Will Summer and Kyle Have Sex Before Nick’s Secret is Revealed on The Young and the Restless?

Summer (Hunter King) arrived at the Abbott mansion and promptly puckered up for Kyle (Hartley Sawyer).  She told him she preferred to have the kiss at the beginning of the date, instead of worrying about whether or not to kiss at the end. He pointed out their date wasn’t for hours.

Noah (Robert Adamson) saw Nick (Joshua Morrow) wasn’t happy and asked if something was wrong. Nick brushed it off by saying it was a bill for Underground. The two talked about how good of a relationship Noah and Summer have as siblings.

Abby (Melissa Ordway) showed up at Noah’s apartment and found Tyler (Redaric Williams) with a plunger.  He kept waving it around, while Abby started planning her redecorations of the place.

Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) moved back into the Abbott mansion. It feels so weird to watch Phyllis getting all comfortable when we know Stafford is leaving The Young and the Restless. Y&R better hurry up and recast the role with Robin Christopher.

Phyllis and Summer shared a nice mother/daughter moment, as they packed up the penthouse. Phyllis told her daughter she knew what she was planning to do that night and it was a big mistake.

Phyllis went on to tell Summer she couldn’t wait for the day Summer had a kid and had to go through what Summer was putting her parents through. Be careful what you wish for Phyllis, you might end up with a grandbaby by your daughter’s brother!

Detective Chavez (Ignacio Serricchio) grilled Kevin (Greg Rikaart) about the latest Genoa City burglary. Is it wrong that I want Chavez with Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson), instead of Abby? 

Chloe gave Kevin an alibi. While Chavez went to search the backroom, Chloe demanded to know if Kevin had stolen again. Kevin danced around the topic and told Chloe the cops wouldn’t find anything. Chloe told Kevin he had betrayed her and Delia and went home to pack.

Sharon (Sharon Case) found Nick at Genoa City’s hottest destination — On The Boulevard.  What is the point of owning your own club if you can’t go there to drink?

Sharon tried to provide a shoulder for Nick to lean on, but he didn’t want to talk about what was bothering him. Kyle bumped into Nick and Sharon. Nick told Jack's son he didn't want him plowing Summer.  Kyle said it was just a dinner. Nick wasn’t assured and continued ripping into the guy.

When Nick left, a man started hitting on Sharon. Sharon let the man buy her a drink, but wasn’t into playing his game.

Lily (Christel Khalil) and Cane (Daniel Goddard) spent a bunch of time flirting.

Nick went to the Abbott mansion, where he had flashbacks of the day Summer was born, before pounding on the door. The episode ended with Jack (Peter Bergman) opening the door and saying “well if it isn’t Summer’s proud papa.” If only Jack knew the truth.


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    Todays, yesterdays, and Monday’s episodes were so good. For a minute there I was disappointed in our show thinking that the UCLA interns were in charge for the summer but the cast and crew have been delivering it to us this whole week. Chloe and Kevin haven’t been boring. Sharon should have had the fling with that day player. He needs to be on contract and Dylan needs to go. Summer and Kyle kissing then us finding out he is her brother genius. Red does not need to go she needs to stick around and collect that check cause she did not disappoint today. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

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    Can’t wait for the reveal! Can’t wait for jacks anger. Phyllis’ shock. Victors amazement. Adams grin at knowing his brother truly is an idiot! And of course, the spoiled brat who should be grounded OFF CAMERA summer finding out her charge card limit was just reduced since her NEW DADDY is only a quarter as wealthy as old daddy and a tenth as rich as grandpapi

    Hehehe… Drama the way I LOVE IT.

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    Just saw the episode and I have to tell you that I MUST COMMEND Josh and Jill for not PAINFULLY drawing out the reveal to Phyllis that has become the norm for soaps over the past decade or more. There is nothing worse than watching a story climax for an entire week where the person doing the reveal hems and haws over saying it all the while the victim is begging to hear the secret!

    Josh Morrow did a fantastic job of conveying the anguish of Nick and the nervousness of the reveal. I mean, the man is one FINE HOT MAN!!! Michelle Stafford always delivers for me and her reaction was a little more calm than I expected and I loved it!

    My only caveat to this whole story is the heavy handed way that Jack kept telling us how he delivered Summer and all the praise to Nick for being a dad. That seemed so lame because it would have been better just hearing a conversation or something than that.

    AND the best was that I didn’t have to wait for someone to compare Nick to Adam! I mean, WOW!!! In one episode we get the reveal to Phyllis and Phyllis compares Nick to his dastardly do-wrong brother, Adam!!!


    And the scenes with Michael and Lauren delivered ACES! I almost welled up because I like them as a couple so much and Michael’s anger and Lauren’s guilt were so perfectly conveyed! KUDOS to all and especially this well written story.

    I hope that Fen’s new arc to his story redeems the kid. I am tired of the sulking and brooding even if the actor who plays Fen is doing a great job!!! I even like the GOTH QUEEN but I hope it doesn’t go down a “troubled teen addicted to booze or anything” sort of way. Let this Raven girl save Fen from loneliness and Fen show her that she’s a great person. It could be a summertime sweet romance.

    SOOOOOO, as anyone knows, I can’t be ALL CHEER! My only problem with the episode is that NUolderKyle should have made it known to Summer that its way too soon rather than “let’s wait for Saturday night” (to paraphrase) statements. Additionally, they have as much CHEMISTRY as I have with the someone I never met before sits next to me on the train ride home from work.

    I grade the episode an “A/b++”.

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    hey mon

    Today’s episode was Dylan-heavy, and therefore a snoozer. BORING! I think Dylan could actually have some chemistry with Sharon, but it seems forced with Chelsea.

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    hey mon

    Amtronic — Incest amongst potential lovers being close relatives is a staple on Bell soaps.

    Was done in 1993 with Cole and Victoria, although they turned out NOT to be brother-sister, and got married.

    Billy and Mac was goofy back in 2003, with Kay and Jill being mother-daughter. The reveal happened, and then BOTH Mac and Billy disappeared, which was weird.

    Since JoshG laid the foundation of this back in 2006, with Nick being the only one to see the DNA back then — a lot of us have been expecting this for years.

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    So is there some way that all those years ago Sheila Carter switched Fen and Summer at birth, meaning that Summer is really Michael and Lauren’s child and Fen is Nick and Phyllis’? She was fascinated with them and eventually kidnapped both when she had her face made to look like Phyllis. And Nick only did a paternity test both times.

    Now that would be interesting.

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    Chestie Abbott has a nice ring to it?

    Just wondering if Nick sent in that hair brush for a DNA test – could the hair samples belong to Summer’s lil blond friend, whatshername??

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    Red Delicious seemed checked out during the revelation scene. Bummer because it was a key scene for that character but I guess Staff’s human and knowing that she’s leaving crept in to the scene. The Michael/Lauren scenes were perfect though. I’m having trouble caring about Fen.

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    [quote=Amtronic]This sucks. What are they doing, just recycling old storylines? They did this with Billy and Mac already.[/quote]

    This is not only classic Bell soap story, it is one that Bill Bell pretty much invented. He first used this story on Days of our Lives when he had the amnesiac Tommy Horton fall in love with his sister Marie. She went on to become a nun because of it. Bill reused many of his stories repeatedly but that didn’t make it recycling. Many other writers have used this same story over the years as well. Mostly because it has a sense of urgency that this young couple in love might have sex and someone needs to stop them before they make a mistake. I can think of two other soaps, Somerset and Days of our Lives that have used this story as well. Days once again used the story in the 80s when Tony Dimera fell in love with Renee. Come to find out Renee was Tony’s half sister. On Somerset a very much in love Greg and Heather were halted by Heather’s mother admitting that Greg’s father was Heather’s father as well.
    The other part that makes this a classic Bell story is the picking up of a loose thread of story from years before. Bill Bell was a master of not forgetting that dangling story line even years later and introducing it at the exact right moment. So no this isn’t rehash (there is alot of that out there). This is a great homage to Bill and a true Bell story line if I ever saw one. It is the kind that Maria Bell always tried to do but failed miserably at the attempt.

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    storytelling, “yes”;but where are the well edited flashbacks and dramatic music, to draw us in and build suspense.

    I guess if this show was called “The immature and the redundant” or “How the worlds story can be told” I would be more accepting; but it is (DEEP VOICE): THE YOUNG…and THE RESTLESS.

    That old show even when it missed gave us so much to chew on!

    After all these years, from LML to MAB and now JFP, and all we get is at best a “good” story…oh well…that is show biz!

    I miss scenes like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDglgZ6Kgbg
    no words but it speaks to her “tragic” situation.

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    This is a great story to tell, especially since it had always been there and not been explored.

    Considering the show has been on for 40 years, it’s hard not to repeat some stories.

    I hope like the Lauren/Michael tale, this one plays out for a while.

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