Michael Graziadei Returns to The Young and the Restless

Look who's coming home to Genoa City! CBS Soaps In Depth is reporting Michael Graziadei is heading back to The Young and the Restless. Reportedly, Graz will tape four episodes as Daniel Romalotti, set to start airing July 30.

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    Possibly involved with Stafford’s exit? Read somewhere that today or yesterday was her last tape date and would be airing till early August. His dates coincide with her final airdates.

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    Makes sense if he is back to help MS exit. He should have some serious medical problems that require her to be by his side at a Swiss clinic or something.

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    Yes, combined with the pic of Phyllis looking like she’s possibly in a hospital gown, I’m thinking she will leave with Daniel to go out of town.

    Just saw Graz in the American Horro Story with Jessica Lange!!! Damn, he’s gotten into some good acting company! Plus he looked mega-hot, like a smart male model!

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    Hope he’s back to take his Mom with him back to Savannah.

    I don’t want a recast, so this would be a good way for her to exit, with her son.

    I hope he’s cut his hair. He’s always been a hot guy, but I like his clean cut look better. But that’s just me.

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    I just am glad that he’s taking her with him. She won’t be dying because CBS said that she can come back anytime she wants. Oh God, don’t let that happen!

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    When Jill Faren Phelps takes over a show, the vets are as good as gone. You wont even recognize The Y&R in a few years, the entire history of the show will be wiped clean or completely rewritten to suit her ego.

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    Y and R isn’t GH. She’ll be gone before that. We’ll see to it. LML didn’t last two full years. YR is too important to let some amateur like Phelps bring it down.

    And Scout… Have long has YR been your soap of choice?

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    [quote=bishbay]Phyllis had that moment when Nick was telling her about Summer’s paternity when she grabbed her head and complained of pain. I wonder…[/quote]

    I noticed that too..I thinks she dies of an inoperable brain rumor…thank you soap Gods!

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    hey mon

    Great observation. It’s only been 9 months, and it’s already The Dylan Show. Of course The Winters Family have sneaky Rose, and ‘mysterious’ Hilary hanging around.

    And yesterday,

    Dylan was serving beverages at his Crimson Lights coffee shop like a barista. Hialrious!

    He thinks he Chelsea’s baby’s father? Hilarious.

    Got a visit from his ex-affair-mate, Avery. Hilarious.

    This whole eff-ing week, everyone has been talking about, or relating to, Dylan.

    And the whole Carmine/Lauren thing is getting a bit thin, too.

    I am wishing for the days of Shadam! The Volcano! Rich Hightower murdered at the Policeman’s Ball.

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    It hasn’t even been 5 months since Stevie B joined the show. Something like January 29th was his debutt. This week has totally SUCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And tomorrow isn’t going to be ANY better.

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    hey mon

    I hear ya. What a laughingstock Y&R is becoming.

    Who would have thunk that Adam and Avery would be sitting around talking about Dylan McAlvoy of all people? Hilarious!!

    Joshua G must be $hitting bricks having to write this shiggity-$hit that JFP wants him to write.

    Eeerie music. What is in Gus’s will? Who cares?? Folks need to be worrying about Jabot vs Beauty of Nature, not who is Hilary and her relation to Rose? Oh well!

    Let me guess… Phyll is going to seduce Kyle in Chicago to keep him away from Summer. Yeah right. Michelle… you are correct… walk, no run, to the nearest exit on the Y&R sound stage.

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    hey mon

    Lightbringer! My favorite Michelle Stafford scene, on the stand being grilled by Michael, breaking down. Awesome!

    YoryLA — Running over P&C. The Gong, oh yeah, the Gong! Wouldn’t it have been good to hear the Gong when Nick was reading he was not Summer’s Daddy by himself in his front room? The music was just okay in that moment.

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    hey mon

    He gets a ‘perks-filled’ life. Jet to and from Nashville, 4-day work week. Meanwhile the rest of the cast has to accomodate him in every way.

    I’m sure the JFP&JoshG-lovers have no answer for this, except maybe that the ratings have gone up one-tenth of a point.

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    ICAM-Someone, I can’t remember who posted a pic of the majority of the cast in a conference room at CBS, queen Jill was at the head of the table, and here is Stevie B with a container full of food(the only on to have it) chowing down, the look on Peter Bergman’s face was like WTF? Pretty much the rest of the cast had almost no expression.

    So something tells me you hit the nail on the head above. And if memory serves Peter was the longest serving cast member in the pic. The others and you know who they are weren’t even there.

    I will troll around later and try to find the pic.

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    I have seen that picture aswell. It was from a staff meeting JFP held about six months ago.

    If that picture isn’t found, there’s a good one floating around with JFP and Stevie hugging eachother. Lmao.

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    hey mon

    I think I’ll keep what pic I have. Although the JFP-lovers’ friends will find the pic to be ‘just fine’ (him chowing like a hound, when everyone else is not eating), Im gonna keep what I have cause it’s my birthday weekend.

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    [quote=hey mon]I think I’ll keep what pic I have. Although the JFP-lovers’ friends will find the pic to be ‘just fine’ (him chowing like a hound, when everyone else is not eating), Im gonna keep what I have cause it’s my birthday weekend.[/quote]


    I don’t know which one of us dislikes the acting of the chow hound more; you, me, or yojo.

    Enjoy your weekend.

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