Stefano Wants Rafe’s D*** in a Box on Days of Our Lives

Forget Justin Timberlake’s SNL skit or Game of Thrones’ shocking season finale, Stefano DiMera (Joseph Mascolo) wants Rafe’s (Galen Gering) Dick in a Box on Days of Our Lives!

Unlike with Game of Thrones’ unfortunate Theon (Alfie Allen), Sami (Alison Sweeney) used the gun Kate (Lauren Koslow) gifted her with to shoot Stefano’s henchman, before he could give the cop the Bobbit treatment.

Everyone and their mother rushed into Rafe’s room. EJ (James Scott) tried to take the gun away from a stunned Sami. Kate wanted to know what had happened. Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) tried to save the henchman, while Gabi (Camila Banus) watched in shock.

Back at the DiMera mansion, Stefano listened to dramatic, classical music while awaiting confirmation Rafe’s package would be delivered. Stefano reacted like he'd missed his target, while on an illegal ivory horn hunt, once he heard his plan had been foiled.

Hope (Kristian Alfonso) interrogated Sami. Everyone was shocked when Abe (James Reynolds) revealed Sami had shot a cop.  Of course Abe went into classic Carver righteous indigestion mode.

Marlena (Deidre Hall) ripped John (Drake Hogestyn) to shreds for his betrayals. She said she couldn't believe their relationship had come to such a point, after all they'd been through.

Nicole (Arianne Zucker) taunted Kristen (Eileen Davidson) by saying she and Brady (Brady) were friends with benefits. The two women ended up in a big, old catfight in Horton Square. Kristen has been on a roll lately. Stefano's daughter has had nasty confrontations with Marlena, Sami and Nicole back-to-back-to-back!

Brady interrupted the fight, pulling Kristen off Nicole. John, Marlena and Eric (Greg Vaughan) all arrived just in time for Brady to tell Kristen off.

Kate told Stefano if he ever tried to kill Rafe again, he’d better kill her too, because she’d come for Stefano. She then vowed to make sure he was truly dead this time. The episode ended with Abe and Hope revealing to a shocked EJ and Sami that no weapon had been found.

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    This episode (yesterday) was entirely 100 % fire! Kristen and Nicole, Marlena slapping the ish out of John finally, Sami and the gun, seeing Abe in the thick of things again, and Stefano conducting opera was amazing.

    I do have to say though, the d***-part was kind of disgusting. I love Days, but I don’t think they should have gone this far. Or be this graphic about it.

    I’m surprised Days has become so modern and cutting edge (no pun intended) in their storylines. Is someone advising Ken Corday these days? Because the decisions and direction of this show these days overall is great! (Sans the d***-part of the plot.)

  2. Profile photo of al0792


    I don’t Think it was over the top or Graphic. I don’t remeber them actually using the word D*** though. Stepano just said “cut it off”.

    I agree days has been really good and I think you are right that Ken is getting outside help.. This guy couldn’t think of this stuff on his own.

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    This was a good episode. Loved Stefano conducting also and asking for his souvenir. I like that they went there. Although we’re getting another “no knife was found at the scene” predicament. Hope we find out where this one went unlike Ricky’s 10 foot butcher knife on another Sony soap.

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    At first, I thought it was a miscommunication between Stefano and the cop when Stepano said “I want you to cut “IT” off” I was like whoa. But then I realized there was no mistake about it! He really wanted IT to be cut off!

    Excellent, excellent, excellent! Loved how Marlena railed into John. He thought everything would go back to where it was with him and Marlena. He didn’t expect this to be her reaction. Geez, what did he expect? He got no sympathy from me.

    I am not a Sami fan but she did rock it. And, of course they can’t find the knife. Maybe that CSI guy is on Stefano’s payroll too. Or, maybe that longhaired guy snuck in to get it. But then there where too many of Salem’s finest (or not) in the room.

    I thought it was a nice scene between Brady and Eric. Wonder why Eric reaffirm that he and Brady are step brothers?

    Bring it on Nicole! I wonder how much of Eileen’s real hair was in Ari’s hand?

    My pick is Days of Our Lives for the Best Drama Emmy Award!!!!!!!

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    I just couldn’t believe the dude was really gonna do it LOL! :O That’s a no no guys! Leave the dicks alone LOL! I can think of better ways to utilize them ;) LOL! Way to go Days! Best show of the week!

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    Day’s is off the charts. It has been years since I have looked at a full episode of this show. I only started watching because of Jamey on the last podcast said it was back in full effect and he was not lying. All you teenagers out of school for the Summer the soap are ramping up. Go Days for bringing me back as a viewer its like 1995-96 all over again. I’m reliving my junior year in highschool.

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    Days is checking off all the boxes successfully lately. We got shocking stuff when Stefano told the cop to “cut it off”. lol. We got a tightly plotted twist when Sami used the gun given by Kate to defend Rafe. We had sweetness in the talks between Brady and both Eric and Marlena. We got a good catfight between Nicole and Kristen. And we got romance from the Will and Sonny moments. Another great week of Days so far.

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    The writing was incredibly clever in this episode. Stefano conducts opera while Abe tells EJ, Stefano’s son, not to sing his usual aria. Stefano and Nicole both talking about packages. Every word in Marlena and John’s conversation. No other show is popping like Days right now–in fact I don’t think any of them come close.

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    Brown Eye Girl

    The last few days on “Days” has been off the charts! The writing has been sooooo great! Gotta say I was a little stund when Stefano did say cut it off…I was like… SAY WHAAAT! did I just hear that right….one word…..OUCH!…

    And the fight between Kristen and Nichole was pretty good..I just keept thinking come on Nichole…. we all have seen you at your best…. and we all know you can “B” slap her into next week…..

    “Oh”.. and Sami and the Gun……had to safe Rafe thing…interesting..hummm wonder who took the knife…loved how they cant find it and Sami says to Ej you belive me don’t you?…. interesting how the shoe is on the other foot…when she didn’t believe Ej if he had Rafe beat up….but indeed it ended well with them…. ;)

    Keep up the great writing…it has been awesome!…who has that DANG “KNIFE” ????? I knew it wasent in the vent easy to fiqure that one out…hummm…where could it be…?????

    Keep up the great writing…it has been awesome!…

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    I agree with Yoryla that the show has become much edgier lately. I choked when Nicole taunted Kristen about being familiar with Brady’s nice “package” of good qualities. :)

    I have to ask again: Who is writing this show?
    It just cannot be that the same old, tired, re-cycled batch of writers are coming up with such entertaining, must-see TV fare.

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