First Impressions: Michael Nader Returns as Dimitri Marick on All My Children (PHOTOS)

What are your First Impressions of Michael Nader’s return to All My Children as Dimitri Marick? See more photos of Dimitri Marick after the jump!

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    I’m very happy to have my boy Michael Nader back as Dimitri Marick. Yes, he looks a lot older but my goodness, he is older. He still has that European class about him and that voice. God, I’ve always loved Michael Nader’s voice. I hope he stays around long enough until Susan ‘Erica Kane’ Lucci makes her temporary return to Pine Valley. I think the Dimitri/Erica love story was just as epic, if not a little more so, than Erica and Jackson. Welcome back home Michael!

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    Great to have Michael back as Dimitri although I wish that he were involved in some mystery or love story. Dimitri is a gothic character who should always be surrounded by mystery, thrills, drama, and strong women, such as Erica, Alex, and Maria.

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    as for the teeth comments he is a poster boy for why not to abuse drugs. Not sure how many of his teeth are actually his own. When he was on OPRAH a couple years ago he was as toothless as a hillbilly.

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    Happy Dimitri is back but not happy I wasted 10 minutes rewinding and reviewing this week’s episodes to find the scene I missed where Brooke actually saw his face when she opened the door.

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    I was delighted that they got Michael Nader back as Dimitri given his health issues several years ago….the medicines he was taking for his illness are the reason for his yellow teeth and the medicines he has to continue taking mean he cannot use teeth whiteners. so the yellow tint to his teeth doesn’t bother me…he’s still as debonair as ever!

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    I too have that feeling pocket….it would explain his sudden return to Pine Valley and Brooke’s surprise that he came to Pine Valley as Response To her E-mail

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