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Franco accuses Carly of hiring a hitman to kill him, which Carly denies.  Carly mentions she’s not the only one who hates Franco, and suggests it could have been anyone. Franco saw her initial reaction to the shooting, and believes she has Olivia’s blood on her hands.  

Sonny tells Olivia he needs her in his life.  Connie asks who did this, and Sonny promises to find out if he was the intended target.  

Alexis asks whom Shawn was speaking to on the phone. He tells her it was TJ, who is upset about Molly.  He needs to deal with TJ, and heads off. Alexis tells Molly about Danny.  Molly worries he will die, but Alexis swears Danny will beat this.  Molly is not going to prom, and feels Rafe thinks of her as more than a friend.  She tells Alexis that TJ has another date. 
Anna shows Dante the shell casing she found, and tells him to head to the hospital.  She promises they’ll find who did this. 
Patrick and Sabrina head to the bedroom.  She’s nervous, and Patrick wonders if this is her first time.  Sabrina had a previous long time boyfriend, but is glad she left him and met Patrick.  The two make love.
Taylor stops by to show TJ her dress and shoes for the prom.  A pipe bursts in the kitchen, and TJ tries to get a hold of Shawn.  TJ calls Alexis, looking for Shawn. She's surprised Shawn isn’t already with TJ.  The two teens try to fix the leak, and end up getting wet.  Taylor strips down. 
Sonny wants to know what happened to Olivia.  Shawn is sorry, because he swore he’d never hurt another innocent person.  Sonny is shocked to hear Shawn was the shooter, since he told him to stand down.  Shawn informs Sonny that Carly told him the hit was back on, and it was Sonny’s idea.  Sonny didn’t want an innocent to get hurt, and now Olivia is fighting for her life.  Sonny warns Shawn to keep his mouth shut. 
Connie tells Dante what happened, including Olivia's vision. Dante begs his mother to recover, since he and Lulu have a baby on the way.  

Franco threatens to tell Anna his theory, but Carly asks him not to.  Anna tells them Olivia is going into surgery.  Carly tells Anna she hasn’t reached her head of security, despite telling Franco the opposite before.  Anna confirms the shooting happened in the room where Franco saw something.  After Anna leaves, Carly questions why Franco didn’t tell Anna his theory.  He claims he’s trying to make amends, and turning her in wouldn’t do that.  
Anna questions the bus boy. He tells her where Carly and Franco were sitting during their dinner.  
Shawn returns to Alexis.  She asks about TJ, and he lies.  Alexis accuses him of being a liar.  
Sonny reassures Dante that Olivia is a fighter, and will pull through her ordeal. Dante wonders if someone was coming after Sonny.  Anna arrives, and says she believes Franco was the target. She wonders what Sonny knows about the hit.  

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    I actually liked everything about today’s episode, except Patrick and Sabrina. I just can’t with those two.

    edited to add; hated the Taylor stripping down stuff too. Girl is trying way too hard.

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    Why is Patrick still wearing his wedding band?

    Sabrina was wearing a really nice bra. However, the character is 27 but acts like she’s 17.

    Lawd. It’s summertime and that means teens, teens, teens and more, teens!

    Sonny is not going to do squat to Carly.

    Shawn should have hauled off and beat Sonny in his head.

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    I really don’t get it. They planned to take out Franco, Shawn was taking out Franco. Yeah, he’s the worst hit man ever, but still, it’s not like he came up with shooting Franco all by himself.

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    The stripping down scene with Taylor was awkward since the actress is only 16, someone get the girl a glass of water because she is so thirsty! She barely knows TJ and to be trying so hard..weird lol I thought I would feel bad when Molly saw them, but she brought this on herself, and I’m sure Rafe is somewhere waiting with his puppy dog eyes for her to walk him.

    Okay episode, I actually feel bad for Alexis, she just can’t catch a break in the love department, I wonder how she’ll deal should she find out that Shawn shot Liv.

    As for the preview for the next episode. FINALLY ME’S HAIR HAS BEEN FREED! HALLELUJAH! If there is a soap opera God, that hair will never be locked away in a dreadful ponytail for as long as this character shall live, get shot with a bullet meant for someone else, die and then come back to life again!

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    Sabrina is 27? That means that even if Lilly somehow survived the car explosion in 1996, that she isn’t Sabrina’s mother. That little detail is important to me because I don’t want her back story tied to Sonny’s.

    Pabrina’s “mood music” was terrible. As awful as it was to actually watch them doing “you know what” (I can’t even bring myself to say it), I would hate for that music to follow them around everywhere they go. LOL!

    How soon do you think Sabrina’s ex-boyfriend will sneak in from the PR looking for her?

    Whoever it was that said Franco would end up blackmailing Carly pegged it!

    I like Taylor. Is it too soon to say she’s a keeper? I agree about the stripping, though.

    ETA: I wonder if Shawn and Alexis breaking up is a sign of good things to come. Maybe we’ll finally find out who Sam’s dad is.

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    What would make this Patty/Sabrina story interesting is if we suddenly found out that Sabrina is actually evil along with Britt. Her dad is Davis Havers or something. Her and Britt were both sent to get close to Patrick and she won.. Didn’t Havers have a baby with Anna who “died”. So she is actually Robins half sister. Plus I never understood the instant dislike between Brittbrina..

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    ^^soapfan14–I’m sorry. Yep. You’re right. On every occasion that what little they tell us about Sabrina’s back story comes up, I have a knee jerk thinking that because Sabrina is a Santiago, that somehow she’ll be linked to Sonny. My apologies. Carry on. :)

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    Phoenix Tremayne

    I just don’t understand TJ, he’s making Taylor work for it way too much to have no response other than a smile; Today he looked like a ten year old about to get raped by his babysitter.

    I liked the scene between Sonny and Shawn because MB putting some effort into his acting. He’s been coasting since the soap switched from mob wars.

    Sabrina and Patrick… next

    Carly and Franco; the long road to romance has started lol.

    Molly falls into the category of wanting the things she can’t have. She wasn’t suppose to be with Rafe so you wanted him bad; she got rid of TJ and finally got puppy dog Rafe and wanted TJ back.

    Alexis may be getting her smarts back; it’s only a matter of time before she figures out Shawn shot Olivia; but will she stay with him? Think Jerry Jax, Sonny, Rick Lansing; it’s a good bet she will; despite all the grief she gave Sam about being with Jason (Hypocrisy)

    Will somebody give Dante a story please; he hasn’t done anything major up until the point Sonny shot him; once that was resolved he and Lulu coasted on the backburner.

    The smartest person on the show right now is Anna; Finola Hughes was throwing around looks like she’s already solved the crime. The dirty looks she gave Carly and Franco; figuring out Franco was the target and snatching up Sonny real fast because he’s most likely apart of it (But he isn’t) however it was a great guess.

    Still waiting for the scene where Sonny threatens Carly; I guess that will be on the Friday Cliffhanger; oops I mean Monday. The best thing about GH being a day late is that the cliffhangers happen on Monday and then you get to see the resolution on Tuesday :)

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    Today’s episode just made me hate the character of Sabrina even more. This heifer is 27!!!! She’s been acting like a tween this whole time and the chick is almost 30! Cartini must have heard fans complaints about Sabrina being too young for Patrick so they decided to age her to 27.

    First, it has nothing to do with her age. It has to do with the way she acts. She acts like a Fake Disney Princess. She comes to Port Charles dressed like a clean bum and the whole time this fool was 27! I was waiting for Patrick to tell Sabrina he was once exposed to HIV. He still hasn’t had a mature talk with her.

    Patrick “Sabrina, I want to tell you I was exposed to HIV through a needle stick”
    Sabrina”No worries Patrick, my pixie dust will protect me”

    Don’t care about the Olivia thing because sadly she’s still alive.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE TAYLOR!!! That little wave she gave the always Debbie Downer Molly was perfection. That’s what Molly get for dogging out TJ. Now Taylor just has to work on her flirting skills. Honey unless a man has put a ring on it, you NEVER get your weave wet for him!!!!!!!

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    Why won’t the writers let Alexis mention that Kristina survived leukemia too?? So strange indeed… or maybe the writers didn’t do their research about this.

    About the preview, just wished that Michael Easton would change his hairstyle to a more stylish shorter one. This shaggy long-hair look is due for an overhaul.

  11. Profile photo of soapfan14

    Whats killing Patrick and Sabrina for me is Robin is alive and we know it. I also think if she had some family onscreen it might help make her more tolerable. Can we pleas bring Juan back???? I wonder if Taylor is the only one in Felix’s family who knows he is gay?

  12. Profile photo of Grimm

    Haven’t seen any of her scenes yet but, dare I hope Taylor is the new ” Brenda Barrett the early years” type?
    But would that make TJ, Jagger? Actually, TJ could use a bit of broody depth, couldn’t he?

    Also haven’t seen this story picked up here but, darevI hope the below means we won’t have to have Maksim as a regular presence on GH. Thanks for the Nurses Ball but…

    Although the pairing has been debunked as “just friends” elsewhere,0,2102393.story

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    Hey TEALITA … I predicted the chain of events that will clear Franco’s plate of past deeds and put his head not only on Carly’s pillow but in her lap!

    I’m tired of Sabrina and patrick. First date first sex and still the same conversation abt britt robin and Emma. How abt Sabrina and her likes and dislikes or what Patrick’s favorite meal is.

    And awfully egotistical to ask a 27 year old woman if he’s your first, Patrick! Ever think that just maybe she’s not sure if she wants a guy who has unprotected sex in a public shower to put his love meat in her casing?!! (Sorry the Patrick n Sabrina love story is as gross n boring as my comments on them.)

    Love the drama that comes from sonny learning truths. For a criminal who lies all the time it’s great when he tries to prove people are liars.

    It would be great to see all three… Shawn Carly and sonny stand trial and people taking a stand against gun violence in port Charles. Alexis will dump Shawn so have him take the fall. Carly gets 3 years probation and sonny sees his grip on his mob empire collapse.

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    [quote=soapfan14]Whats killing Patrick and Sabrina for me is Robin is alive and we know it.[/quote]

    soapfan14, you’ve nailed the problem with Patrick and ANYBODY in a romantic relationship with him.

    I’ve always thought TPTB made a huge mistake in letting the audience know, from the very beginning, that Robin is still alive. That has kept everyone from getting behind a new love interest for him, whether it’s Sabrina or someone else. As long as the “threat” is hanging over our heads that “Robin will be back,” we can’t accept anyone else with Patrick.

    That being said, I don’t care about “Patrina” much either, but I think it’s because of the way she was introduced. If she had started out as the made-over Sabrina, I could see him falling for her.

  15. Profile photo of tealita

    [quote=pjc722]Hey TEALITA … I predicted the chain of events that will clear Franco’s plate of past deeds and put his head not only on Carly’s pillow but in her lap![/quote]

    Well, you did a great job!

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    TV Gord

    [quote=coffeebean]Why won’t the writers let Alexis mention that Kristina survived leukemia too?? So strange indeed… or maybe the writers didn’t do their research about this.[/quote]

    I think soap writers prefer not to bring up similar past storylines, because it reminds viewers that it’s been done before (even if Danny’s case and Kristina’s case may not play out the same way). Imagine if–every time someone comes back from the dead–characters started talking about all of the other characters who came back from the dead. It would dilute the impact they want to achieve with the latest resurrection. I can’t count the number of back-from-the-deads who had fellow BFDs right in the same room for the big reveal. If the characters started pointing that out, it would also remind us how silly our beloved shows actually can be, at times. ;-)

  17. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    Soapfan14 – What’s killed the Patrick/Sabrina thing for me is one thing “beating me over the head in story how fantastic Sabrina is” She’s flawless, everybody bows at her feet to sing her praises.

    “Everybody loves Sabrina.” Patrick is sequestered in just “Sabrinaland” that’s it for him so if you aren’t a fan of the couple I can’t even enjoy Patrick Drake in another story unless she’s sitting up there babysitting the scene. I loathe this character and nothing writing can do will change that because I don’t think they are capable of writing this kind of story.

    Yes, I know Robin is alive and I’ve read / seen many themes such as this where the writing is so excellent I can’t decide say for example I want him to stay with Robin or move on with Sabrina…This is where the writing should have taken me but it didn’t…all this story has been for me is

    “The wonders of a newbie from nowhere that is a vapid insipid character with no onscreen chemistry with her prince charming she can’t carry this story for me.

    Yes she’s a pretty woman but the acting is horrendous and she doesn’t have the “IT” factor. You can’t club me to death so I’ll worship and adore her and that is all the writing has tried to do …not to mention one of my favorite character was stuck in OTT proppinig/pimping duty with no story to speak of, of her own.

  18. Profile photo of giogio

    Anayanka, you are right about Patrick turning on Sabrina if Robin came back. But who knows where she’s been. She can be so mad that her life was stolen, and all she needs is to walk into her house and see Patrick and Sabrina, she’ll go all Betty Broderick on them.

  19. Profile photo of coffeebean

    [quote=TV Gord]I think soap writers prefer not to bring up similar past storylines, because it reminds viewers that it’s been done before (even if Danny’s case and Kristina’s case may not play out the same way). Imagine if–every time someone comes back from the dead–characters started talking about all of the other characters who came back from the dead. It would dilute the impact they want to achieve with the latest resurrection. I can’t count the number of back-from-the-deads who had fellow BFDs right in the same room for the big reveal. If the characters started pointing that out, it would also remind us how silly our beloved shows actually can be, at times. ;-)[/quote]

    The GH writers did poke fun (not too long ago) at the fact that many GH characters have come back from the dead. An example would be when 2 characters (I think Luke & Tracy) were joking that “nobody stays dead in this town” when talking about Duke’s return.

    Alexis not mentioning once that Kristina survived leukemia to Sam & Molly seems like a glaring ommision especially since it would serve as a source of encouragement for Sam that what Danny may be suffering from is beatable, especially since there are many potential Cassadine & Quartermaine bone marrow donors if needed.

    Maybe the writers don’t want to remind us that storylines have been repeated but most soap fans know that recycling is quite common (especially with the occurance of cancer) plus things may not neccessarily play out exactly the same way this time. When one is a fan of a certain character or family (thus following their storylines closely for many years)…. we are left scratching our heads as to why such important information is being left out of conversations.

    I appreciate that you have replied to my query TV Gord but it still feels like a unneccesary omission by the writers :)

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    Unlike many on DC, I really do like Sabrina! She is the classic soap “ugly duckling/lovable looser” that soaps are known for. And then what do you know?! Soap magic happens and they turn into these beautiful likable sometimes lovable or vixen characters. Haley(AMC), Chloe(Days), Marcy(OLTL), she was my favorite! :bigsmile: I would be on the Patrick/Sabrina bandwagon IF…IF it weren’t for the fact that Robin is still very much alive and WE know that she is. If it were a for sure thing that Robin was gone with no possibility of coming back, I would be for them 100% hands down!

  21. Profile photo of katehhoward

    I like Sabrina just not with Patrick. I think the character is a good add on but she needs roots. They should bring Juan back just for a visit at least. Sabrina would of made a pretty good Kristina actually. I think she would of fit in with Sonny. Sonny and Sabrina have that Latin heat going on. They need some Latin flavor to spice Sabrina up. If she were a bit more like Tea Delgado I think people would like Sabrina more. But they have her playing this Ugly Betty character and it ain’t working.

    I agree with everyone, the love scene between the two of them was pretty lack luster. The only thing the jumped out was when she mentioned her ex-boyfriend and Juan.

  22. Profile photo of CinLee

    I still think it would have been more organic storytelling if Liz and Patrick had gotten to this point. They have chemistry, Robin had wanted Liz to be “the one” when she thought she was going to die from the HIV. It would have been great story watching them blend their family. Yes, we know Robin’s alive but we don’t know what they might have done to her mind during all of this time.

    This is not to say I don’t like Sabrina, but I only see a friendship between her and Patrick. There was no heat during their love scene. I thought she was adorable with Milo. I could even see her with Michael although she’s a bit older than him. But heaven knows then Carly would have nothing to complain about *laugh*.

    I have nothing to say about the teen set…if I had a DVR, I could ff through it.

  23. Profile photo of GHFan777

    Patrick and Sabrina do not have any chemistry. I for one have no problem with the character of Sabrina. I actually like her with Felix and Liz….but a romantic relationship with Patrick just isn’t working for me…and not because I know Robin is alive….I can handle Patrick getting involved with someone new, knowing that he is not really a widower….I think he has tons of chemistry with Liz…and even Sam for that matter. I wouldn’t mind Patrick moving on and then finding out Robin had never actually died. I think that would be interesting…with the right woman in the role of his new love.

  24. Profile photo of Lucy D.
    Lucy D.

    i didn’t watch until this morning. I can’t waiting (hoping) the phone would ring calling Patrick into GH so the love scene wouldn’t happen. Nothing there. Boring.

    I want Anna to solve this crime–I love her character and Finola of course. I don’t mind an eventual Carly/Franco team-up, but she needs to be punished for this latest act of impetuosity.

    And if Franco is a match for Danny (for the cure) then he IS a Q.

  25. Profile photo of DevinMissesOLTL

    I’m hoping that Sabrina dealing with “The Britch”, it will bring out that Latin hell cat in her! It’s in there somewhere, she just hasn’t had to let her out yet! But when she does….Fingers crossed :D

  26. Profile photo of Daniel St. John
    Daniel St. John

    I didn’t totally hate Patrick and Sabrina in this episode but I wasn’t particularly fond of it either. I like the two actors and as sacrilegious as it sounds I like the character of Sabrina but I can’t get behind the two of them as a couple.
    I am intrigued by some f the details of Sabrina’s backstory and wonder if we will be seeing her old school sexist ex-boyfriend in PC.

    I like Taylor if for no other reason than she is going to be a total bitch to Molly and no character deserves a Vichy nemesis more than Little Miss Lansing.

    Loved Sonny’s mixture of anger, annoyance and total bewilderment to finding out Sean went ahad with the Franco hit on Carly’s orders. I’m sure it makes him long for the days when Jason Borg-an was around to handle stuff like this. You need a certain level of brain damage to be a competent hit man it seems.

  27. Profile photo of jeremy in chicago
    jeremy in chicago

    Thank GOD it’s not just me. I honestly almost felt nauseous watching Patrick and Sabrina together. They have absolutely NO sexual chemistry whatsoever. Frankly, Ron Carlivati’s new characters all suck and Sabrina might be the worst of the lot. The character is poorly conceived and executed, and the actress is as interesting as a dish rag. Not trying to be mean, but it’s really lame. Brit and Felix are barely more than stereotypes. That entire storyline is so un-General Hospital and wreaks of Carlivati’s own personal style, which for my tastes is very “Saved By the Bell” or something.

    I would love for someone like Claire Labine to come in and fix the canvas. In one fell swoop I’d get rid of Brit, Sabrina, Felix, Taylor, Ellie, and then send Nulu, Dante, N’Franco, and Kiki packing. The canvas is getting really lame… same thing happened on OLTL with these people in charge. They are talented but their style, ultimately, is juvenile. GH needs some serious writers. The irony for me is the only watchable story right now is Olivia’s shooting – which is a mob story. They’re going back to the mob stuff, after all those years of bitching about Guza. lol

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