Why Casey Moss’ JJ Deveraux is The Best Thing That Ever Happened to DAYS’ Dannifer

Praise the Soap Opera Gods, I finally care about the Dannifer (Shawn Christian and Melissa Reeves) storyline on Days of Our Lives! The NBC soap made a smart decision by bringing back Nadia Bjorlin's deliciously-malevolent Chloe Lane, as a foil for the snore-tastic pairing during the first part of the year. For the summer months, DAYS has ramped things up even more, all thanks to breakout, young adult star Casey Moss as bad seed JJ Deveraux.  

Cute, cocky JJ is saying everything pissed off Jack (Matthew Ashford) and Jennifer fans have been screaming on message boards for months. I absolutely love it when he gives Jennifer and Abigail (Kate Mansi) grief for being able to so readily replace Jack with Daniel. 

I find myself LOL'ing like cray-cray everytime JJ trashes Daniel's car. Maybe I need to go lie down on Dr. Marlena Evans' (Deidre Hall) couch? 

The only thing that could make JJ's twisted reign of pubescent terror better, is if he hooks up with Jennifer's nemesis, Chloe when she returns to town. Come on DAYS, GO THERE!

Let Chloe pluck JJ's flower, while a horrified Jenn walks in on them. It would be soapgasmic. Watch a clip below of JJ in fine form, making Dannifer's lives hell, from Tuesday's episode of DAYS!


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  1. Profile photo of mufasa

    i like the concept and his facial expressions…..but the boy can’t act….when he was talking to Maggie, it was pitiful…he just can’t pull it off……he is horrible…..
    yes, this is a standard move on soaps – have a child/teenager break up a couple….

  2. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    Yeah, the kid is amusing and is definitely making life hell for Dannifer, which is never a bad thing. But I gotta agree with mufasa, the “acting” is spotty at best(and while the facial expressions are indeed entertaining at times, mugging and grinning can only get you so far) . He’s a cute kid and I’m sure he’ll improve with time(I mean, he’s practically theater-trained compared to Andrew Trischitta on OLTL).

  3. Profile photo of Doc OfTheDocks
    Doc OfTheDocks

    I’ll be the first to agree that Jennifer and Daniel are the two most boring characters on the show. I don’t want to watch anyone interfer with their little lovefest, because that would mean watching them more. This kid isn’t cute enough or wicked enough to interest me…..he comes off as a spoiled brat and the actor needs more acting lessons. While they are at it could they ditch Curlytop, her hatred of Jennifer is way too over the top….

  4. Profile photo of Yoryla

    What a funny coincidence. I just today ranted and raved about what a horrible thing the return of JJ is, and he should never ever been brought back, to this storyline.

    JJ is and will be nothing more than the “next one” in a line, right after Nicole and Chloe. The sole purpose of bringing him on was to provide more storyline for Dannifer in the form of angst that they have to overcome. An they will. There isn’t a thing on earth that could separate this horrid, insidious couple, unless one of the actor chooses to leave. Couldn’t they have let this so-called couple be happy for awhile so they would have been on the backburner.

    And the coupling aside, I don’t like JJ. I find him arrogant and unnecessary. If I had 100 % confirmation that he will end up killing Daniel and/or breaking the couple of permanently – then I could find it rootable.

  5. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    For someone who has next to zero acting experience, the kid is doing a fine job IMO. I’ve watched this show for three decades and he is downright Emmy-worthy when compared to other performers who started at that age on Days. Alison Sweeney, Austin Peck, Nadia Bjorlin, and numerous others could not deliver a line or show real emotion to save their lives.

    However, to paraphrase Yoryla above, there is NOTHING they can do with Jennifer and Daniel that will make them one of daytime’s top couples. The problem with the pairing isn’t so much Melissa Reeves (Lord knows I hate having to defend the woman) as it is Shawn Christian’s Deadly Dull Doctor Daniel.

  6. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    For someone who has next to zero acting experience, the kid is doing a fine job IMO. I’ve watched this show for three decades and he is downright Emmy-worthy when compared to other performers who started at that age on Days.
    You better tell it like it TI-is! Hell, Hope Brady is my all-time, most beloved heroine and Kiki Alfonso and that girl who played Melissa BOTH took their sweet time to learn how to act in scenes. Alison Sweeney was frighteningly bad when she started. Now she’s incredible. Nu-JJ is a Royal Shakespearian by comparison.

  7. Profile photo of janel22

    I love JJ and he is the best thing that happen to jennifer and Daniel they are the most boring couple on this show they really need to write Daniel off because I can’t stand his character at all he the Manwhore of this show please either bring back Jack or bring back Frankie Brady for Jennifer

    Days has been on fire lately back where it suppose to be loving EJ and Sami Nick been amazing and to my surprise Gabi has been amazing hope they can work it out I like them together Love Will and Sonny but I think they need new love interests to test their relationship they getting a bit boring I would aged Kayla son Pocket and give Gabi another brother since Will related to have canvas and I really don’t want their parents keep interfering Please either recast Bo or killed him off so Hope can have a love life already I have two actors who can play Bo Michael Park or Paul Anthony Stewart

    Here my wishful storylines I would send Ciara Johnny Allie Theo off to summer camp then in couple months they come back aged sixteen year old played by Eddie Alderson as Johnny Ashley Marie Greiner as Allie she played Faith Snyder on ATWT Darren Price as Theo Jacqueline Tsirkin as Ciara bring back JT the son Hope and Bo had to give back to his parents played by Austin Williams he comes back enact revenge against Hope and Bo because his biological parents was abuse him by seducing Ciara getting her in trouble by getting her hooked on pills and Theo get jealous because Ciara likes JT and Theo founds out who he really is but Ciara doesn’t believe him so Theo leans on Allie who secretly has crush on him and Johnny mix it up with JJ by selling drugs and they get into a triangle with Chloe sister Joy played by Miranda Cosgrove Bring Chloe back full time have her sister come live with her and Parker and make Parker be Phillip again say Parker is sick and he need blood and Daniel not a match but Phillip is if they can’t get the original actor John Paul Lavoisier as Phillip have him worked with Brady to make Chloe a famous opera singer then bring back Belle and Shawn back and have them have problems in there marriage because say something wrong with Shawn and he acted out of character since remember he was in accident one time and lost his memory and because that he won’t get help and you have Chloe Phillip Belle and Shawn quad If anyone read this please add your comments and tell what you think

  8. Profile photo of Shadetree

    I think Casey Moss is doing a great job as a first time actor and think his presence as jj makes a great dynamic for Dannifer. I can’t wait to see where this story line is going to go. Dannifer relationship needed some excitement and I think jj will bring it. The tides have turned with Chloe all the stress was on jennifer now Daniel gets a taste.

  9. Profile photo of jeremy in chicago
    jeremy in chicago

    I wholeheartedly agree that JJ was brought in specifically to mess up the snooze of Dan/Jennifer. The fact that Days is even remotely attempting a semi-serious “drug” storyline makes it all the better. It’s just the sort of thing a long time Days fan like myself likes to snortle at. I just wonder if the producers and writers realize how many people who watch the show are actually high… and how completely fake the “high acting” is. Also, stoners do not go around destroying property. They sit on the couch and watch soap operas! Anyway, I am PRAYING that JJ slips Jen some really strong pot brownies. The story is fun and JJ has a lot of potential. He’s a complete schemer bad boy – a dying breed!

  10. Profile photo of kenerly1

    Why would anyone want JJ to be so disrespectful to the adults on this show..and how long should JJ want his mom to “grieve” for Jack..he was never around anyway, only when it suited him..
    Do no get this article at all..I adore Daniel and Jen and they need some happiness..JJ is a drugged up little punk.

  11. Profile photo of willxsonny

    The fact is most of everybody hate Dannifer and the 10 percent who like dannifer hate JJ and I like JJ and I think he is a good actor for someone starting out.

    The thing is they think Dannifer is the next supercouple, and then they take off the focus of couples who people actually like examples
    EJ and Sami,Will and Sonny,Eric and Nicole, Brady and Kristen, and even John and Marlena, if they could get then back on track. Its like they are obsessed with Dannifer when hardly anybody like them.

    They are doing the Dannifer stuff because they are just coming off of high drama with the other couples and they are making other couples boring by trying to make another that hardly anybody like the main focus and that why the ratings were going down a few months ago cause the promos and show was all about Daniel and Jennifer

  12. Profile photo of Ginger

    I don’t know what everyone’s complaining about. Casey Moss is selling it as JJ Deverauz. This is exactly how teenagers act. Got my fingers crossed hoping JJ can bring an end to soapdom’s boring couple of the year, Dannifer.

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