Brooke Needs to Butt Out on The Bold and the Beautiful

How Hope (Kim Matula) continues to live in her land of delusion - Logan Land as I like to call it - astounds me.  It’s no wonder she had trouble figuring out how to stay married to Liam (Scott Clifton) in the first place.  Everything she wills to happen should simply do so, because she’s Hope.  How do you see how broken Liam is over Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) leaving, and still be so sure the only thing keeping them together was the baby? 

Of course, it took Hope all of two seconds to head over to Liam’s and make herself available.  Does anyone else feel like she gives women a bad name?  Also, why does Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) insist on continuing to meddle?  Has Steffy even been in Paris for 24 hours?  She’s already sending them away together.  Can somebody let this man make a decision on his own? 

Liam didn’t take too long to get over Steffy, though.  There is a schedule to keep.  Thomas (Adam Gregory) pressed his brother-in-law for questions, and Liam told him Steffy’s decisions are always definitive.  He especially didn’t seem all that broken up when Hope sprung Brooke’s surprise trip on him.  Shocked, yes, broken up, no.  Just walk away Liam! Save yourself some shred of dignity, and walk away. 

Rick (Jacob Young) and Maya (Karla Mosley) really showed Bill (Don Diamont), didn’t they?  I’m sure big, bad Bill Spencer was shaking in his boots over being locked up in a prop jail.  Does Rick really think asking Bill to leave them alone will work?  These two need a clue.  Enjoy it while it lasts you two, because right now, you’re sort of boring. I really need Bill to shake things up.

I was really enjoying the way Katie (Heather Tom) and Steffy bonded. I wish Katie wouldn’t have broken Steffy’s trust by telling Brooke she couldn’t conceive a child.  It only feeds the Logan delusional oil to fuel all the lights in Logan Land.  See, in Logan Land, sending Hope and Liam to Big Bear is not pushing.  Nope, it’s not pushy, not at all.


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I fail to see how Hope's delusional. Is Hope an insensitive bitch? Yes, but Liam constantly goes back to her and she always gets what she wants.

Rick and Maya suck...

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This show is a mess

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Brooke Logan makes my skin crawl. And as vapid as I think the Hope Steffy Liam thing is I do enjoy Steffy. I dont even mind indecisive Liam as much as the annoying Hope with her forced laughter and just evil mother. I'm done

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This show is such an utter mess, that I wouldn't even begin to know where to start fixing it anymore. There were so many astoundingly wrong things here, just by reading this column. It's like there is absolutely no character to root for on B&B. The only one I want to root for right now is Katie, but even that has made to be quite hard.

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I am going to be upfront about this but I haven;t been watching the program in a few weeks. A move to a new place and the absentminded me has still forgotten to program my DVR for this program.

CLEARLY 6 weeks later I haven't missed a beat where it comes to Hope, Brooke and sadly Katie. Rick is still a weakling with another crazy lady on his arms except this time she actually thinks she can win.

I wish that Bill Bell Jr though would craft a truly great story of how losing a child could destroy a marriage and a person(Drunk. Not only has Liam lost a child but he lost the woman he "loves" (hand gesture quotes). Instead of writing a story that could bring Bill into it as a supportive father as Liam falls into a deep depression/alcoholism/ or any other dramatic malady that doesn't have a medical name starting with HOPE, we get a Logan story.

Hope is just pathetic. Nothing more, nothing less. There is ABSOLUTELY no depth to her.

For that matter, sadly there is none to Brooke and I LOVE BROOKE. She sees. She accidentally goes after. She gets pregnant. She loses. She cries. The man sees. He comes to her. She wins. REPEAT.

Bill isn't writing to write he is writing just to make money because there is nothing interesting her in any synopsis I have read.


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Well, it is a mess isnt it.

Lets look at some points made.

Rick and Maya share zero chemistry. JY is not Rick Forrester. He just doesnt know how to bring it, it never worked and yet they keep him on. He had zero chemistry with any of his opposites, with the exception of Amber. This Rick is so unbelievable, they should have kept on KL as Rick. He was not a better actor, but he was more suitable in the part as Rick.

So there is going to be a new focus. The Hope/Liam/Steffy mess is over, but really, isnt the character of Liam the weakest link in this storyline. He is so not able to make up his mind, he showed zero grief for the fact that his wife left him, he never makes up his mind and he is totaly unbelievable as a son of Bill Spencer.

The Bill blackmailing Maya plot was just boring. It didnt make any sense for him to do that.

How many years is AG on this show as Thomas, did he ever had sex? or a long term relationship. His character is useless.

Its time to bring back a character from the past. Maybe Owen and Jackioe, or Owen and Bridget, there is no rooting value for anyone on our screens right now. I think we need some happyness, a loving couple. It sounds boring, but I think it would be refreshing.

Brooke needs a man. SHe needs a relationship. I dont care who, but she needs a man in her life. Bill, Thomas, Oliver...just give her a man.

Eric needs a woman. Not Taylor, because there is no fun. He had chemistry with Brooke and Donna, so pair him up with one of those two. Besides, we need a Logan/Forrester couple on this show.

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What I want to see is Katie founding out about Brooke and Bill not Liam and Hope I'm sorry they are boring Rick and Maya are ok but I want Caorline to stop her obession over Rick and get with Carter either give Thomas a storyline or love interest already or let this character go why is Rick getting all these love interests and Thomas has none

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I'm gonna come to every single B&B post from now and state the obvious. And that will be all I say about this show from here on out.


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Why are these two women so hung up on such a wishy washy dude? When Liam is with Hope he wants Hope, when he is with Steffy, he wants Steffy. Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid....

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I have zero interest in anything Hope or Liam related, I hate watching both of them, I just want them gone.

The rest of B&B I have almost zero interest in.

Getting the emmy for best writing is a joke, this show has been flushed down the crapper....

.... and yes stoney07 HOPE NEEDS TO DIE!!!!! HOPE NEEDS TO DIE!!!!! HOPE NEEDS TO DIE!!!!!

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HOPE doesn't need to die SHE JUST NEEDS to take advice from someone smarter!

Start the new love affair with Hope and that Darrin dude. Have Liam realize he has lost out and then move on. But don't waste the energy you are taking with this Darrin guy all in your promo only to see him fizzle faster than the wick on a birthday candle!

MAKE THE WOMEN on the show smarter! Make them stronger! Other than Eric and Thorne on this show, NO MAN HAS THE BALLS for these women to get all excited for on a daily basis.

Smart women equal MORE RATINGS. Dumb men equal BETTER RATINGS.

Liam is not dumb he is just a WIMP. Bill is not a WIMP but he needs to get a little dumb. Thomas needs to get smart and GROW a pair or enter into a same sex relationship with Liam because that is the on;y excuse that I can buy for why this man always loses out with women because his heart is really with men!

(And not to stereotype my own people, but I work in fashion so where are all the GAYS in LA?!! There has to be one or 12 working at Forrester already!!!)