Leslie Stevens Lands Role on The Young and the Restless

The Young and the Restless has filled the role of the mysterious Rose Turner with actress Leslie Stevens. According to Soaps In Depth, Stevens will first appear on July 25. Since her days as Justine Calvert on Search for Tomorrow, Stevens has appeared on such shows as Revenge, Private Practice, Justified, Criminal Minds and True Blood

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    I wonder if MS leaving had anythimg to do with the age and race of this casting. This woman has “new love interest gor Jack” written all over her. I wonder and doubt if that was the intent of character when she was first mentioned. I also wonder how this effects the SL the Winters had going.

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    Jasen Perri

    If she is Rose then she will end up being the Mom to Mason? I think they want to make him related to Tyler and Leslie.
    Also,crazy theory here. I think that Dru or someone connected to her is posting Neil’s journal entries?
    The reason I say Dru is because MS is leaving and that VR coming back could have been part of the reason.
    Call me crazy!

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    Come on guys … this is Y&R territory.

    It’s very obvious … the mystery blogger/photographer has to be Moses; and I don’t mean Charlton Heston!

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    Jasen Perri, I am not sure what the reason was for bringing Mason on and then not putting on contract Darnell Williams on contract so that Mason has a connection to the characters on the show. Darnell was one of those wasted characters and I thought Darnell was a much better fit on Y&R then on the nuAMC right now.

    I am not sure if they bring Rose on and she is Mason’s mom whether or not that will give his character any more longevity on the program. He just seems to be in the background and floating. Making this connection to Leslie and Tyler would serve no more purpose for me.

    ANd I have my fingers crossed that it does turn out to be Dru! I have missed seeing Victoria Rowell on Y&R, even though from the blog posts on DC the Y&R audience is split 50/50 on whether to bring her back.

    BUT since someone mentioned Moses, I have to wonder if its Sophia doing the posts… or even Tucker.

    Otherwise, goody two shoes Neil has only one other enemy that I know of and that’s his own brother Malcolm.

    I’m intrigued by the story, especially because it gives Neil story.

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    Jasen Perri

    pjc722,I agree with you on all fronts. I could see the Sophia angle but I really don’t want her back unless they can cast a stronger actress.
    Neil really seems like a punk in this story ,the way he puts all of his family and loved ones on blast through his journal entries. Over all I do dig the story and I hope it gives us a nice pay off!

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    This whole thing has me puzzled.

    Yesterday’s show with Leslie and Neil trying to figure out that one phrase though was lame.

    This one needs to speed up before it’s dead in the water. And that will be the second time for these characters after the Wheeler story ended with a thud.

    It’s my opinion that you can’t bring on completely new characters and create a story for them with no one currently on the show tied to them. Wheeler, Leslie, Tyler, Gus, Rose. Do we care that much really? And Neil is the SUPPORTING character? Wheeler and Victor’s dealings were much more fun to watch.

    I’m glad that the diversity is back on the show, but it would have worked much better had Dru, Olivia, Mamie, Nathan Jr. and then maybe one new character from the Winters clan show up. Hell, Tyler could have been a relative instead of bringing him on as Leslie’s leach of a bro.

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