Why is Devon All Up IN Tyler and Lily’s Business on The Young and the Restless?! (VIDEO)

Lily Winters Romalotti Ashby (Christel Khalil) survived finding out her daddy is really her uncle—and her uncle is really her daddy—her mother's death, two stormy marriages, a battle with cancer and becoming a mom to twins via a surrogate, but apparently she's incapable of deciding who she wants to be work buddies with on The Young and the Restless

On today's episode of the sudser, Lily's nosy brother, Devon (Bryton James) is all up IN her and Tyler's (Redaric Williams) Kool-Aid, when he don't even know the flavor! Devon, go lay the pipe to Ashley Banks (Tatyana Ali), before she quits your behind! Watch a sneak peek of Y&R after the jump.

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    Jamey: You owe me a new laptop. I just blew coffee all over my keyboard reading “all up in her Kool Aid when he doesn’t even know the flavor.” Very funny

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    Im getting concerned that the new writers are changing too much. Now Kevin dosent have his coffee shop. Gloria, no glo-worm. Newman ranch renovated as well as Father knows best house. I thought Jack owned Newman. Why is Tracy such a bully that she parked her ass in Jack’s house shoving Phyllis to the door. Why does she have such power, and why are they trying to reason with her. Grown-up man, should tell her to mind her own F****** business and to go back to where she came. Im glad to see Bryton. I thought he was leaving. Need him and Neil. What happened to Nicks bar. This is making me crazy now. Where’s Nikki and Victor?

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    Devon caught ‘The Vapors’.

    Yeah, I’m thinking this is sort of forced to create conflict between Devon and Tyler, giving Devon something active to do on this show.

    Yet, does anyone think it’s sort of strange to see Neil and Devon defend Lily’s marriage so assiduously when they never seemed to like Cane?
    I can only assume they are on a mission to defend Lily’s ‘honor’, at this point.

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    I’m kinda liking the past couple days of shows since sweeps.

    Seems like the stories are moving forward.

    Someone else mentioned on another thread that there has been a mix of different people interacting with new/different characters. I’m all for it.

    Hopefully we are past the “flashbacks from hell”. The one downside of course is more Dylan.

    But I’m gonna stop whining about that for a while.

    Love the Traci/Nikki interaction…Traci with Abby (I really do hope she’s recurring), and Chavez messing up Kevin’s hair kinda gave me a funny (but good) feeling in my stomach…. >)

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    It’s abt time Devon called out Tyler. It’s not as if its not based in facts. He is Lilly’s brother so he should always look out for his sister.

    BUT paul and Lauren should mind their business with carmine. Not their places at all, especially paul since his talk verged on blackmail.

    Carmine is a Pyscho in the making and Tyler gives me gay vibes with his bromance with Noah.

    So family can be nosy and Butt in BUT friends should mind their business.

    (Though I love a bitchy Phyllis!!!)

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