All My Children and One Life to Live to Cut Out Cuss Words

The denizens of Pine Valley and Llanview, Pennsylvania are getting their potty mouths washed out with soap! The Online Network has announced all swear words will be eliminated from new episodes of All My Children and One Life to Live starting June 24.

I'm okay with the cussing ending up on the cutting room floor, but can we keep the blow jobs? I mean, just look at how happy they make Pete Cortlandt (Robert Scott Wilson)!


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    Awww. I really, really wanted Vicki (or Erika Slezak, really) to say $hit in that way that only she can. It would be the most refined “$hit” I ever heard and go up there with “you stink of Echo” for me of fave lines.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @Jamey Giddens: The Blow jobs were some of the best parts of these series. It made it real. So yeah keep them. I was telling someone else that young people don’t make love like in harlequin romance novels.

    Today’s young woman is likely biting the pillow to spice up things in the bedroom while Rashaan is asking, “Whose is it?”

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    Yeah cut the swearing and the hot sex scenes and bring this show back to the 20th century again because that’s what they need. NOT.

    It would be time to move all the soaps forward … not only with things like that but also with storylines. It all feels out done. It sad that the 2 soaps who wanted to set an example have to take a step backwards…

    Thank the soap gods for the UK soaps.

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    I agree it sometimes seems forced. Why don’t they just start with future filming. I hope the editing isn’t obvious. Like the movies shown on networks where the actors are saying crazy words. It is silly. Just cut it down in the future. I didn’t think it was that bad. I don’t curse myself but it is not like people in the real world slip here and there especially at times of stress. Appropriately used it makes the shows better.

    I think amc/oltl are better shows. They are more realistic and I am glad they are slowing the production because the quality of these shows is awesome. I could not get into AMC on the network but I am loving the online version.

    I like what is being done to update these shows so please do not go back. They still have the everyday feel of following certain characters/families/relationships/feuds/mysteries but they seem more indepth so far.

    I have to laugh but I think the pushing of the envelope is sometimes a good thing. Pete and Colby are hot. I will leave it go at that.

    I just read comments and we are on same page so to speak. House of Cards pushed the limits and it was very good. I understand high ratings. Good story is a must. All then all falls in line.

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    Well not all the fans were bothered by the swearing Om more worried that are shows are being censored.

    I understand maybe toning it down but there is no need to erase it completely. It made the scenes seem more real.

    Hopefully they weave it back in where its not even noticable

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    The cursing was so forced and unnatural that they needed to either REALLY figure out how to make it seem natural to the scene or eliminate it completely. That they went with the latter is fine with me.

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    While I have no problem with them taking the cursing out of AMC, I want it stay in OLTL, it fits so well!!! I’m kinda disappointed in this decision!!!

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    In my view, the problem with the new policy of eliminating cuss words is that it is a policy. Meaning, regardless of the circumstance, Jesse will be saying “oh fudge” and “shucks.” They should just go with the flow and deal with the dialogue organically as it comes.

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    While personally, I can take or leave curse words, like appleridge, I hope that these shows won’t be censored.

    Why does it seem lately that whenever PP makes an announcement these days, it’s so extreme?
    Why make a pronouncement?

    Why not just scale back if you feel like it’s too forced, while keeping your options open?

    Are Americans really that puritanical?!

    When I write dialogue for characters, sometimes certain characters don’t curse, while others do. Often times the ones who don’t curse say much meaner, nastier things than the ones who do curse.
    I think it was forced with some of the teen and young adult characters–in that case, it’s for the best to cut out or scale back but honestly, with his current storyline is it so out of this world to hear Jesse on AMC curse someone out, considering what he’s been through? Haven’t we really kind of been expecting Jesse to really curse some people out from the time he was on the ABC version.

    PP is boxing themselves in–in a wrong-headed effort to appease the pearl clutching crowd. I wonder if this is going to help grow the online audience of this show? Perhaps it might help retain a very vocal minority who undoubtedly fill up their inboxes and threaten to stop watching at every turn.

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    TV Gord

    [quote=Ryan-Scott]Keep the BJ’s![/quote]

    Don’t worry, Ryan-Scott. Today, they are focusing on what’s coming out of the characters mouths, not what’s going in.

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    [quote=TV Gord]Fuck. :-D (I feel as though I’m im grade seven again!)[/quote]

    LOL. Well, you knew we couldn’t get through an entire week without PP dropping one of their infamous anvils!

    PP: What took you guys so long?! You nearly let us get through an entire week without an announcement!

    Ah, Good Times.

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    [quote=bishbay]The cursing was so forced and unnatural that they needed to either REALLY figure out how to make it seem natural to the scene or eliminate it completely. That they went with the latter is fine with me.[/quote] That’s where my issue was/is. If a character has reason to swear fine -no biggie, I doesn’t bother me-, but the attitude of this writing staff seems to have of adding it in the dialogue to make it “edgier” is distracting & a bit crass.

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    [quote=MsAgentProvocateur1]PP: What took you guys so long?! You nearly let us get through an entire week without an announcement! Ah, Good Times.[/quote]


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    Jamey Giddens
    11 minutes ago ·
    I’m hearing Prospect Park’s decision to cut the swearing from the new versions of All My Kids and One Life could be related to possible syndication issues. If they ever want re-runs of the shows to air on broadcast, they can’t have Angie and Jesse saying Bull Sugar!

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    Hi All…I was just going to say, I wonder if this is a preemptive move in case the shows move to cable or syndication. While networks like FX will let cursing occur, most mainstream won’t. I wonder if TV Guide network is interested in AMC and OLTL, since they are adding Y&R very soon????

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    TV Gord

    It’s not that “mainstream” won’t. It’s that they can’t. Any channel/network that broadcasts over the airwaves can’t cross that line under FCC rules. Cable is a whole different ball of fux. Er, I mean wax.

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    So much for moving the shows forward.

    If PP thinks this is one of the biggest issues of their reboots then they are crazy.

    As for licensing the shows to other cable outlets it the curse words wouldn’t be an issue. They could simply be edited out by dropping the sound on them or bleeping them like many movies do when they are aired on TV. They can also simply dub alternative words. no big deal.

    still sticking to my prediction that come Fall the shows will be canceled a 2nd time.

    Still no mention of how many people are actually viewing the shows.

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    TV Gord

    You’re absolutely right, nysam! Bleeping words wouldn’t be a problem on other outlets. Oral sex, meanwhile, is a little more difficult to hide.

    “Still no mention of how many people are actually viewing the shows.”

    I’m too white to say this, but I’m going to go ahead: Word!

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    If this can get more people to tune in I’m for it and I’m so fucking glad they are going to cut the cussing!

    Shows have gone on for years without cussing and the blow job stuff doesn’t really move me one way or another. I would rather just have full frontal male nudity!!

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    still sticking to my prediction that come Fall the shows will be canceled a 2nd time.


    So sad. Yet another negative Nancy.

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    TV Gord

    [quote=david46208]@TV Gord: “Word” is so 90’s. How old are you? lol You know we done changed the slang up! lol 8)[/quote]

    I’ve seen it used on here, which is why I felt comfortable using the “word” here, so I’m probably as old as a lot of others on here. ;-) :beer:

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    Well they only said that one word. And they said it all the time. It wasn’t so much unnatural as overly used. There are a CRAP load of cuss words out there and if you only get to use one, it has to fill in a lot of space.

    Oh is a bad thing that I have forgotten to watch either show for two weeks?
    It just kinda slipped my mind….. well shit! (sorry I had to do that).

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    jeremy in chicago

    The problem isn’t the swearing – it’s the vapidity of the characters who are doing most of the swearing. I only watched the first few weeks of OLTL and then simply could not continue, BUT… I actually liked the fact that characters who would swear in real life (Tea, Dorian) were swearing. But while the teens (Dani, Matthew, for instance) swore a lot, it was vulgar because the characters were just lounging around naked and playing truth or dare or something. Tea was swearing because she’s a foul-tempered, emotionally volatile person. Dani and Matthew were swearing because it was the only way to make them seem interesting.

    Having a rule against swearing is f*cking stupid, though.

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