember him saying he wanted his children to have the normal life he didn’t have when they couldn’t go out in public because of his over-protectiveness.

    Michael created and nurtured his own delusional sense of self-importance, and he took his children along for the ride. I admire the news organizations that occasionally pointed out that one of the camera crews following them around all the time was his own.

    I hope Paris finds some stability somewhere (along with her brothers), but as long as they are anywhere near abuser Joe and enabler Katherine, they are inevitably doomed.

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    Michael Jackson was a musical genius. Just like Mozart was a genius. Mozart had serious mental problems some of which we do not know. I feel the same for Michael Jackson. He had serious problems. Maybe some because of his genius but also his environment. When I hear celebrities talking about him like he was a normal person, I cringe. When he had all that trouble going on seems like a lot fled. Then they reappeared at some point. I am not an expert so I don’t know exactly what his diagnoses would be but he definitely had stuff going on.

    The whole family are strange. Enough said there.

    Don’t know much about the mother but if she is stable, she and the kids should just go away. There is enough money there to make it happen.

    Time for that family to leave the stage. (I lose my regard for anybody who seems to idolize MJ–I see people on tv doing that and I am not sure what is in it for them)

    These kids need to blend in. Like I said there is enough money there to do it.

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    I don’t know if any of you read the blinds on, but yesterday before her suicide attempt, there was a blind that fit this situation to a tee. About an Uncle getting a little too close & young person needing to turn to someone else. ” I’m guessing her Mom” read it, I think you might come to the same conclusion I have.

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