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Dante and Lulu sit and talk to Olivia in the hospital.  Dante mentions the first 24 hours are critical.  Lulu reassures him that his mother is tough, and will get through this. Dante tells her Anna took Sonny into custody, because Franco was the target.  Lulu agrees Sonny had motive, but points out so did a lot of others.  

Sam catches Silas trying to get information on Danny’s condition, and warns him off.  Silas tells her what the diagnosis will be, and the treatment necessary.  Sam accuses him of not having empathy, and orders him to leave her alone.  Silas tells her to call him when she ends up needing the best care for Danny.  
Carly tries to get information on Olivia, but is stopped by Shawn. He warns her that she won’t play him again.  Shawn accuses her of manipulating him, and informs her Sonny knows the truth.  Shawn had to lie to Alexis, but knows she’ll figure everything out soon enough. However, none of that may matter if Sonny comes after them.  
Anna wants Sonny to tell her about the hit on Franco.  She knows he didn’t pull the trigger, but asks which of his men did.  Anna points out Jason would have been the trigger man, normally, but someone else had to step up in this case.  Sonny claims he didn’t do it, and won’t admit to anything. He begs Anna to be allowed to go check on Olivia.  Sonny wants his lawyer, and accuses Anna of violating his rights.  Anna lets him go, but not before warning him she will get the shooter no matter what.    
Franco runs into Alexis, and talks her ear off. He ends up telling her about Olivia's shooting incident. Alexis is surprised to hear Sonny was arrested.   Franco informs her Sonny was on the terrace, but one of his men must have done it.  Alexis flashes back to her earlier conversation with Shawn. 
Diane wants to talk to Alexis about the custody case.  Alexis tells her Sam won’t be in court, because they’re waiting for Danny’s test results.  Diane agrees to a continuance.   
Sabrina and Patrick wake up together in complete bliss. He gets a call about Danny’s results being in, and heads to the hospital.  
Sonny gets to the hospital in time to overhear Dante say Sonny will pay if he’s responsible for what happened.  Sonny swears on his children’s lives he didn’t have Olivia shot.  Sonny spots Carly and storms off.  Lulu tells Dante to focus on Olivia, and heads out to find a doctor.  
Alexis calls Anna to ask about Sonny, but Anna tells her that he was released.  Alexis asks about the shooter, but Anna refuses to give out anymore information.  
Anna asks Shawn in for questioning.  She asks him to account for his whereabouts when Olivia was shot.  Anna points out Shawn was hired to protect Carly from Franco, and he now works for Sonny.  Anna knows none of Sonny’s men could have taken that shot, except Shawn.   She brings up his dishonorable discharge after the friendly fire incident. She notes it’s a similar incident to what just happened. Anna wants Shawn to confess to his involvement.  Shawn has nothing to say, and Anna warns him not to leave town.  
Sonny tells Carly he told her to stay away, and she went behind his back anyway. Now, Olivia is fighting for her life.  Sonny warns her if Liv dies, so does Carly.  Lulu sees them talking heatedly, and runs back to Olivia’s room.  
Diane asks Silas for a continuance, because of Danny's condition. However, Silas refuses. He wants a ruling today. 
Patrick tells Sam and Alexis he has the results, but wants to wait for Dr. Singh.   Sam begs for an answer, and Patrick admits Danny has Leukemia. Now, they need to discuss treatment.  Sam lists all the things Silas already told her. 
Franco runs into Carly and Sonny, and says he’s there to see Olivia.  Sonny warns him to stay away.  Franco mentions they already tried to kill him, but his lips are sealed for now.  

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    I absolutely adore Anna Devane. Love that she wouldn’t’ let Sonny have a stupid tantrum and that she knew immediately which one of Sonny’s guys had done the hit.

    I was really hoping that Lulu had overheard what Sonny said to Carly and reported back to Dante. I want them to know that Carly ordered the hit. Let her get some come uppence for once.

    Why is Silas such a horrible human being?

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    Angie Lucy

    Of all the people who have a right to hold something over Carly’s head, Franco shouldn’t be one of them. Another reason I’m hating this storyline.

    Sam, just deck Silas already.

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    I was warming up to Silas a tiny bit after the funny bubble bath joke he told Sam. But my gawd this guy is like a cold-hearted borg or something … his personality really sucks big time!

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    I like Silas. He’s blunt and to the point and totally unlike John McBain. I will give ME credit that he is not channelling John McBain the way that RoHo is coming off like Todd. We all know that at some point, Silas will have a deep dark secret that makes him seem cold and unfeeling which will be about the time that Sam falls in love with him.

    Anna is the bomb.

    Sonny and Carly deserve each other.

    When are we going to get a break from Franco?

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    I’m warming to Silas also coffeebean. Even though Sam and McBain were hot, I think/hope that watching Sam and Silas build a relationship (that isn’t totally negative like it is now) will be a better story in the long-run.

    The whole setup of this “hit” seemed kinda dumb, but I do like the drama that it is creating for Carly right now. She has always been one of my love-to-hate characters, so I enjoy watching her schemes blow up in her face. As long as I don’t have to watch it 5 days week. However, it is totally unbelievable that Sonny would intentionally kill her.

    I like Olivia and I’m not a huge fan of the Franco stuff, but that line about who wouldn’t want to kill Olivia because of her cloying accent made me laugh.

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    Sonny threatening Carly, the same dude who does have anger issues, but has always maintained that he would never harm a child or a woman, threatening the mother of his children, the same woman that he shot in the head while she was giving birth to one of said children over a plan that HE started that Carly just decided should happen on her time…yeaaaah not believable to me. Give me a break with that. Black Jason should’ve called to confirm.

    Great to see Anna again, I feel like it’s been a month since she’s been on, I hope they don’t dumb her down like they do the rest of the PCPD.

    My favorite part of the episode: THE HAIR!!!! IT HAS BEEN FREED! I think Silas probably lost a child to this disease or a patient that he was very close to which would explain his straightforward approach with Sam. He’s so aloof but it’s a nice change from John McBain who was the sweet always has to rescue the damsel in distress type of character. I actually like the character lol…I know..shocking! Obviously there’s backstory there that will hopefully explain why he’s so blunt and aloof.

    As for Patrick and Sabrina….ew. Her wearing the glasses again just made me think that it was a gender reversed version of Ms. Robinson…awkward. If Sabrina were more mature the ick factor wouldn’t be so high.

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    I like Silas, too. I figure that Carlivati is going out of his way to make him unlikable for a reason. I’ll wait it out and see what happens.

    It’s a shame, though. They aren’t going out of their way to make Frodd unlikable. He just is–for me, at least.

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    OK why has there been NO DISCUSSION on this site about the DAYTIME EMMY AWARDS which is happening on SUNDAY? This despite the fact that 1) every year you guys blog and talk on the podcast about how the whole industry should be touting these awards to drum up visibility (yet you’re not doing that) and 2) HLN has done way more to make the process more transparent and viewer friendly than any other network in the history of these awards — by most notably providing the episode submissions on their website for the acting categories so instead of just shooting blindly, we can actually watch the submissions and make informed decisions on who might win.

    There should’ve been posts analyzing the acting races from viewing the submissions by the likes of Jamey Giddens and Jillian Bowe not to mention a Daytime Emmy prediction podcast doing the same. You guys could’ve even invited Tom O’Neil to podcast with you since he has the power to bring mainstream media attention to the Daytime Emmys and in fact he’s doing WAY more to cover the race over at Goldderby than you guys are!

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    They don’t post about the submissions you say? You mean, like theses ones?

    …yeah so, come again.

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    Luke Kerr


    It’s amazing what “no discussion” looks like.

    Our Emmy Predictions Podcast will be published on Friday. We will also be having our annual Daytime Emmy live blog, in addition to our coverage on and post Emmy day.

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    Daniel St. John

    I am warming to Silas now that I have gotten past my own issue of wanting him to be more McBain-like.
    The guy is smug, aloof and a bit of a bastard but I’m interested to see the reasons why.

    Alexis’ sudden attack of scruples over Shawn working for Sonny is just ridiculous. Aside from the hypocrisy of her being Sonny and Jason’s lawyer for years, what exactly did she think Shawn’s duties were? The guy is an ex-Marine sniper and mercenary! A crime lord doesn’t hire a guy with that skill set just have around as a driver.

    I did enjoy both Shawn and Sonny tearing I to Carly. No one deserves it more and I always get a kick out of Carly being put in her place especially since it happens so seldomly.

    I am going to need the writing for Franco to start reeling in the quirky, devil may care, weirdo vibe. If the point of recasting RH in this role and retconning the characters past misdeeds is to make Franco viable then the character is going to have to start behaving less like a campy short-term villain and more like a relatively normal long term soap villain/anti-hero.

    And I am so glad they are not writing Anna like a bumbling idiot in her job as police commissioner. She is on the ball with all of her investigative leaps in this case. Poor Mac would have still been probably arrested Sabrina for Olivia’s shooting with how incompetent Guza used to write him as the commissioner.

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    I like Silas. He can be harsh but Sam should be grateful for his diagnosis and the info he gave her so she can get Danny treatment ASAP. She should not be concerned that he is not sugar coating things and worrying about her feelings. Patrick was hesitant to give her the bad news because he knew it would be stressful but Sam begged him to tell it to her straight. I hope she will realize,sooner than later,that Silas is doing what is best to help her son.
    It would be a full circle moment if Kristina is the match for Danny since it was Lila’s stem cells that saved Kristina.
    I like Sabrina and Patrick separately but not sold on them as a couple yet.
    Love Anna not putting up with Sonny’s b.s. Loving the aftermath of the shooting except for Shawn. He looks so inept and him wanting to strangle Carly because she made him look like a fool? He needs to take responsibility of his own actions, and Carly hers.

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    Lucy D.

    I too like Silas. Obviously his attitude is a set-up of what’s to come. He can’t arrive on the scene as a caring individual, there’d be no drama in that.

    LOVE Anna (I may say that every day she’s on screen).

    Sonny’s reaction to Carly is, in my view, absolutely within his reality. He’s mad someone dared to go against his orders. I don’t think he would carry through on his threat to Carly, but it’s totally within him to say he will.

    Alexis also threatened to kill Franco. I’m not keeping track but on a soap don’t all these threats usually lead to a who dun it? I doubt that will happen in this case–since it’s Roger, but it’s an interesting tactic.

    Yes Patrick and Sabrina are ick! But I don’t pay much attention when they’re on screen together, though I will enjoy Sabrina letting Britt know what happened. I’m hoping that will somehow spur Britt’s mom to do something that will bring Robin back to us.

  14. Profile photo of pjc722

    I don’t mind Silas but don’t understand his motivation in insisting on the custody ruling.

    BUT why on ABC soaps is ONE DOCTOR the only one who has a cure OR IS THE go to guy for all diseases. It was always David on AMC (again its him on Hulu) and Silas or Patrick on GH.

    Who would think that if Silas is so great he’d be at the mayo clinic or ST JUDE’S HOSP for children or something. I wish they would add some context to these characters level of super doctor! We met silas with a mop in his hand in a disgusting hospital in NYC, for cryin out loud.

    I’m not for the vampire story but lets hope that’s what he is and his “u will need me to save Danny later” proclamation will be that he breaks his skin and lets Danny drink his blood to cure him with his vampire blood.

    Otherwise… Someone deck this jerk for Sam! Sam take your child to st Jude’s where they have a bed side manner.

    And I really liked this episode. It was good fun drama. Make someone pay and it will be even better for me.

    Lol Franco blackmailing Carly. Can’t wait for his trial where she forgets all his bad deeds.

  15. Profile photo of GHFan777

    Anna Devane is DA BOMB! I just love her. Total kick ass! What fantastic scenes with her and Sonny in this eppy. It is almost a sacrilege that these same Anna/Sonny, scenes were aired in the same episode as Puketrina sex scenes….which were just plain yucky. Praying for a miracle that FV and RC realize that Puketrina isn’t working for a lot of the viewing audience….and move her a long to someone else. I don’t actually mind the character of Sabrina…just not with Patrick.

    I kind of like that Silas is such a jerk, because this character is at least A LOT different than John…. The differences help him to come off more believable as a new character…UNLIKE Tranco/Frodd, who is Todd in Franco clothing…RH is amusing..but his one liners are purely Toddesque.

    Silas and Sam have some heavy dislike going right now…should be interesting to see how the writers turn this around. I am actually looking forward to this story line with poor baby Danny.

    Hoping that Carly has to pay some kind of price for ordering a killing….because Anna WILL figure this out.

  16. Profile photo of ANGELWENDY15

    I also loved Anna standing up to Sonny and Shaun. I love seeing a strong woman on soaps. I have to say Maurice has been doing some good acting the last few days. He hasn’t had much story-line lately and he seems to really be getting into it now, with those dark ,killer looks. I don’t think I’ve heard him mumble over his lines in the last few days.
    ME’s hair is finally back!!!! He looks SO much better. He’s got great hair, love it long and with those blue eyes. I think he is playing Silas so cold, as to be completely opposite from John McBain. I predicted we would see a transformation with his hair and I still think little by little, Silas will lighten up and show more feeling, thanks to Sam. There is probably more to Silas Clay then meets the eye.

  17. Profile photo of pjc722

    So agree abt stronger woman on soaps!! Christ the shows are basically geared towards women and the small amount of men-gay or str8- who watch them!

    I hope they see this through to a verdict at trial. Fans deserve seeing someone pay even if Shawn takes the bullet for carly and Sonnys revenge.

    Loving Anna.

  18. Profile photo of mfarris70

    This kind of “fallout” episode after the action always highlights a soaps strengths, both acting and writing. GH did not disappoint. Carly really showed the most despicable side of personality, lying and refusing to accept blame for her actions. So glad that Anna is a smart cop and quickly figures things out. This episode gave Maurice Bernard some great material for his Emmy reel.

  19. Profile photo of Perkie

    I loved Anna digging the knife in Shawn: “It’s just like that time with the friendly fire isn’t it” and “what did it feel like to see the bullet rip through Olivia’s flesh and bones instead of Franco’s”

    Although I wanted to see a bit of fear/worry on Shawn’s face. I wish direction would have had SB show something a bit more than cockyness because Shawn just botched a hit and law enforcement are onto him in a matter of hours. There should be fear there as well as anger towards Carly.

    I’m still giggling over Sonny throwing stuff on the floor and Anna smoothly telling him to calm down as she non challantly picks up the chair from the floor. No yelling back like Mac or Taggert or even Lucky may have done.

    I love when Alexis got all lawyery with Anna about Sonnys’ rights and Anna was all, “I could hold him for 48 hours but only held him for 8. That’s showing restraint”. I could almost hear the mental “bitch please” running in Anna’s head.

    I think Laura Wright did a bang up job of looking scared. And I’m so looking forward to an Anna/Carly scene. Please show, give that to me!!

    In other words, I loved Anna/Finola Hughes!!!

    As for Silas, I get that some people think this is a lead up to the Sam/Silas super couple-occity, and that at least ME is playing different than JOhn, but there has to be a middle ground between John Mcbain and Silas Clay because right now, I see nothing redeemable or rootable with him. At least Franco’s giving me some funny one liners. Too many, but still.

    Silas is acting like Sam’s keeping Danny from medical treatment in a trailer somewhere. She had an appointment with her pediatrician to chekc his rash but Silas spotted it first. She went straight to the hospital to have Danny checked the minute Silas scared her about it. She agreed to all the tests and spent the night at the hospital waiting for the tests. What the hell more does the man want?

  20. Profile photo of mfarris70

    [quote=Perkie]Why is Silas such a horrible human being?[/quote]

    That’s what’s keeping me tuned in tomorrow! Glad to see commentors are moving past their initial reactions and seeing the possibilities of this new character.

  21. Profile photo of js3557

    I hate McSilas’ hair. It always looks dirty and it’s not flattering. I am biased, however, because I have always hated long hair on men.

    Sam should get over McSilas’ cold demeanor and be grateful he recognized what was wrong with Danny. I get not liking him, but he’s already proven that he was right to be concerned about Danny’s health, so telling him to go to hell is a bit bitchy and definitely ungrateful.

    Patrick and Sabrina = gross and boring

    Anna was great, but she too made that all too common mistake of the PCPD because she jumped to the conclusion that Sonny ordered the hit. The PCPD always blames Sonny when he doesn’t do something and always ignores or can’t prove when he does do something.

  22. Profile photo of CinLee

    Anna was downright chilling and spot on with her portrayal through the questionings. Anna rocks.

    I agree with Perkie re: Silas being unrootable. At least Franco, with RoHo at the wheel, is entertaining.

  23. Profile photo of samIShot

    I like Silas, too. I figure that Carlivati is going out of his way to make him unlikable for a reason. I’ll wait it out and see what happens.

    His insistence on knowing what’s happening with Danny and his heartless need to get Rafe from Sam tells me he probably lost a son in his backstory, probably to leukemia. That’s what made him so cold and it will be Sam who gives him emotion.

    Let’s remember John McBain was not a real beacon of emotion to begin with.

  24. Profile photo of

    Just when I think I can’t watch anymore, I’m hooked again. The show is getting so good again.

  25. Profile photo of GHteenybopper

    [quote=TV Gord]GHteenybopper and Luke Kerr: That’s one hell of an impressive smackdown! Well done![/quote]

    LOL thanks…this is what happens when I watch basketball and my team loses and I’m all hyped up in the middle of the night

  26. Profile photo of Perkie

    [quote]Sam should get over McSilas’ cold demeanor and be grateful he recognized what was wrong with Danny[/quote]

    That would be fine if he was her doctor, or the specialist brought in, but he’s some random a**hole, who looks like the guy who tried to kill her and is trying to take her foster child away. Why would she beleive him much less be grateful to him? At best, all he did was speed up the diagnosis by a day or so since Sam was already on her way to having Danny checked out.

    [quote]he probably lost a son in his backstory, probably to leukemia.[/quote]

    But if he’s too much of a douche then I won’t care. First impressions are everything especially in tv land where attention spans are short.

  27. Profile photo of ANGELWENDY15

    I love reading this board because so many of you have such great ideas and some stories wind up being what you said. I also think that is why Silas Clay is so cold. Somewhere in his past he lost a child or patient from the same thing that Danny has. That is why he’s put such walls up, to block out any emotions. I somehow think Sam will break those walls down eventually.
    Maurice and Laura W. have been spot-on in their acting these last few days. The anger in Sonny’s eyes, and Carly looking at him with such fright. Great acting! I really am liking Roger H as Franco. Every time he’s on, I just watch to see what he will say or do because he ad-libs alot. Some people say he chews up a scene, yes, but, he’s different, and I like that. I can’t wait to see today’s show with him and Lauren.

  28. Profile photo of mipeony

    I am so darn happy that they finally let ME’s hair down, that I almost didn’t pay attention to the rest of the episode. Almost. I love me a man with long dark hair and pretty eyes. My last serious relationship was with a man who looked like a cross between Rob Zombie and Kid Rock, so heck, ME could let his hair go way longer and I’d be happier still. It’s a very nice change when all the other men on the show have short, short hair for the most part. Diversity is a very nice thing!

    Okay, Silas is still an ass. Yes, sure he told Sam what was wrong with Danny, but he was a caveman ass the entire way, and he didn’t have to be. There had better be something coming soon that explains what a royal ass he’s being, or his character is going to go in the same no-return-from spot in my view as Greasy Lisa was in from the moment she started messing with Robin. Personally I would love it if old Silas went on staff at GH and both Liz and Epipfhany (sorry about the spelling there folks) and maybe Patrick also got a chance to yell at him about how to treat patients and their loved ones better. My guess is the judge won’t like him still pushing the custody thing while Sam’s son is in the hospital, so he makes a concession that Silas has to move to PC and start work at the hospital here to get to know Rafe gradually. It’s just my guess though.

    Sonny threatening Carly was off to me. I liked that it happened, but Sonny threatens to kill so many people that it was kind of a eh moment for me. Why do they seem to be playing it that Olivia is the long lost love of Sonny’s life and not Kate like they’ve been telling us for years? Personally I think Brenda is the only true love of Sonny’s life, but it looks like they’re going to be switching up the Bensonhurst broads right now.

  29. Profile photo of mfarris70

    I thought that Sonny’s threat against Carly was PERFECTLY in character for him. Sonny is the boss (in his mind) in all aspects of life and he’s always treated the women he loves as underlings with a high consequence for disobeying. Ordinary people don’t think to actually kill people who cross them but that’s part and parcel in Sonny’s “coffee importing” business. It’s the only way of life he knows.

    As for Sean being a lousy hitman, it worked for me, too. He didn’t really want to do it and he has a shaky past regarding his aim. And Alexis was smart enough to quickly figure it out. We love when are characters are smart. I don’t think it will take long for everyone to figure out Carly’s involvement, which will make her the town pariah– just like Franco. Bonding moment!

    In real life, many mobsters have been brought down after years of eluding justice by some small mistake, i.e. tax evasion, accounting, etc. Wouldn’t it be great if Sonny’s whole business cam crashing down because of Carly’s stupid mistake and the government seized all their assets– including homes and the Metro Court. Talk about conflict!

  30. Profile photo of J Bernard Jones
    J Bernard Jones

    Perkie wrote

    Although I wanted to see a bit of fear/worry on Shawn’s face. I wish direction would have had SB show something a bit more than cockyness because Shawn just botched a hit and law enforcement are onto him in a matter of hours. There should be fear there as well as anger towards Carly.

    I didn’t see it that way at all. Since his introduction, the only time Shawn has been emotional/scared was when he first suffered his PTSD attacks including when Bernie was shot at Sonny’s Olde Time Italian Subway. Otherwise, he’s been pretty much an “even keel” kind of character. In the immediate aftermath of shooting Olivia, he was shaken (“Oh my God, what have I done?”) and then when he confronted Carly, there was some truly genuine anger when he got all up in her face. I think it only natural that he would play it cool to the authorities, Alexis and anyone else with whom he’d come into contact.

    I think Laura Wright did a bang up job of looking scared.

    I love this on so many levels! Wright is so on the money! She’s almost literally paralyzed by fear (what she did, the reactions of Shawn & Sonny) and shame & guilt (the shooting of her employee and friend, Olivia) and self-justification (trying to kill Franco to protect her family).

    There is something else here that I thought was really interesting: last week, several commentators noticed that Wright was playing Carly as smug and possibly gleeful about killing Franco. Some thoguht it was an odd acting choice, while others like myself thought that choice was all about some part of Carly being happy to be back in the game of “being Carly” again (“What you don’t think I’m a capable liar?”). Remember when she so self-satisfyingly said that “Killing Franco is possibly the best thing I have ever done.” I was reminded of the Biblical passage that pride goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.

    I think that choice — Carly’s hubris — was also to contrast the terrible predicament into which she’s put herself, Sonny, Shawn and Olivia in by her actions. I know that many have a strong point about Shawn’s not checking in with Sonny and going off Carly’s say-so, but Shawn had his own reasons for wanting Franco dead — specifically Franco had threatened Jocelyn, a child Shawn has grown very fond of when Carly & he were doing their dance of the seven veils — so I can see why he’d jump the gun, so to speak. But it was Carly who set all this in motion (even if Sonny was already planning something) and I love how Wright is playing this out so far.

    ANGELWENDY15 wrote

    I have to say Maurice has been doing some good acting the last few days.

    I concur. Especially loved those scenes at the elevator with Carly. Without any bar ware to throw around, Benard had to show his rage through (mostly) restraint and it was very well done. Nary a line stumbled over, either!

  31. Profile photo of mfarris70

    JBERNARDJONES: I agree with your comment about Maurice Bernard’s restraint. What another performer might express with shouting and throwing things, MB did with hushed tones, subtle hand movements and direct stare. It was as though Sonny was keeping himself from lunging at Carly.

  32. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    As much as I’ve had my difficulties with the characters of Carly and Sonny, from an acting perspective, LW and MB have always been solid, dependable performers. Specific acting choices aside, I can honestly say watching the elevator confrontation was like watching a mini reel of their entire relationship/history. These two will always have that “walking-on-a-highwire” balancing act that will have them in each others’ orbits for the duration of their lives… 0:)

  33. Profile photo of Perkie

    [quote]I have to say Maurice has been doing some good acting the last few days.[/quote]

    Disclaimer: I have always hated Sonny with the heat of a thousand suns and if I must admit it, I’ve never been a fan of MB either. I find he reaches for his lines too much and don’t get me started on his “crying”.

    Having said that, I thought he did a really good job in Thursday episode. The fluctuations with Anna, throwing the chair and when that didn’t work, pleading to go see Olivia and when that didn’t work, pulling out the lawyer line were all played with the right tone. Then his scene with Carly, the barely contained anger, which was very believable for me and then the flippant dismisal of Franco only to realize that Franco knows the truth. The look on his face at that realization was well done.

    [quote] Otherwise, he’s been pretty much an “even keel” kind of character.[/quote]

    But that’s what I mean, he’s normally unflappable, but this should have flapped him. NOt only does Anna have a file that’s telling her everything he’s done in the past but she’s detailing what she beleives happened the night before and it’s dead on. (smart girl, my Anna!!) He should have had a slight moment of panic. It didn’t have to be all out there for Anna to see, like Carly is showing, but just a brief blip to show that he’s in doodoo and knows it.

    Speaking of Carly, girlfriend needs to wipe that look of guilt off her face if she doesn’t want the entire world to know exactly who was behind this hit. Just one look at her and they’ll know, it’s written all over her face. I thought for sure that’s what Lulu would tell Dante when she went back to the room.

  34. Profile photo of js3557

    [quote=Perkie][quote]Sam should get over McSilas’ cold demeanor and be grateful he recognized what was wrong with Danny

    [quote=Perkie]That would be fine if he was her doctor, or the specialist brought in, but he’s some random a**hole, who looks like the guy who tried to kill her and is trying to take her foster child away. Why would she beleive him much less be grateful to him? At best, all he did was speed up the diagnosis by a day or so since Sam was already on her way to having Danny checked out.[/quote]

    It shouldn’t matter that he wasn’t officially Danny’s doctor. If some doctor came up to me and my child and said your child is really sick and needs to see a doctor now, I would not care if he was the rudest person on earth. I would immediately take my kid to the hospital and then thank the rude doctor for the heads up. Danny was scheduled for his yearly check-up the next week, but there is no guarantee that a pediatrician would pick up on what the rash meant immediately. Many pediatricians miss the signs and symptoms of serious illnesses because they do not specialize in those illnesses. They often don’t put the pieces together until multiple symptoms present. Children get rashes all the time. Children get sick all the time. A pediatrician who doesn’t specialize in oncology might not think cancer upon seeing a rash on a baby, where an oncologist would recognize that specific type of rash immediately.

    My main point, though, was that Silas was proven to be correct, and Sam did not thank him once for getting her to bring Danny in right away. Even if the guy is the biggest jerk on the planet, I am going to treat him the way I want to be treated and thank him for helping my son.

    And then telling Silas to go to hell when he is just trying to tell you the best course of treatment for your child’s cancer is wrong. Doctor’s aren’t required to be nice and pleasant. They are required to try and save lives. Sam can hate him all she wants, but she should put Danny’s health before her dislike of Silas. If a jackass could save my kid’s life, I would listen to that jackass and thank him for his help.

  35. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    [quote=mfarris70]Well stated, SwanQueen59! They’ve had such a good relationship that I’m looking forward to seeing the polar opposite![/quote]

    Thank you!…. 0:)

  36. Profile photo of samIShot

    Dr. Silas House, MD. reporting to GH for duty.
    Bad attitude, but probably scarred from something in the past.
    Some hate sex with Sam could fix that right up.

  37. Profile photo of Perkie

    [quote]My main point, though, was that Silas was proven to be correct[/quote]

    Not at that moment he wasn’t. Sam hadn’t gotten the results yet, she was still waiting for them. The results could have been different then what Silas predicted.

    Do we know what specialty Silas is in?

    [quote]If a jackass could save my kid’s life, I would listen to that jackass and thank him for his help.[/quote]

    But why does he need to be a jackass?!

  38. Profile photo of samIShot

    I am amazed the writers have been able to keep straight who knows what and who doesnt and who barely misses running into who in this Lauren saga. Most of it was believable but are we really supposed to believe Alice doesn’t know where Michael lives? Hard to believe the densest one in the bunch (Morgan), will be the first to put it together…..

  39. Profile photo of pjc722

    SAMIshot, I’m surprised after all this time you are questioning the intelligence of the writing team on GH.

    Or was that rhetorical?


  40. Profile photo of Rikkithecat

    I can say through personal experience that I ran into doctors like Silas when my mom was in the hospital for cancer treatment.

    While some doctors were wonderful and compassionate, others were detached and often rude.

    I spoke to a nurse about this and she told me that they were detached (especially some in pediatrics)because if they became emotionally attached to their patients it would be impossible to do their job.

  41. Profile photo of js3557

    They hadn’t confirmed the diagnosis, but they knew it was a strong possibility. And why be a jackass? Because he can if he chooses to. I wish everyone in this world was nice and thoughtful, but they aren’t. And it’s true what Rickithecat wrote, many doctors are distant and even seem rude in order to distance themselves. Many people who work with the sick or with victims of some kind have to cut off their emotions in order to do their jobs. I don’t care if a doctor is emotionless and rude as long as he is doing his job. He was giving Sam the truth straight out without pulling any punches and she couldn’t handle it. Maybe it irked me because she is supposed to be this ride or die chick that can handle anything. But she’s proven over and over again that she’s not. Of course, your child being sick is the worst thing ever, so I guess I will wait and see how she treats Silas from here on out.

  42. Profile photo of tvlover01

    Its ok for Silas to be a jackass because he’s being one to Sam if it was anybody else all hell would break loose. It doesn’t matter that she’s a first time mom and is scared .She should suck it up and b grateful that some random doctor (who for all she know could be out to get her) diagnosed her kid with out proof

    I am miss my Queen Liz I love the relationship they are building with Nik. I wish they showed Nik in scenes with his cousin Danny.

    Anna D is the best part about this show. I loved how she went in on Shawn and Sonny. I can’t wait to see Alexis read Shawn

  43. Profile photo of Cornfed

    @pjc — i thought of you when Franco chimed in “hey wait, Danny is my nephew!” — like we didn’t see THAT plot twist coming a mile away….

    RoHo is the obligatory “prop actor” on GH — on Y/R it’s Eric B, on Days it’s James Scott. RoHo has his plate of food while talking with Alexis, yawn.

    Not sure if i’m commenting on the right thread since i’m way behind. Still enjoying the Diane/Franco scenes but FF-ing thru all the Lauren/Franco stuff at the Q mansion. Don’t care.

    This ep Finola Hughes was good, as was Laura Wright. Enough with Franco already.

  44. Profile photo of Cornfed

    [quote=SwanQueen59]As much as I’ve had my difficulties with the characters of Carly and Sonny, from an acting perspective, LW and MB have always been solid, dependable performers. Specific acting choices aside, I can honestly say watching the elevator confrontation was like watching a mini reel of their entire relationship/history. These two will always have that “walking-on-a-highwire” balancing act that will have them in each others’ orbits for the duration of their lives… 0:)[/quote]

    I too loved these scenes for some of the very reasons stated here. Unfortunately NuLu sorta ruined at least one moment. That voice, UGH! |(

  45. Profile photo of js3557

    Right, I’m not allowed to criticize poor little Sam. For the record, I have criticized Liz when she did wrong (Niz part one, DNA switch, etc). This has nothing to do with Liz. This is Sam’s behavior. If Liz was acting this way I would say the same thing. Telling the man who helped you to get your kid to the hospital to be diagnosed and who is trying to tell you the best way to treat your child’s illness to go to hell is wrong and stupid. No matter who does it.

  46. Profile photo of tvlover01

    js3557 You totally missed my point your Sam hate is blinding you I didn’t say any thing about criticizing Sam my point was about Silas being an ass and It being ok for him to be one to Sam because it’s Sam. That was the point I was making so…If he would have spoken that way to Anna telling her Emma have Cancer then walking away like that she would drop kick his ass then tell him to come back with proof. Its not about his Diagnosis being right or wrong it’s his delivery. He didn’t help Danny get to the hospital he already had an appointment. The reason I won’t give him credit is because Danny has a blood disorder so I knew it wouldn’t be a regular 1 year old check up they would have to draw blood to make sure meds are working and I’m pretty sure they would have caught that his blood count was more abnormal than usual and asked for further testing. All he did was scare a mother shitless without proof. I’m glad she took him straight to hospital cause I just knew she would have been called a bad mother.

    As a healthcare professional myself and working directly with doctor most are assholes true but never to the patients themselves mostly to staff and people around them. Doctors that work with or around children are usually extra compassionate.

  47. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    This isnt about not being able to criticize sam. geez. its about the fact that i dont think you would be criticizing the other characters for reacting in such fashion if some man that is trying to take away the characters foster child casually and condescendingly informs said character that her other child has a potentially fatal illness. He isnt just any random doctor, he is the guy that blew sam off about meeting rafe and then flew back and demanded custody even going so far as to refuse a continuance. Even his lawyer was horrified at his behavior.

  48. Profile photo of js3557

    And I’m saying that yes I would criticize any other character for acting this way. I have stated multiple times that I think this guy is a jerk, but as a mother, I would not tell a man that helped me get my son diagnosed and treated to go to hell. I would be an adult and thank him and walk away.

    tvlover – I tok your comment that if it was anyone being treated that way I would have been all over Silas to mean that it was wrong to criticize Sam’s behavior. I criticized both Sam and Silas. I thought Sam was putting her emotions before her son’s health and treatment. I thought SIlas was rude. I have dealt with many rude doctors in my life. Like I said before, I don’t care if they are abrupt, rude or cold as long as they are doing what they are supposed to with regard to my health or the health of my kids.

    My comments about Liz were directed to FFIT, who specifically said that I wouldn’t be reacting this way if it were Liz. That was why I listed some of the times I have criticized Liz.

    My dislike of Sam isn’t over because Jason is gone because it was never based solely on Jason or Liz. I’ve always said that I have disliked the character since she came on the show and screwed Jax over. Almost everything she has done since has just reinforced that dislike. I don’t dislike Sam or criticize Sam because I’m on “team Liason”. I disliked her long before she was ever dumped on Jason’s doorstep by Sonny.

  49. Profile photo of tvlover01

    js3557 I get the point you were making I just thought you didn’t get mine. It wasn’t about Sam at all it was just about Silas and how most of the women would basically react the same way to him being a jackass I mean Anna would kick his ass then call Patrick. To me it seem like everybody was like yea he’s a jackass but it’s ok cause he being one Sam.

    JS I wasn’t trying to come for you for your Sam hate I know you hate her for lots of reason. I’m a huge fan of your post they always make the most sense to me and are funny I just had a different opinion on the Sam/Silas fiasco. I’m one of those people who love Liz and Sam (Liason and Jasam)and every couple in between so I try to see both sides and stay netural

    My second comment about Sam and Liz was to everyone who seem to still keep up the war I mean Borg is dead and these women are basically over it.

  50. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Interesting that today sam took silas’s recommendation and thanked him while Alexis yelled at him. I will wait for the alexis criticism

    I just think seriously that the fact that silas was trying to take rafe is being overlooked. He hasnt been just a jerky doctor he was also the jerky doctor who was trying to take sams foster child away from her over and above the 16 year olds objections.

    I also have to say – the cards in the very stupid jax/sam card story belonged to sams family and were stolen I thought. jax wanted the cards because his father falsely believed they were lucky. even jax thought the idea was absurd. Sam too thought they were lucky and at the time had danny on the road and in hiding, so while jax was chasing them for someone he loved, so too was sam. the entire story was ridiculous but I dont get hating sam for it.

  51. Profile photo of js3557

    EET – That stupid story was the start of my dislike of Sam…not the sole reason. I didn’t like how she disabled the car so that Jax missed saying goodbye to his dying father over some stupid cards. Then I didn’t like how she slept with Jax and Sonny the same night. Then I didn’t like how she kept threatening to get an abortion if Sonny and Jason didn’t do x,y and z. The dislike just grew from there. I’ve never really been a fan of the bad girl anyway. I like the good girls with spunk, like Robin, Liz, Georgie, Karen, Brenda, etc. I don’t like the bad girls with the sketchy pasts getting the better of the good girls (realizing that none of them are completely good or bad and just meaning this in a general personality trending kind of way). I just think it sends a bad message. Do horrible things and you will be rewarded. Be a good person and you are boring and get walked on. JMHO

    tvlover01 – Thanks and I didn’t take offense. I just wanted to make sure you knew where I was coming from. I’ve never seen it as a Liz vs. Sam issue. My dislike of Sam is not tied to my liking of Liz. I don’t like the things Sam did to Liz, but I already didn’t like Sam any way.

    I haven’t watched today’s episode yet, but I will be happy to see Sam thank Silas and I will absolutely criticize Alexis for not saying thank you. I get them being angry with him about the abrupt way he tried to take Rafe away, but I don’t get them being angry that SIlas wants to be a part of his nephew’s life. Maybe if Sam had been more open and receptive when Silas wanted to meet and talk to Silas, Rafe wouldn’t have freaked out as much and Silas wouldn’t have moved for custody. Of course, Silas could have been nicer about the whole thing to make things go more smoothly as well.

  52. Profile photo of tvlover01

    Liz, Brenda, Robin , Georgie yea Karen hell to the no hated her. Liz and Brenda always had that edge to me that just made me relate and see that they are human and make mistakes. Robin and Georgie to me was Straight up good to the core, which made them good friends for people like Maxie, Liz, and Brenda.

    I like the bad girls to but I’d rather have bad girls stay bad and feisty with some soul that you sorta root for her or just love to hate and let the good girls be good and be heroines. I think they messed up when they tried to make Sam a heroine I think they should’ve kept her bitchy and scheming and people would respond to her better. But I think with the new writing her character is finally getting fleshed out and not just a Jason prop she actually have a pov wheather or not you agree with is something else

    I agree with you JS hated Sam when she first came on the story was awful and I loved TB’s Carly. I started to like her when they threw her in Jasons orbit.

  53. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Im just talking about the standard here. I dont think of sam or maxie or brenda or even liz as bad per se. i reserve that word for characters like claudia (as much as I wanted to like her) or lisa who did very little during their time on the show that was positive. But if the standard of bad is sam then the only two characters on that list that i think are “good” is georgie – who died before she ever got a chance to do anything bad on the show – and robin. I dont see brenda karen or liz being any better than sam.

    And I didnt like sam when she first came on either because the way they were writing her didnt fit – if shes crafty one would think she would know how to figure out the back of a dress from the front of a dress. when she got dragged in to the whole carson stuff, i was rooting for tb’s carly, but once she was paired with jason and they developed a vision for the character, i started to really adore her. But even when i didnt like sam, i wouldnt have categorized her as “bad”.

  54. Profile photo of js3557

    It’s my opinion that Liz, Karen, and Brenda are good girls who have made mistakes, hence my comment that I meant it as a general personality trait and said that none of them are all good or all bad. I see Carly and Sam as bad girls who occasionally do good things. I see Liz, Robin, et al as good girls who occasionally do bad things. I get that you disagree, though.

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