Steffy Can’t Conceive on The Bold and the Beautiful

There is nothing I hate more than the miracle baby on a soap opera.  So of course I cringed when the good doc told Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) she wouldn't be able to conceive another child. It only sets up the inevitable miracle baby in Steffy’s future, which irritates my future self. 

While I liked seeing Katie (Heather Tom) and Steffy find some common ground—as I’m a fan of character growth—I couldn’t help but jump to the conclusion Katie was just chomping at the bit to run to Hope (Kim Matula) and tell her the good news. 

We all know in Logan Land, Steffy being unable to give Liam (Scott Clifton) a child is good news, right?  Of course there is no reason whatsoever for Steffy and Liam to stay together now. God forbid that he actually loves her.  Nope, we’ll surely get more of Hope trying to convince Liam there is nothing holding him to his wife, despite the not one, but two blows they have just suffered.  Stay classy, Hope. 

Nothing says sexy like a man with a baby and to have both Liam and Bill (Don Diamont) with Will made my knees weak.  You almost forget Bill is a devious man, who sort of cheated on his wife with her sister and is blackmailing some poor girl. 

I’m not sure about this Maya (Karla Mosley) story anymore. I say give up on Rick (Jacob Young) and pounce on Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor). I’m bored to tears with all these broken hearted looks. A Carter/Maya pairing would be hot, not to mention making Maya’s forced break up with Rick a little more believable.

Now what can we do with Caroline (Linsey Godfrey)? Bill’s scheming may be forcing Maya away from Rick, but it isn't causing Rick to want Dollar Bill's niece again. 

Let's not forget about Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and her “situation.”  I’m still struggling with how everyone else’s feelings are supposed to play second fiddle to hers. I suppose that’s just how things are in Logan Land. 

I was proud of Eric (John McCook) when he stood firm and declared he would not allow Brooke to seduce him. I even understood him coming to her rescue at the launch and being a friend to her.  Eric can't allow himself to be played by Brooke again.

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    All this recap is exactly why I no longer watch B&B– its all victimized couples and someone plotting against them. Most couples make their own problems just fine, which is a lot more interesting.

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    Regan, what a great recap!

    B&B truly is “The Logan Land”. The one positive I found was the Katie/Steffy scenes. These two really should become friends and allies, to unite against Brooke.

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    There won’t be a “Miracle baby” for Steffy, unless the Logans have a distant cousin or someone who can impregnate Steffy.

    She won’t be allowed to procreate. It’s all about Brooke. And I’m sure Hope will in a few months as well…

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    Eric will give in eventually. He never got over Brooke. I still remembering the scene when Stephanie faked a heart attack a few years back and then Eric declared his love for Brooke. And since Taylor isn’t even a match for Stephanie, she won’t be for Brooke where Eric is concerned.

    I understand though why Eric isn’t giving in right now, fearing that maybe Brooke might hurt him again. Still I’d like to see a Brooke/Eric reunion. KKL and JM still have amazing chemistry.

    And yeah, Steffy will get her miracle child sooner or later. Not able to conceive means nothing in soaps.

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    I hate miracle babies AND miscarriages, so I’m taking a B&B break. If someone HAD to lose her baby it should have been Brooke. I cannot stand Hope chasing after Liam, like he’s a purse Steffy stole from her. As for Steffy and Katie–am I the only one who thinks that Steffy and Katie should dump their jerky philandering Spencer spouses, run off together and raise Will? :)

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    Nathan, JMW is terrible actress, are you just a Logan lover? When you have actress on B&B that squints, one eye cry, don’t look at other actors when they are speaking to them, over-enunciate words; you are picking on the wrong actress. I almost forgot my favorite acting mistake, seal their legs shut when they are doing a love scene.

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    Hey, you can’t bring on Ricky Paul Goldin & then leave him hangin! Everytime they get a great actor or actress they just use them for bringing in new viewers & don’t write for them. It really pisses me off. I say let Jesse hook up with Steffy or Caroline. Please not Hopeless! Don’t let another good actor get lost in the Logan show.

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    I get it’s a soap BUT B&B needs a medical consultant.

    Why would a motorcycle accident effect a woman’s fertility? Any damage done would most probably be corrected by surgery.

    Katie already had a heart transplant why are her doctors still worried about her having a heart attack? Also, wouldn’t all stress be bad for her? – including raising a new baby? – why doesn’t Bill do anything about that?

    AND the big one – Brooke’s Ob-gyn couldn’t tell the difference between menopause and pregnancy? Does this imply that Brooke is simply too busy to remember her own menstrual cycle?

    Maybe this is why Bridget left medicine for fashion? Apparently, women in LA know nothing about procreation, it must be frustrating.

    Also what ever happened to Steffy living in Jackie’s old two story penthouse? Does Whip still live upstairs in that building?

    Finally if Steffy’s infertility leads to the inevitable break up of her marriage, doesn’t this make Liam a terrible person, and wouldn’t Hope’s frigidity also be an impediment to the promulgation of the Spencer clan? Neither one seems to be proper breeding stock for either Liam or Bill.

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    soapy opie

    Alas, there’s also the possibility they’re setting it up for Hope
    having to be Steffy’s surrogate “mommy” for poor Liam’s sake.

    That would certainly keep the Steffy-Hope-Liam triangle alive.
    Unfortunately …..

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    That would be GROSS R11!

    I can’t understand why uterine scarring would cause her to stop menstruating. I work in reproductive medicine and none of that really jives. As long as she’s menstruating, she can do IVF and surrogacy.

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    I still think Steffy is gonna end up with Brooke’s baby somehow:

    Scenario 1= steffy fakes a new pregnancy to keep liam and steals brookes baby

    Scenario 2= brooke agrees to give baby to steffy to hide from katie that she is having bills baby

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    crummy storyline or no , I’m glad to see that B&B is keeping the good Dr. ( name ? Carstairs?) around – portrayed by an actress over 45-50 without any obvious /significant cosmetic surgery – as well as briefly introducing another doctor/surgeon of South Asian-American heritage- even if we don’t see him again . I look forward to when B&B better reflects LA’s diversity … It is strange that Y&R based in an ultra fictional Wisconsin has more Latinos than a show in LA- suspension of disbelief to the max.

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    [quote=beans4metoo]I still think Steffy is gonna end up with Brooke’s baby somehow: Scenario 1= steffy fakes a new pregnancy to keep liam and steals brookes baby Scenario 2= brooke agrees to give baby to steffy to hide from katie that she is having bills baby[/quote]

    Soapy, but none of these scenarios would matter, because Brooke would wind up with the baby (AND the man) in the end eventually. So, basically, this would give Steffy even more pain, because it would be like she had to lose a child twice.

    Besides these are not going to happen since Steffy will be on hiatus, if she is even ever coming back, nobody knows.

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