The Bold and the Beautiful Gets Darin Brooks in The Buff (PROMO)

The Bold and the Beautiful isn’t wasting a moment to get former Days of Our Lives and Blue Mountain State star Darin Brooks to strip down. In the new promo, Hope (Kim Matula) gets an eye full when she stumbles upon Brooks’ character, Wyatt Fuller, showering outside at his campsite.  Watch The Bold and the Beautiful’s Darin Brooks promo after the jump!

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    Big deal.

    B&B’s gonna need a whole lot more to get it up from the bottom of the barrel. And bring in Brad Bell’s solution: When legacy, established, veteran characters leave – bring in a bunch of new characters and call it a new show! Instead of doing what is smart and bringing back some people the audience knows and loves.

    Well, it’s sure gonna work! I don’t know what this is, but it certainly isn’t B&B.

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    Daniel St. John

    [quote=mfarris70]B&B takes place in LA yet almost everyone in this alternate reality is rich, white and heterosexual.[/quote]
    The fact that this show doesn’t have one gay employee working at a fashion design house is just ridiculous.

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    He probably is writing a new show, but you know, he needs to do it. Really, who in his right mind is waiting for another storyline for WH as Thorne, or LK as Felicia or even RM as Ridge. I think that era was over a long time ago, and Bell dragged it on with Ridge, Taylor, Brooke, Stephanie and Eric for too long. Its a new era, and I think its a very refreshing one.

    The only problem is, he doesnt write enough depth and he focuses to much on one particulair storyline.

    He needs tyo bring in newbies, I dont think there are o lot viewers who want Ridge back, or even Nick and Jackie. I missed them when they left, but you know what, when you look back at it, it was a nice era, but it was done. So shifgting the focus to a lot of newbies is probably the way to attract new people, and yes, you maybe loose a few character fans, but the die hard B&B fan is still watching this show.

    I like veterans, but they are all overrated. Nothing happened when SF (Stephanie) left, nothing happened when RM (Ridge) left, nothing happended when the spectra clan or jackie M clan dissapeared. There werent ratings losses. Ofcourse B&B had higher ratings during the 90’s but so had every other soap. Actually when you look at the percentages, B&B is the only soap that gained viewers during the recent years.

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    Daniel St. John

    I wonder which path Darin Brooks time on the show will take? The Don Diamont as Bill path where the character becomes an integral part of the fabric of the show or the Ric Hearst as Whip path where he has a few storylines that he is the focus of but ends up being a glorified day player who eventually gets written off the show with no fanfare?

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    Well, Daniel…the most actors that leave this show go off by just walking out the door, only SF got a proper send off, but not even Ridge, Nick or any big name gets a proper send off.

    I still see James Warwick walking through that door in the forrester mansion that nobody ever uses, when he is still in a relationship with Stephanie, and the next thing yoy know he was gone.

    There are oinly a few characters that got a proper send off, but most of them are still somewhere. If this was DAYS they where probably on some island somewhere.

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    [quote]who in his right mind is waiting for another storyline for WH as Thorne, or LK as Felicia or even RM as Ridge. I think that era was over a long time ago[/quote]
    Agreed. Why should BB look to the past. BB needs new blood. They still need the vets, but it is time to move forward.

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    I agree they need new /more cast members … would be curious to know how Clifton, Wood and Matula’s ( liam – steffy -hope) work schedules were like compared to other cast members thsi past year or so …’cause it did seem the rest of the cast was practically forgotten! looking forward to Rena Sofer’s entrance too , she’s a great catch..have a pretty good idea where she will fit in but would hate to spoil it( with my speculation). Or is Brad Bell just so predictable? we’ll see.

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    You can’t have a show without balance. The vets drive the show as the newbies are brought on thoughtfully and slowly. I don’t want to tune into a show I’ve watched for 30 plus years to a screen full of strangers. Most wont watch .

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