Soap Stars Party it up at 2013 Daytime Emmy Nominee Reception (PHOTOS)


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26 May 2012
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Kelly Kruger??? LMAO! What is SHE doing there? Is she Darin Brooks' girlfriend? Laughing out loud

Ari Zucker looks faboosh! Love the burlesque-esque dress and the new shorter and darker do!

Jen Lilley is a beautiful girl, but bring back the blonde in her hair.

What has happened to Doug Davidson? He is looking o-l-d. Laughing out loud I like his jacket though.

Eric Martsolf's style is flawless.

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15 August 2009
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Kara Mosley !!! stealing the show- in the best of ways!

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22 June 2011
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What the hell is Doug Davidson wearing? Is Ross Moss his fashion consultant? Heather Tom used to be such a flawless fashionista so it's a shock to see her wearing some goofy Judy Jetson drag. Best dressed of all is Haley Pullos. Cute, fashion forward, and age appropriate.

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9 September 2009
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Darin Brooks, Lawrence St.Victor, Lamon Archey and Tracey Bregman all looked great.

Poor Doug Davidson. Age is not looking well on him. I had to do a double take because I thought I was looking at Susan Flannery with that get-up he had on. And his wife looked like she raided Bea Arthur's closet. Not good.

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29 December 2009
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Why does Tracey Bergman always wear dresses that she is popping out of? Jen Lilly was without a doubt the best dressed along with Michael Muhney' s daughter.