Daytime Couples Step Out at 40th Annual Daytime Emmy Red Carpet (PHOTOS)

Whether real life couples, two stars from the same show, family members or two old friends bumping into each other, the 40th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards red carpet was the place to be paired up. Check out more 40th Annual Daytime Emmy Award photos after the jump!

Ed Scott and Melody Thomas Scott

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  1. Profile photo of Yoryla

    Okay, so how do I know who are a couple in real life and who are just posing together for a pic?

    Are Linsey Godfrey and Robert Adamson a couple?

    Michael Corbett! :D How great it is to see him again. Damn, he was nutso on Y&R!

    WTH is Lisa LoCicero wearing??? :o

    KKL looks faboosh!

  2. Profile photo of Secrets and Lies
    Secrets and Lies

    As long as Lisa LoCicero looks like that (p. 28), she should wear whatever she wants. She’s an actress at an awards show for heaven’s sake. Plus she looks to be among the absolute fittest people there – of any age. And she’s supposed to hide that body? Hell no!

  3. Profile photo of shirls429

    :love: [quote=Mandolin]Lindsey G. was dating some other ( ex) soap guy but i don’t remember his name , I think he had been on Days previously…[/quote]You are right she was dating that guy on Days,and I think they were very serious. He was a Horton that was dating Stefanie but,fell in love with Melanie.

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