SPOILERS: Are Things Over For Billy and Victoria On The Young and the Restless?

Billy/Victoria: Villy fans, things are about to get worse for your favorite duo. Victoria jumps to conclusions when she spies Billy and Chloe having a tender moment. Victoria is not amused at what she sees, and automatically thinks the worst of her hubby. She’s completely unaware Billy and Chloe are discussing his gambling addiction. Later, Billy confides in his mother about his marriage. Jill convinces her youngest son not to throw his marriage away, and fight for it.

Nick/Avery: Add another person to the mix of not feeling these two being together: Sharon! Nick’s ex is not thrilled about their relationship.

Dylan/Chelsea: The lovebirds start planning their upcoming nuptials. Meanwhile, Dylan’s old army buddy Stitch hits Genoa City. Look for a new side of Dylan to emerge once his friend is around

Michael/Lauren: The Baldwin’s fight hard to repair their marriage, as news of their breakup spreads. Chloe discovers Lauren was two-timing Michael with Carmine, and gives her sister-in-law a piece of her mind. Lauren flips the script and lets the fashionista know she’s no angel after the stunts she’s pulled.
Later, Michael grills Fen on what’s happening with him, since his behavior is off. An irate Fen rips into Michael, and accuses him of not having faith in him. Michael soothes Fen’s rage by promising to stay with his mother, which Lauren overhears. Lauren is ecstatic upon hearing Michael’s confession to Fen, but is it a bit premature? Later, Jill learns about Lauren’s marriage falling apart, and is worried about her baby sister. 

Fen: Is the son becoming more like the father?

Tyler/Abby: The two go on a date, and hit things off. Just what will Lily think about this development?


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    LMAO if JG has Billy bang Chloe I say go for it. Villy was cute at first, but they ain’t that hot and I’m sick of Billy just interacting with Newmans (that has to be the most depressing family). I can’t get into AH. Victoria is suppose to be-a bitch on wheels-and AH can’t play that type character in a rootable way. She comes acrross entitled and spoiled. Plus, Billy and Chloe have some good chemistry and it was dumb for MAB to drop them.

    Nick/Avey and Dylan/Chelsea are so damn boring. IMO, Chelsea and Avery need more flaws. They are too perfect and character flaws are what drives stories.

    Tyler and Abby have chemistry. Abby and Chavez don’t have a drop. I could see Chavez with Chloe. The possibility of three noobies (Abby, Chavez, and that new chick) is DUMB.

    I can’t help it, but love Fen.

  2. Profile photo of Yoryla

    Maybe it’s time. I have liked Villy together for a long time, but it is true: Victoria is dragging Billy down with her. They evened each other out the good way in the beginning, but now it’s just too heavy from Victoria’s side.

    I was outraged at Victoria for thinking that Billy would lie about his gambling, which is a serious problem for an addict, just to cover up an affair with Chloe. If she thinks that, she deserves to lose Billy.

    Plus, Chloe really needs to be taken out of the Fisher world and returned back to her prominence and glory, with Billy and/or Cane. EH is much too good of an actress to be wasted as silly comedic relief.

  3. Profile photo of pferrando

    While I don’t have a problem with Vic and Billy I also wouldn’t mind a shake up there.

    But does Josh have to have all the oouples in danger all at once.

    We know Cane and Lily are headed there (thanks to the heavy handed writing for Tyler), Lauren cheated on Michael, Chloe and Kevin are divorcing…

    A little more balance in the marriages would be better.

  4. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    [quote=TraceyAbbot101]What? Another side to that multi faceted Dylan???[/quote]

    I find it impossible to believe that BOOR, could have another side. As I always say, He is duller than dirt.

  5. Profile photo of bishbay

    Heinle and Burton are both such awful actors. An easy solution would be to pair their characters and have them run off together. I’m sure Dylan will get around to Victoria sooner or later anyway since every woman who meets him swoons and then talks about how wonderful he is.

  6. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    I like nuAbby a lot but what Dyllan said is true, not an ounce of chem between her and Chavez(who has it with both Chloe and Kevin, separately). It’s too bad; I hate to see the character wasted on Tyler. I wish they’d stop trying to make this character happen.

  7. Profile photo of pjc722

    Billy DUMP VICTORIA as soon as possible. File for divorce and take half her money!

    I’m sorry, and it’s not the actress but the writers over 2 or 3 regimes who are at fault here, this character has developed into one of the WEAKEST most pathetic ANNOYING and prime examples of why some characters need to leave the canvas of a show and return REMADE into something better or worse… and worse, I mean, psycho crazy and not a wimp!

    Victoria, beautifully played and originated as an adult by Heather Tom, had range. SHe was a chip off the old block of Victor and had all the power, strength and energy to take down TWO VICTOR NEWMANs at the same time with her hands tied behind her back!! But she was always feminine, sweet & romantic. She loved being loved but you cross her and she will cut you at the knees! She was every bit her father.

    (Nick was every bit his mother with a little bit of Victor.)

    Then Heather left and Victoria followed. Amelia has played her beautifully but sadly she has been saddled with a character with sooooooooooooooooooooo many annoying insecurities that the character FOR ME should return to Italy for a while! She returned with the intention of running Jabot and not being under her father’s control. She was tough and strong. Then Katherine took the position and gave it to Jill and ever since… for years… Victoria has been giving me whiplash with her back and forth on what she wants to do, who she is in love with AND how she will take down Adam… this week!

    Now, she overreacts to seeing her HUSBAND hug the mother of his child OUT IN PUBLIC, no less?! Come on, writers!!! You just made Victoria the world’s BIGGEST MORON! Victoria needs to overreact and leave Billy and Genoa City and come back in 6 months a different woman who is strong, confident and willing to fight for what she is always whining on about.

    Come back as Amelia portraying you because I am certain she can be tough in the role BUT COME BACK as a strong NEWMAN!

    As for Chloe, could some woman on this show who does not like her CALL HER OUT IN PUBLIC over all of her indiscretions where she is embarassed beyond belief?! I mean, she lied about her kid’s baby daddy and almost lost everything and is giving the same sage advice to Chelsea while lecturing Kevin about the virtues of not stealing… WHICH SHE INSTIGATED by stealing from her GOOD AS grandmother and charity?!!! And now she is judging Lauren?! SLAP HER LAUREN!!! SLAP HER GOOD!!!

    Sorry… I had an overly busy crappy day at work!

    BUT love love the FEN story, Michael and Lauren getting back together and hope that Dylan’s friend is gay and Dylan turns out to be in the closet and they feel shunned in Genoa City so they move to Chelsea (no relation to his faux baby momma) in NYC and and become club boys dancing on boxes!

    PHEW… any Nikki in our stories this week?! LOL

  8. Profile photo of Dyllan

    [quote]Tyler. I wish they’d stop trying to make this character happen.[/quote]
    You sound like Gretchen from Mean Girls! LOL. “Stop trying to make fetch happen”.

    [quote]I’m sorry, and it’s not the actress but the writers over 2 or 3 regimes who are at fault here, this character has developed into one of the WEAKEST most pathetic ANNOYING and prime examples of why some characters need to leave the canvas of a show and return REMADE into something better or worse… [/quote]

    No, I think it is Amelia. Amelia is naturally introverted and Victoria is a very emotional and extroverted character. How the writers are currently portraying Victoria is true to her personality. When introverted people try to act domineering they come across snotty. That’s why Victoria comes across like she has a stick up her ass.

  9. Profile photo of tedew

    As I said before, Victoria needs to read Soap 101 again when it comes to misinterpreting simple situations. But really Billy should use this latest typically Victorian reaction and attitude to run far far away from that annoying thorn in his side.

    And … Summer actually should be quite thrilled to have the possibility exist that she was not sired by a Neanderthal (and therefore also not be a Newman).

  10. Profile photo of revtrask

    No spoilers for Summer’s paternity storyline?

    Ooooh, how much am I enjoying watching Nick’s downfall. Oh, I’m sure he won’t look bad for long, they’ll find a way to shine the armor back up. As much as I enjoy interviews with the actor who plays him, I’ve always found Nick to be weak and humorless. Watching him wheedle and manipulate as he tries to cover his butt, dang, I need popcorn! g

    Also, if I were Big Red, I wouldn’t want to stay, either. They’ve got her totally OOC, propping Nick.

    Fav moment so far: Nick’s reaction when accused of being like Adam, lol! The truth, it burns!

  11. Profile photo of tedew

    Yes … the apple certainly does not fall far from the tree when it comes to Nick either. The whole thing of him keeping this from the deserving parties is very unreasonable given his great concerns when he was not sure he may not be Summer’s dad. So all should be much more urgent now that he has good reason to believe that the Kyle/Summer duo should be broken up.

  12. Profile photo of pferrando

    Josh needs to take someone down a dark road. I still feel his writing is too safe.

    Some stories we need “safe”, but one good dark tale can be fun to watch.

  13. Profile photo of revtrask

    I agree about Kevin: there’s no point in going there with him again because they’ve never had the courage to really tell a compelling and darkly dramatic story with the character. It either becomes someone else’s storyline or they bring in the woodland rodents, g. Besides, I hear Chippie the Chipmunk got out of rehab last year, gave up show biz, and is living in the redwood forests of the Pacific-Northwest, writing his memoirs:

    “That Chipmunk Has A Big Head: The Rise and Fall of a Daytime Dream”.

  14. Profile photo of pferrando

    Josh doesn’t do chipmunks. C’mon. We know that. But those Baldwins can be scary. Have them team up and torture Carmine, shirtless of course, for the viewers pleasure. Something dark!

  15. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    After yesterday’s ep, I’m beginning to wonder if Carmine is long for this world. He’s starting to really piss people off. And it just so happens to be the WRONG people to piss off i.e. Michael and Fen.

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