All My Children Tops TV’s Social Power Ranking

Here's a bit of good news for troubled, Prospect Park sudser All My Children. The "anytime" drama has topped TV Guide's Social Power Ranking.

Apparently more TVG website visitors are talking about Agnes Nixon's soap opera than about the final season of USA Network's Burn Notice (No. 2), Fox's American Idol (No. 3), HBO's Game of Thrones (No. 4) or NBC's Revolution (No. 5).

AMC and sister soap One Life to Live have been making plenty of headlines of late, courtesy of the endless backstage drama impacting the reboots. To see what other shows made TV Guide's Social Power Ranking, click here.

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    TV Gord

    Not to throw shade onto these rankings (most of you know how I hate to do that) ;-), but being talked about is not always a positive thing. I’m on the TV Guide message boards, too, and so the discussion there is no more “AMC’s a hit!” than it is here.

    Your story is right on in its description, so I’m not saying anything about it. I just think some people might come to this story and think, “Oh, boy! AMC’s number 1″! Well, it is, and it isn’t…

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    TV Gord

    LOL, LWC! Yes, I guess I have. I’m just trying to speak my mind (just as everyone else is) respectfully and ignore the ‘hate your guts’ kind of comments (which made me laugh on another thread today). I enjoy spirited discussions.

    I know some people think I want these shows dead, but I’ve never said that, and if they can make a go of it, I’ll be as happy as everyone else. As someone wrote the other night, though, I’m not going to stand on the Titanic and say everything will be okay as long as the audience claps louder for the string quartet playing on the deck.

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    There have been two separate in-depth interviews in Digest recently with the two heads of Prospect Park.
    It seems to me they really want these shows to succeed.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    On a bigger note All My Children is both entertaining and educating at the same time. It is exactly as Agnes envisioned and wrote daytime.

    You’ve got your social issue i.e. sex-trafficking storyline. Debbie and Darnell are bringing the heat to the streets.

    You got your budding young couples AJ/Miranda & Pete/Ciara with now Colby returning to shake things up in a good girl vs bad girl tail.

    You see 3 generations of Chandler men Adam, JR and AJ in a “sins of the father” tale.

    You have a big secret as Cara is hiding from David that the baby he thinks she aborted is actually being hidden away from him because she does not want her child to be influenced by him.

    Heck they even got old bible thumping pimp Billy Clyde Tuggle there to add some humor and a bit of comedy to the show.

    This all reminds of the early 80’s AMC, when Agnes would infuse just the right elements to produce a soap of pure magic.

    So i’m sitting back and taken-a-notes! Because if you go back to the basics of storytelling and make it contemporary, then you have something good on your hands. As socialism realism and believability in these alternate worlds must be in place for a soaps success in the long run.

    And you can’t get away with anything just because someone else did it in the past. Because it takes a very seasoned writer with years or decades of successes under their belt to pull off some tricky writing. Few can do it.

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