Can Sami Prove Her Innocence on Days of Our Lives? (PROMO)

Sami (Alison Sweeney) is behind bars for killing a cop, even though she claims her actions were to protect Rafe (Galen Gering). However, the evidence doesn’t back her up her story. Is she being framed and can she prove her innocence? Watch this week’s Days of Our Lives promo after the jump!

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    I said this before and I’ll say it again. I like that there is a new storyline for Sami, she is good at bringing great drama. But I don’t really see where they’re going with all this? I mean, is this *just* a way to get Sami a storyline? Because if it is, it’s been already done with the Franco mess. I just hope/expect for there to be something bigger coming out of this.

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    The less I see of Sami the better. Watching her chewing up the scenery is enough to make me change the channel. Sami is the reason I tape/record DAYS to watch later. I can FF through her scenes. How wonderful it would be if Sami rather than Marlena were the object of Kristin’s revenge. BTW, whoever writes for Kristin has done an absolutely wonderful job of it. Kristin rocks it. I would love to see a Kristin-Kate confrontation with an appropriate story attached.

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    I don’t dislike Sami, but I do think sometimes that the character is over-used, and often at the expense of others. Seeing Justin and Adrienne being featured this week has reminded me of how good both those actors are and how good it would be if they had storylines of their own.

    Judi Evans lights up the screen whenever she’s on, and Wally Kurth is a great actor and nice-looking man. Days needs to take advantage of that.

    And where are the seniors? Maggie, Victor, and Caroline get precious little screen time.

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    Brown Eye Girl

    AWESOME!…GO!….SAMI!…..SO happy you didnt have to go to trial…I mean really how many times can we sit threw that!…I know I could not!…

    Now…. this whole Ej and Stefanio thing should be pretty interesting…remember Stefano is a snake…he is alway there one step ahead..BUT for me…I want to see EJ take hime I have said many times …all that power Ej and Sami would have….As I have question many times… how far would Ej go? Stefano is his father even Will question that to…

    Oh man….. poor father Eric….that dude is gonna have a majior melt down when he finds out what Kristen did to him…..OY!

    Kristin…Kristen…Kristen….you are sooooo good at being bad….!

    And JJ…will someone please slap him up side his head!…reallly…. he is soooo annoying…..

    this has been the best writing ever….

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