No Tucker Recast For The Young and the Restless!

Stop the wishful casting, kids. Soap Opera Digest is reporting The Young and the Restless has put the brakes on finding yet another actor to play the role of Tucker McCall.
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first broke news of the CBS sudser looking for someone to play Kay Chancellor's (Jeanne Cooper) son/rival for the legendary character's upcoming exit storyline. Apparently, Y&R has nixed those plans, fearing a new face in the role—previously played by Stephen Nichols and William Russ—would be too much for the audience to deal with.

Why not just use Nichols? Better yet, why not bring the talented actor back to General Hospital as Stefan Cassadine?

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    I’m hoping they don’t bring the character OR SN back. There was no decent storyline for this character from the get-go. The writers were more about this big build-up of “OMG! He’s going to ruin his mother!” then the story seemed to self-destruct from boredom.

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    I thought SID said they were just delaying the re-cast. But if they get rid of the Tucker character all together I’d be a happy camper because no matter who takes over the role he’ll be hard to fix.

    Why not start from scratch? Have someone walk into Kay’s will reading and make a claim. The Real Son (or daughter) of Katherine Chancellor. That would be a story full of soapy goodness! Kay’s will reading needs a big surprise!

    Phyllis was able to mess with Danny’s DNA results, how hard would it be for a billionaire? Tucker could have easily bought a number of DNA labs -with his stupid shell corporations and produced fake results thinking he could take over all the GC business under the guise of Kay’s son. The reason Tucker left is because he didn’t want to deceive Kay anymore because he started to care for her.

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    [quote=ryder]Thank God. Let’s see Jess and MTS front and center! Maybe Esther can make some kind of cake.[/quote]

    I know. I would hate for Tucker and/or Stephen Nichols employment problems to overshadow/upstage Katherine Chancellors funeral. It’s already overshadowed the message boards. The focus is on all negative Tucker related subjects rather than looking forward to others coming back. All the OTHER returns in Kay’s life would be positive, uplifting, nostalgic, and fun.

    Kay’s has had a long and interesting life in GC and has amassed quite the extended family of relative and dear friends. What a shame it would be for it all to be wasted on the last 3 years of it…the worst ones in Chancellor History. We saw the Tucker/Kay play out, we don’t need a repeat of that crap at death.

    Starting Kay’s funeral story from the the pits, or the weak place MAB drove it to would not be a good start. The story should reach back into Y&R’s Golden Years when the Y&R was great and the Chancellors were a driving force and seen and heard in GC.

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    I for one am glad they are not going to bring the character of Tucker McCall back to “Y & R”. This was just another in the long line of Maria Arena Bell’s “new” characters that came onto the show with what else – a chip on his shoulder and an axe to grind. Pretty much all the characters created during her reign of terror were ill-mannered, one-note and not of any interest.

    Please stay far away from GC, Mr. McCall – you are not missed by anyone.

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    hey mon

    I have to defend Maria Bell again:

    She brought in the fantastic character of Fen Baldwin — who will be foundation of The Show for years to come.

    Rick Williams, but then she killed him off, so you got me there.

    Maria also brought on Carmine, who is still wrecking havoc to this day in the Baldwin’s lives.

    The ever-pregnant Chelsea Newman. Front and center describes where Chelsea is today, and is somewhat bearable.

    Avery Summers – On every day, and she is tolerable. Too bad she is paired with Dylan

    Tucker could have been a good character. Let’s face it, Katherine wasn’t doing much from 2000-2003 until Kay and John made Jill her daughter, which I felt was a mistake. Then Katherine and Jill became front and center for the next 5 years as mom and daughter running Chancellor, etc.

    Maria repaired the mistake of making them mom-daughter, but had to fill the hole of what drunken Katherine had remembered, and that was Tucker! Tucker and Ashley should have conquered GC in the business world, but Maria chose to go a different route.

    But he wasn’t that bad of a character, and it would be nice if he was the guy loaning Adam the money to gain back Newman Enterprises.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @hey mon: Maria didn’t repair it Josh G. repaired it. That was all his work. Remember when the show was good for the first 6 months of her tenure it was all because of HIS writing. He came out and told us when he came back that nothing had to do with her writing. When he was let-go and she started writing with her band of gypsies that was when the writing started going down hill.

    On another note, Carmine, Fen, Avery, Chelsea were floundering in bad storylines when she brought them on. There no depth to the characters. Josh to his credit came on has started to give these characters some depth. Though Avery could get out of Dylan’s orbit. We’d agree on that part.

    You forgot to mention though that Maria brought on Leslie and then let her flounder as a day player with no story and no history. Josh came on an immediately has given her a background and a history.

    So let’s get things correct.

    But then again Maria came up with stories ideas in her sleep and then didn’t know how to execute all these ideas that were as close to Bill Bill as the devil is to Jesus.

    Agnes take the script!

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    Of course viewers (except for the five rabid Stephen Nichols fans) could handle a recast. From start to finish, Nichols phoned in his ENTIRE performance. They should just see if William Russ is willing to return. He’d be a fraction of the cost, I’m sure.

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    It is good that the character will not be re cast for the show; in fact if I was producing the show I would return it to its beginning: Jill Foster and her world of Genoa City.

    Living in the house– alone–with the ghost of Katherine Chancellor(her past) haunting her; and her only real friend, who understands her “pain” is that bottle of vodka she found hidden in the attic.

    Dark sets, moody music and only those who are in her orbit should be on this show. I would fire the rest and spend the money on keeping these actors happy.
    Ironically, I see the tragic death of Jeanne Cooper as a chance for this show to have a Renaissance, a new life but only if Ms. Phelps is brave enough to put her ego aside and let the SHOW live on!

    Hopefully not re casting is a beginning of this Renaissance for both “Jill’s” as well as for the once GREAT(deep voice): The Young…and the RESTLESS!

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    [quote=hey mon]Tucker could have been a good character.[/quote]
    He was at first. I thought William Russ did a good job bringing Tucker to life. He portrayed Tucker as a ruthless business man, but he was always a gentleman, and always displayed the manner & poise a man who makes deals with the big boys of the world would have. His “darlin” was a natural fit and rolled off his tongue. His chemistry was with the Chancellor family and their friends was right where it should be for that character. He had a big outgoing personality. I loved how he offered all those that came to his office a beer, and the sparkle in his eye when he surprised Jill with diamond jewelry and breakfast in bed. The “different direction” they took when re-casted with SN was all downhill. The aging stud muffin, a rock and roller thinking he’s cool banging hoards of groupies in his youth, doing the same exact thing in his 60s? YUCK!

    Of course even if Tucker has a new face he will have major baggage. Do you really want to see Ashley with him again after the way he humiliated her. TWICE! He brought 2 women into to the bed he was sharing with her. That was no love story, he didn’t have one ounce of empathy for Ashley, it was all about feeling sorry for himself. His hook-ups with Diane, Sharon & Harmony were utterly disgusting… it was anti-sexy. Why not have a brand new Kay’s son, which could actually be in a triangle with Jill and Ashley if ED came back. It’s something they couldn’t do with SN because he had no chemistry with JW. SN’s Tucker looked OK w/Ashley, but he didn’t do her character any favors with all his sulking, scowling, and wallowing around her. They were Mr & Mrs Borington not an exciting dynamic power couple.

    Josh Griffith should take this opportunity to create Kay’s son from scratch so he can be the way he should have been. Let the name Tucker go the way of GenV, Harmony, Sophia, Sarge and the others.

    [quote=hey mon] … and it would be nice if he was the guy loaning Adam the money to gain back Newman Enterprises.[/quote]

    Please NO MORE GUYS! They just benched Victoria with children’s books, it’s about time we saw A GAL in the game. Why not Jill? We have seen her dealing with board room & corporate plotting since the 80s. Jill’s working at CI now, she could easily be doing a side deal behind Cane’s back with Adam. You’d think Genoa City was set in the 50s these days, females can make babies & clothes and can be models or children’s book authors (instead of teacher).

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    From the very start, I detested the whole idea of retconning Katherine’s history to give her another child, one that she gave birth to in a drunken haze and forgot about. I didn’t think it needed to be Jill or anybody else.

    Now that she has a son, they’d better give a hell of a good explanation for why her son would miss his mother’s funeral.

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    [quote=SoapArmageddon]Now that she has a son, they’d better give a hell of a good explanation for why her son would miss his mother’s funeral.[/quote]
    Well its not the woman who raised him. They hardly knew each other and they were not close. Tucker has never even let his bio-father(Judge Arthur Hendricks) know that he exists. lol
    There could be plenty other reasons:
    -He knows he not really her bio-son & feel too guilty to show up.
    -He’s climbing Mt. Everest or some other tall mountain and is unreachable.
    -He was seriously injured climbing the mountain & in hospital recovering.
    -He dead. He died climbing that mountain, before Kay died.
    -Last minute weather conditions ground his jet so he misses the service so he delays his return.
    -The mother or Father that raised him is sick/on death bed/needs help.
    – Tucker wasn’t one who respected the normal ceremonies in life, he did what he felt like, why would funerals be any different? No one left in GC really knew him, those that did didn’t like him much. He doesn’t know Kay’s family and doesn’t like her friends. Funerals are for the living.

    My main concern it seems like that the writers PLAN A for the Kay’s funeral was a re-cast Tucker, a failed character. That’s really scary! I hope Plan B is much better. Viewers are going to want to see those they have known for DECADES. The main story should revolve around those that were in Kay’s life for the long haul, not the last 5 minutes. DNA means nothing in soaps, it’s about what we watched day in and day out. Re-cast Phillip 4/Chance we knew of him for decades and just the actor would be new.

    @Jillian Bowe- so NO news of anyone returning for Kay’s funeral story arc? They must not have started taping yet, I guess, or maybe all returns will be for funeral days only.

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    hey mon

    David, the facts are on my side.

    The new Y&R has not yet been fully revealed, and when it is, Maria Bell will seem like the good ol days.

    There’s no Nikki, no Jill, no woman over 45 years of age.

    Having said that, my 18-yr old daughter LOVES The Show, because every day she sees kooky-crazy Lane, sleazy Noah, MILF-hunting Tyler, tuTall Kyle, sassySummer, and the rest of the 15-30 year old gang of members.

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    Heymon u must have read my mind. I was going to ask u how your daughter was feeling about the show. But then most of this under 25 set just doesn’t have a clue with the crap they post on the net.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @hey mon: The facts are on my side. You keep wanting to revise the history of Y&R under MAB to suit your needs. Y&R dropped in ratings under MAB, She did not restore the show Josh did. These are facts you don’t like, but they are the truth. Y&R is up over the last year when Maria was there. So the ratings don’t lie. They reflect an overall audience approval of the current state of Y&R.

    So you don’t gain viewers if Maria was better. Those are facts you can’t deny. So you may have liked Maria but the silent majority didn’t and tuned out in droves.

    When Maria came Y&R was at a 3.9 average when she left it was at a 3.5 And in the first year of her tenure the show went from a 3.9 to a 3.7. That is a sharp decline. Sharp. Numbers don’t lie.

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    david: You really are the most arrogant poster that I think I have ever seen here. Don’t talk to hey mon, or any other poster, that way. All of your posts are basically saying that you are the only one who’s right and all other are either wrong or lying.

    And another thing, if you make posts about Robin Strasser’s performance in a show, why is Genie Francis in the headline? She has absolutely nothing to do with it. So: do not mention her, do not insult her, do not bring her up at all. Thank you.

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    hey mon

    David, noway – Dave, I dont know you, nor how old you are. But for those of us 49.9+ and older, we remember veterans fondly and wonderfully. Maria Bell liked them too. True she used them a bit outlandishly, but the vets were on quite often. Melody Thomas, Eric Braeden, Red Stafford, Jeanne Cooper, Jessica Walton.

    Now the Show is about the zany antics of Summer & The Gang; and guess what, my Daughter loves it! Yesterday, Lily and Cane did nothing, but ogle each other for 4 segments of the Show, and act goofy. Noah acted like an a$$, and Tyler walked around with a plunger. Abby was a near-airhead and ‘bumped’ into Tyler, as well. And Alex ‘grilled’ Kevin and Chloe about a zany burglary on the other side of ‘town’.

    I haven’t even begun to talk about ‘DYLAN’. That is all one needs to know – DYLAN. What else can sum up what a fiasco that part The Show is, but the word DYLAN?

    So, Dave, more teenage and college-aged girls are watching Y&R. Yahoo?! The ratings went up one-tenth of a point! Hooray! My daughter and her friends get their daily fix of Lane. Oh boy. Her and her friends fixation with Cane can carry-on another day! Oh boy!

    But don’t ask for something substantive like Melody Scott and the MS story. Dont wonder why Jessica Walton is back in Oregon. Gloria is in Europe, oh yeah, she’s over 45 yrs of age.

    Dont ask for the vets to be shown, because they are disappearing and being re-cast.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @Yoryla: I’m data driven when it comes to looking at things from this perspective. The data doesn’t lie. I’m a businessman by degree and trade. You don’t get to where I do without having confidence. Self-assurance.

    And I’m not here to lower myself to your standards, but to raise you to mines!

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @hey mon: My mother is in her 70’s. My aunts are in the same age demo. My 2 sister are both in their 40’s. I have numerous female cousins in their 30’s and 40’s. They are also fans of Y&R. I’m in my mid-30’s, just so you know.

    Those ladies are the target audience aka majority audience of this show. The seniors and the 40’s members of my family have been watching since near the beginning of Y&R’s tenure on TV. They have seen it through many changes. And when I ask those women about their thoughts on the current state of Y&R. Not a single woman denies that Y&R is leaps and bounds better than it was under Maria Arena Bell. In fact all but one of the women in my family who watched the show stopped watching under Maria’s tenure. And if you need a number count that is 17 women between my mother, her sisters, my father’s sisters, and females cousins from both sides of the family.

    They often defer to me as someone who is online, about what is going on. When I told them that it was good time to return because Maria was out they took it to heart and little by little as word got out about the improvements at least 13 of those 17 have returned full time. So don’t try to tell me about how old I am. Because I’m deferring to my cousin Kenya, to my aunt Bertha and my mom as among others as sources who do not have Neilsen boxes as to why or why they are not watching the soaps.

    Yet, what you don’t get and I have my gripes about Dylan among them. Is that Maria took the ratings down. Let’s not forget that. Josh had helped to bring that back up over 700+ thousand over the year to date when Maria was last there.

    So people like Y&R overall today then they did when it dropped from a 3.9 to a 3.5 under her tutelage. So let’s check the facts money!

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    Here’s my take on all this :) (I’m sure yall were just WAITING for my two cents, right? No? lol)

    Anyway, I thought MAB and JG would’ve made a great team. MAB was waaaay “out there” with her stories, and JG is waaaay “in there” with his stories. they are two extremes.

    But truthfully, I’m stuck in the middle. Because it was also during MAB’s tenure that Nikki was thrown onto recurring, and then written completely out for an extended period of time. As was Jill. In fact, Jill was completely gone at the end of MAB’s tenure.

    We can’t forget the neverending Daisy saga, Jana’s ridiculous death story, Chipmunk, etc…she had her duds, as had Josh Griffith so far.

    However, to me, Josh Griffith’s biggest dud is Dylan (which really is JFP)…but either way, let’s compare the biggest duds:

    MAB: The never before mentioned or heard of sister of Sheila Carter has been raising Sheila’s never before mentioned or heard of children. The story starts off with “mama bear” ordering Deacon Sharpe around to do her bidding. It starts at Daniel’s art show, and then somehow ends up with Lauren and the gang. Then, Mama Bear turns out to be Sarah Smythe, who turns out to be a doppleganger of LAUREN FENMORE? While at the same time, we already had doppleganger Pattycakes running around town wreaking havoc. We are subjected to months and months of Lauren and Jana shrieking in some cage somewhere outside of Genoa City. We have Sarah Smythe pretending to be Lauren, who kisses Paul. We get very little strain on the Likey marriage during that time because the entire story was focused on Sarah and the real Lauren and Jana. Poor Michael was only allowed one episode to cry. Anyway, then we were subjected to the ridiculous “house or mirrors” climax where those now infamous words uttered from the lips of Sarah and imitated by Jamey quite often “So long, Sister Killer”…

    JG: Josh’s biggest dud sounds a hell of a lot better logically, even IF it involves all new characters. Avery, sister of Phyllis, is now with Nick, Phyllis’ husband. Avery has been hiding a lot of her past, but eventually it comes out that she cheated on her ex husband with a man. The man was shipped off to war, and died there. Then we learn that he didn’t actually DIE there. He shows up in town ready to win back Avery’s love, but it’s too late because now she’s in love with Nick. Disappointed, Dylan haves a one night stand with Chelsea, who is already pregnant and trying to hide it. Chelsea tells Dylan he’s the father of the baby, and Dylan is overjoyed, but Avery is a little bummed. Chelsea is in love with Adam, Adam is in love with Chelsea, Dylan is in love with Avery, but slowly Chelsea and Dylan are falling for each other.

    Doesn’t sound too bad on paper, right? LOL

    Point is, Y&R right now involves some characters that have been basically dayplayers before the new regime…but the writing overall is a lot better than when MAB was writing. I defended MAB at all costs because I felt a lot of what was said about Y&R at that time was just because everyone was so insistent on kissing Cartini’s ass at OLTL and then GH. HOWEVER, when it comes to writing and dialogue, MAB’s Y&R wasn’t as good TO ME as the current one.

    But then again, the music, production, etc of Y&R was much more superior under MAB than under the current regime. Now as bad as MAB’s duds were, the woman was able to put out an incredible show when she wanted to. And not all of her stories were bad. I truly believe that if she were just writer of Y&R (and not dabbling in art, or voodoo or whatever she was doing)…she could’ve been a lot better.

    But toward the end, with all the AMC hirings, and other ABC soap stars, I felt that she completely gave up with producing a good show. At least 2008 – 2009 I got the impression that she was TRYING. But around 2011, it felt like she just didn’t care anymore…and unfortunately A LOT of viewers felt the same way.

    And not to totally defend JG and JFP…but there has not been ONE CASE of a vet getting fired to hire a newbie. Sure, we don’t see Nikki a lot right now, but up until around April, she was very prominent. (October-April). I don’t think TPTB are going to drop her and make her a background character…maybe they are just coming up with something good for the character. I personally feel like them writing the MS story was a huge mistake if they didn’t plan on committing to it. But I also don’t get the outrage on characters that were ALREADY on canvas, like Leslie, Avery, Chelsea, Noah, etc…these really aren’t newbies. They were characters before JG came on board. MAB just hadn’t bothered to give them personality or a backstory. THATS what a good writer does, is create a backstory for ALL the characters on the show. So maybe now if we ever see Leslie or Avery in the courtroom again (Hopefully so), we’ll actually care if they win or lose a case…

    But Paul is being shown a lot more (there’s no denying that), the Winters are being seen a lot more, even ole Devon is getting a lil screentime these days. So I’m pretty much a more happy camper than a disappointed one.

    not to mention today’s episode kicked ass in my opinion.

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    I’m also glad that Tucker isn’t coming back. I’d rather the older characters that interacted with Kay show up.

    David, you and I actually agree on a lot, but we’ll always have issues with each other with MAB vs LML.

    Maria would have been okay just as EP and with an experienced Y and R writer. She had some good ideas and stories. Just couldn’t see them through. I don’t think she was any worse for the ratings than LML was. Also due to Lynn’s short (thank God) tenure we didn’t really see ratings damage, just complete and utter damage to all things on screen. Horrible.

    Maria restored much of Y and R’s signature look and feel, and then had craziness happening for stories a lot of the time.

    Jill has not had a very good record so far since she came on board in Oct. Very little to credit or compliment her on.

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