Les Moonves on Daytime Emmy Telecast: “It Wasn’t A Very Well Produced Show”

CBS  President and Chief Executive Officer Les Moonves was not a fan of the 40th Annual Daytime Emmy awards telecast. TMZ caught up with the Tiffany network’s top dog who didn’t mince words on how he felt about HLN’s second year in a row airing the award ceremony. Mooves stated:

You know what … it wasn't a very well produced show and you can put that on the air.

Watch the exchange after the jump!

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    Hey Les

    Put your money where your mouth is and have CBS air the awards next year.

    You can even have your annoying wife host for all I care.

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    [quote=rjm118]Hey Les Put your money where your mouth is and have CBS air the awards next year.

    You can even have your annoying wife host for all I care.[/quote]


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    Wasn’t it CBS that backed out 2 years ago at the last minutes, making the academy scramble for a network to air the show? I’m not bothering to watch the clip. Why doesn’t CBS step up and produce next year’s show? Since they won’t he has no reason to say anything.

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    say what you will….I’m no fan of his either. But:

    1- He is right. Very poorly produced show. My list of complaints is on another thread rating the show.

    2- Julie Chen had the ONLY decent interview from the horrible red couch.

    HLN did better last year. Something went horribly wrong this year and I’ll say again. If I was in charge at HLN, there would have been person/people losing their jobs Monday morning!

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    Danny Ricci

    I’m no big fan of his. But he hit the nail on the effing head in this instance. As I said on twitter, the ceremony was so bad that the ballroom should have been declared a federal disaster zone. The daytime community deserves so much more.

  6. Profile photo of pferrando

    The way he promotes his wife, I’m surprised that he doesn’t want to snatch these up and air them, maybe in the afternoon on CBS.

    CBS has done a good job at getting both noms and Emmys so it’d only be more self promotion for Les and the wife.

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    He is right and so is Pferrando, back in the day CBS used to host from the Waldorf Astoria and in the afternoon, they need to go back to that type of format.

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    He is right, & for the record, no matter what opinion you may have about Les & his wife, at least they SUPPORT their daytime programs, soaps included…They are OK by me. PS. I wish CBS would air the daytime emmys next year, in the afternoon.

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    considering the 2 top rated soaps are on CBS, the show would find an obvious home there. But them would it be to CBS-centric? One could say that they whole daytime schedule is out of balance on the Nets.
    I’d like to see PBS do it – as long as it it wasn’t all about the Muppets.

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