Phyllis Learns the Truth on The Young and the Restless

Nick (Joshua Morrow) was obviously on edge while talking to Jack (Peter Bergman) at the Abbott mansion. Jack was in a nostalgic mood, but Jack’s memories about Kyle (Hartley Sawyer) only made Nick more uncomfortable. The more Jack commended Nick for being a good father, the more nervous Nick became.
Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) arrived at the Abbott mansion, and wondered what Nick had on his mind.  Nick rushed out of the Abbott mansion without revealing the truth, but Phyllis wasn’t going to let him get off that easily and followed.

Nick blurted out the truth about Summer (Hunter King), when Phyllis demanded to know what was going on. At first, she didn’t understand what Nick was saying. When he showed her the DNA test, Phyllis started to melt down. As the enormity of Nick’s betrayal set in, Phyllis' world crumbled around her.

Nick tried to justify what he’d done. He claimed he is still Summer’s father, because of every moment he’d spent with her. Phyllis pulled out the big guns, and sucker punched Nick with the accusation of being no better than Adam. Nick’s whole being fell apart, as he protested any similarity between himself and his brother. When Phyllis demanded to know why he was doing this now, Nick said Summer had a brother. Phyllis freaked the hell out, as the full impact of that realization set in. 

Michael (Christian LeBlanc) and Lauren (Tracey Bregman) worked on the marriage counseling assignment given to them by their therapist.  The couple started doing blindfolded trust exercises.  Unfortunately for Michael’s shin, he took bigger steps than Lauren anticipated and ended up banging it on the coffee table. There was something simplistically dramatic and honest about those scenes that really appealed to me.  Then, it was Michael’s turn to blindfold Lauren. She had about as much trust in him as he had in her. Michael caught Lauren when she went in the wrong direction, and bumped into the couch. He told her he’d never let her fall.

Meanwhile, Fen (Max Ehrich) hung out with the Goth girl. I really like the two together, and I can’t wait to see what develops.

Wednesday’s The Young and the Restless episode was thoroughly enjoyable from beginning to end.

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    This was ONE OF THE BEST EXAMPLES of great soap storytelling on daytime in A LONG LONG TIME!!! I loved the episode and hope that this is a change in direction!

    Amp up the great drama and the writing, as well as slowing down the pace AND relegate Dylan to “Oh he was on the other day… I think”

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    An excellent episode all around!!

    So nice to see my “Y & R” fire up on all cylinders – from Michael & Lauren’s trust issues in fixing their marriage to Nick FINALLY coming clean to Phyllis re Summer’s paternity, I was thoroughly entertained!!

    Keep it up, “Y & R”!!

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    hey mon

    Monday thru Wednesday was perfect. Wonderful. When Red compared Nick to Adam it was real. When Nick said that God wouldnt take Summer from him, and Cassie, it was real, too.

    Good going JoshG. Too bad JFP is EP, and not Maria Bell.

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    I HATE Phyllis, don’t care much for Michelle Stafford, but I told my son I wanted to see Phyllis’ reaction when it hit her about Kyle/Summer, and that is one actress that did not disappoint! The look on her face, in her eyes, the second she realized what was happening, THAT was just plain GREAT ACTING!!! Now I can’t wait to see Jack’s reaction! I can not forget the look on Peter Bergman’s face when he found out about Nick/Phyllis. The look in his eyes, I felt Jack’s pain right through my TV! But what else can we expect from such great actors? And Michael/Lauren…need I keep repeating myself?
    Plus, I really like the Goth Girl.

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    [quote=hey mon]Good going JoshG. Too bad JFP is EP, and not Maria Bell.[/quote]

    If MAB were still EP JG wouldn’t even be head writer and this story would likely not be taking place and stay buried(like it was the entire time St.Maria was in charge). After all, it doesn’t involve courtrooms, doppelgangers, volcanoes or chipmunks so I doubt she’d be much interested in it :) .

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @hey mon and ChrisGa: ChrisGa you took the words right out of my mouth. We’d be in storyline hell if she were there. Anyways Y&R has been really good this week. Really good. Bringing the heat to the streets.

    It is something I have come to know and trust in Josh.

    When it comes to JFP she is not all bad. She is about middle of the road, 50/50.

    Maria exited as 10% (yawn)/90% (WTF)!

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    All and all, other than the episode where Adam was shot at the Niktor wedding, Wednesday’s Y&R was the best this regime has featured since taking over.

    I loved Phyllis comparing Nick to Adam and calling him a hypocrite! Her emotions were so raw, her tone of voice was spot on, and the lack of histrionics really pulled more into the Phick confrontation. The whole thing made me realize that I am going to really miss Michelle Stafford and her contributions to the soap. I was even more surprised to see that Joshua Morrow stepped it up a wee bit!!!

    Michael and Lauren also rocked as they attempted to confront their martial issues. At first, I felt the scenes were hokey, but when he caught her toward the end of epi when she almost tripped onto the sofa…I smiled from ear to ear. :-) :-) :-)

    Goth girl and Fen were great, just wish the future GC psycho were more frontburner…

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    And speaking of pregnancies and paternity… Chelsea got knocked up on New Year’s Eve. They have mentioned it many times. It’s mid June. This chick is 6.5 months pregnant and is barely showing!!!!

    JILLLLLLLLLL/JOOSSSSSSHHHH don’t have her HUGE next week after we just saw DYLAN place his baby hand (the man has the tiniest of hands with the BEEFIEST and HOTTEST OF MUSCLED BODIES) on her belly and she looked like she was JUST NOW starting to show.

    Add that to the list of GET THIS STORY OVER WITH. And I hated that Chelsea uttered “I love you” yesterday. Made me dislike this lying cow even more and I LOVED her in the beginning.

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    I have to be a little amused at how, after some two to three episodes, some are hailing how NOW this show is in great shape, due to this ONE storyline, in comparison to 8 months worth or horrible storylines, casting, awful music, awful new sets to all the wrong people, etc. And as someone pointed out, all this stopped on Wednesday. Thursday was more of the same Chelsea/Dylan/Avery/Adam blah. That is what is the current Y&R signature.

    I DO think this storyline is great in itself, and the first thing in a long time to be reminiscent of the great William Bell. However, I also think this storyline is just one gem in an otherwise muddy water.

    Michelle Stafford is a force excellenté – what a tremendous loss for this show once she goes. How on earth can they ever explain her leaving NOW, when all of this is going on? I’m sure Summer won’t be going anywhere, and if ever she needed her mother to provide comfort and stability, it’s now. If there will be a recast, I hope it’s sooner rather than later.

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    I think Y&R has had a few good stories over the last few months and it does take a while to turn a ship this large.

    Michael and Lauren’s story has been great!! Absolute soap drama. (And told slowly)

    Nicks reveal of paternity SPOT ON soap.

    Jack with Phyllis good. And Chelsea’s story although over it now has been good entertainment.

    Personally my praise has been that the show feels great right now! Even if 3 days or more. Less Dylan less silliness and spot on writing.

    Now give Victoria a story worth telling and make her strong and keep Gloria / Judith chapman on more. Just having her in scenes makes life perfect! Lol

    Do I think it needs to keep getting better yes. As long as Dylan acts like JASON MORGAN and thinks he is all good and is on ALL THE TIME then the show will be a bore those days!

    Fingers crossed it continues. Not blind to all it’s flaws

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    [quote=ChrisGa][quote=hey mon]Good going JoshG. Too bad JFP is EP, and not Maria Bell.[/quote]If MAB were still EP JG wouldn’t even be head writer and this story would likely not be taking place and stay buried(like it was the entire time St.Maria was in charge)[/quote]

    Exactly Chris, exactly! It was MAB who fired JG in the first place when he was trying to undo this paternity storyline all those years ago. Now that MAB isn’t around, JG finally gets to undo what was written all of those years ago and it is providing for some great, great drama! Wednesday’s eppy was downright FABULOUS!

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    LOVED this show! I watched the scenes several times, esp the one where it finally dawns on Phyllis why Nick is pursuing this after all these years. Great acting on JM and MS’s parts.

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    Blue Skies and Palomino Ponies

    Agreed — loved the reveal in terms of pacing and acting — also was particularly moved by the comparison to Adam — how raw she was to say that, how impossible it was for him to have any defense for it being unfair.
    Also thought that the “trust exercise” scenes with Michael and Lauren were brilliantly played.
    I don’t like Raven Lavigne but suspect she’ll be an important plot device for Fen’s story, so I’ll give it some time.
    This random with Sharon is weird!!!!
    All in all, though, I’m back to being excited every single night for my date with my DVR!

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    Loved the episode! I agree with everyone, Monday through Wednesday’s y&r was great. Thursday’s episode, I barely watched. I hope Jack gets told sooner rather than later. I can’t wait to see Summer and Kyle’s faces when they find out. I don’t mean to bash any actor, but the nuKyle has weird mannerisms.

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    I don’t think JG’s reign has been 8 months of horrible storylines or bad casting. What bad casting decisions has he made besides Kyle? And Kyle is just an extra. The storylines have been decent- a little boring,, but stable. Overall, JG has been a decent HW. The Avery/Dylan/Chelsea shit needs to be backburned. If Billy boinks Chloe and Victoria sees it- I will be in heaven.

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    Yoryla, the good outweights the bad right now on Y&R and there’s nothing wrong with acknowledging the positive.

    Fans are well aware that this soap needs some tinkering, but it’s nowhere near the state of “So long, sister killer” either. If CBS and JFP would pull their head out of their asses, bring back the elements of Y&R we love, ratings might very well go through the roof. But at least the show is trying to get back to being a character-driven drama and not a campy Hogan Sheffer riddled farce.

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    Y&R has been DYNOMITE!! this week as fans we could not ask for more. Even Chelsea’s momma was great. Sharon going up stairs with the hot businessman was what I was waiting to see. He can act and I hope they put him on contract. Friday’s was great too. Keep it coming all summer long JFP, Josh G.

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    [quote=akbad806]Yoryla, the good outweights the bad right now on Y&R and there’s nothing wrong with acknowledging the positive. Fans are well aware that this soap needs some tinkering, but it’s nowhere near the state of “So long, sister killer” either. If CBS and JFP would pull their head out of their asses, bring back the elements of Y&R we love, ratings might very well go through the roof. But at least the show is trying to get back to being a character-driven drama and not a campy Hogan Sheffer riddled farce.[/quote]

    True, that there is no reason to say it if someone feels so, and yes, the “so long sister killer” was ridiculous. But regarding bringing back the elements of Y&R people love – unless the suits over at CBS & Sony specifically “wise up” and tell JFP to do that and look at how Y&R was up until 2005, I don’t have any reason to think she will do it. She has her own agenda. She wants to make Y&R look like her. And save for a few shining pearls (such as this storyline), it already does. And in a certain respect I can’t even blame her. Of course a “new boss” will make the office look more as she sees fit. Every new boss, everywhere, does that. And it’s their prerogative, at least to a point. But as has been stated before, as an overall I’m not seeing JFP’s Y&R any “better” than MAB’s, just different. MAB had her flaws, and yes, there were plenty of them, but so does the current showrunner.

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    [quote=bobbyew]Y&R has been DYNOMITE this week…Keep it coming all summer long JFP, Josh G.[/quote]

    I echo your sentiment, “bobbyew” – I like what the new regime has done in cleaning up the MAB mess and putting their stamp on it. Liking the story-lines and pretty much everything happening. Aside from the constant bitching from so many here that they are not seeing enough of the veteran characters, I am liking some of the new additions.

    EVEN THE VETERAN CHARACTERS WERE NEW CHARACTERS AT ONE TIME!! Give the newbies a chance and just enjoy the show.

    Not that hard to do now that the craziness and plagiarism that was MAB is gone and forgotten from this “veteran” viewer.

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    It’s all still rather curious to me. Nick was/is so concerned about Summer literally getting together with Kyle but is still unwilling to spill the beans? It all smells as if the latest paternity test will turn out to be an error.

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    Nah, Tedew… I don’t think that the show will go down the route that they did with Jill and Katherine and all those paternity tests with Cane and Katherine’s lost child. It would be too much.

    BUT seeing that this is a pattern in Genoa City for boyfriends and girlfriends to discover that they are related with either the same grandmommy or parents, I think the next time someone asks a character out instead of asking if they are single they should ask for a SWAB first of their mouths!


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    You should reverse the paternity test of Summer back to Nicholas being the father that hair could belong to anyone Avery or Faith. Sharon has been such a slut faith look better not being Nicholas child rather than Summer. Get it together or you all will be off the air like the other soaps. I am a loyal fan from the beginning of Y&R please get it together.

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    I don’t think this is the only good story…but I’m loving it.

    I think the writing and acting by most of the cast is what has always held the show together. Stafford will be missed.

    This year alone has been pretty good and consistent with the exception of the month of April. Both Feb and May sweeps months were great, as was the anniversary month of March. So overall the writing is back where this show needs it to be.

    With the exception of Dylan’s flashbacks, and the majority of the Kevin/Chloe mess…I think Josh is doing a good job since his return.

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