Susan Flannery and John McCook Reunite at Creative Arts Daytime Emmys (PHOTOS)

Susan Flannery reunited with her former The Bold and the Beautiful hubby John McCook at the 40th Annual Creative Arts Daytime Emmys on June 13. The evening was a good night for CBS Daytime, which took home 13 statues. See more red carpet and Daytime Emmy winner photos after the jump!

Brad Bell and Jack Allocco


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    Big CONGRATULATIONS to Jack Alloco and his team. They are awesome!!!!

    …and Fuck Jill Phelps for firing the best damn music team in daytime. Y&R has lost its soul without the music that was around for decades.

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    Idk that JFP fired Jack, I thought he got the boot from LML…Y&R had the best music/score in the game… Not feeling Flannery dye job, but she’s missed on B&B….

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    Susan Flannery looks so great in this haircolor!

    The Staf looks uh-mazing! Leaving Y&R obviously agrees with her.

    Had to be a little sad seeing Brad Bell’s undeserved glee and the next picture is FV holding one to his one statue.

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    …. OLTL & GH tied in this category , so Frank V is probably representing OLTL alone in his solo shot and with the GH team with the group … a double win for him….

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    re: Y&R Emmy-winning Music team…they were all let go by Jill Phelps last year. She brought in her own cronies possibly or some new folks that cant hold a candle to the music that Jack, Jez, and David produced for the show for decades. It’s criminal that bitch was allowed to do that. I’m not certain who oversees the craft services for the show who could’ve stopped this. Is it CBS (Angelica?) or Sony who manages the actors’ contracts. Either way this should’ve NEVER been allowed to happen. I will say the show has improved under Phelps, BUT, the music change was a big fat NEGATIVE. It leaves a hole in the show. The new composers suck.

    If you want to listen to some of the old tracks from the former music production team, you can check out the Young & Restless soundtrack they released with the cues from iTunes or on YouTube.

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    hey mon

    Just thinking how good it would have been to have the ‘old’ music on Y&R during Summer’s Paternity Reveal when Nick was alone looking at the test results.

    Nick looking at the fact that he and Summer are not related… GONG… flurry of cellos…. Nick looks again, starts tearing up and semi-crying ….GONG…. flurry of cellos.

    (Dont pretend like you dont know which score I am talking about, cause ya know.)

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    I know EXACTLY which one. That’s what so cool about that music they used. It underscored the scenes perfectly and it was familiar to us long term viewers. You don’t change that type of stuff. It is not too late for them to undo this new crap that Phelps has brought in. Fix it, PLEASE!

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