The Borgias Concluded With “The Prince,” but Did It Leave You Satisfied?

I wish I could’ve just written a recap of the third season finale of The Borgias.  However, with Showtime’s recent cancellation of the papal sudser, this post must deal with how effective “The Prince” served as a series finale.
First, let’s discuss the plot.  The episode finally saw Cesare (François Arnaud) ascend to the role of powerful military leader like he’d always wanted.  He received unofficial permission from Machiavelli allowing him to bring the Papal Army through Florence at night on their way to Forli. 

Rufio (Thure Lindhart) spied the army and told Caterina Sforza (Gina McKee), who thought it meant they had 10 days to prepare for a siege.  What they didn’t know was Cesare had previously placed his camouflaged French Army in Forli.  Caterina’s castle was already surrounded. 
Cesare arrived with his second army, and they began pounding Forli with cannon.  Meanwhile, Caterina despaired inside, and decided not to be taken alive. 
Cesare had been saddened and anxious over going into battle without Micheletto (Sean Harris), his trusted right-hand man.  Micheletto was still too ashamed to return to his post, but did make a cameo.  He surprised Cesare in his tent, and gave him valuable intel. 
Micheletto had grown up in Forli and knew where there was structural weakness.  He told Cesare if he kept bombing the North Tower, the whole castle would come tumbling down.  Micheletto then made his apologies, and left as promptly as he’d arrived. 

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    I love the show and I’m sad to see it go! It did make me wish that they will produce a movie for it even if just to tie up all the loose ends. But, alas, they won’t so I am satisfied.

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