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Anna drops by the hospital, and Sonny angrily tells her to leave. However, Dante interrupts, and informs his father he asked to speak to Anna.  When Sonny walks away, Anna asks if he’s a suspect.  Dante admits Sonny is a suspect, even though he swears he didn’t do anything. He points out Carly is also on the suspect list, and tells Anna what Lulu saw.  Anna agrees Carly has been behaving oddly, and mentions the dinner with Franco.  Dante wonders who the shooter could have been, and Anna tells him her theory of Shawn taking Jason’s place.   She decides to pay Carly a visit.   

Silas tells Sam what she and Rafe have is special, and he can’t take Rafe away from her while she’s dealing with Danny.  Sam has a hard time believing his change of heart, and Silas admits Lucy's words resonated with him. Alexis gives Sam the protocol for Danny’s treatment.  Silas thinks there’s a better and easier way to treat Danny. Alexis blows him off, but Sam wants to hear what Silas has to say. She ultimately agrees with Silas' treatment plan.    
Michael runs into Carly, and the two talk about what happened to Olivia.  Carly blames herself, but when Michael questions her. She admits there was an issue with the security in her hotel.  Michael tells his mother Kiki is Lauren Frank. Carly wonders if it’s all a coincidence. He feels bad for Kiki. Michael gets a call about his car, and heads off.   
Morgan catches Kiki looking at a photo of Michael, and pretends to be jealous.  Ava calls, and wants to talk to Kiki. However, the girl wants nothing to do with her mother. Kiki complains all Ava cares about is money, and she wants her mother to protect and not use her.   Morgan and Kiki head down to the lake for a swim.  Kiki brushes off Morgan when he tries to kiss her.  
Rafe doesn’t know how long he gets to stay, but is happy he can.  Lucy is certain she got through to Silas.  Shawn shows up looking for Alexis.  He and Lucy talk about TJ.  Lucy feels he’s a hero to the boy.  Lucy tells Rafe and Molly they need to pray for Danny, and send him positive thoughts and energy.  
Ava meets Duke, who’s surprised when Ava introduces herself as a Jerome.  He wonders if she’s related to Victor or Julian, but Ava claims she doesn’t know them.  Duke tells her they’re all dead, because they were mobsters.  As Ava leaves, Duke is sure their paths will cross again.  
Connie sits vigil at Olivia’s side, and worries her cousin may not wake up.  Sonny assures her Olivia will be fine.  Connie says Olivia is all she has left, but admits she wouldn’t know what to do without Sonny.  Sonny promises to be there for her. 
Olivia wakes up.  Sonny and Connie are thrilled.  Olivia mentioned the blood on Sonny’s shirt, but Sonny informs her it was her own blood.  Dante is also overjoyed, and tells his mother he made promises to God he would find who did this.  
Alexis returns home, and tells everyone Danny’s first session went well, thanks to Silas. Lucy’s glad she could help, and tells Alexis that Shawn came looking for her.  
Michael goes to the mansion to look for Morgan, and finds his laptop. He knows Morgan maxed out his credit card.  Michael heads down to the lake to look for Morgan, and walks in on Kiki changing into her bathing suit. 
Shawn finds Carly, and asks if she’s spoken to Sonny.  Carly tells him Sonny promised to kill her.  Shawn tells her Alexis knows, but won’t do anything due to her conflict of interest.  Shawn is thinking about turning himself in, and Carly becomes angry at the thought. She knows it’s only a matter of time before Anna traces the pieces to her. Like clockwork, Carly turns to see Anna.

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    Loving Anna. Carly be afraid, be very afraid.

    Is it just me, or is it icky weird that Kiki’s putting on someone else’s used bathing suit, that’s been sitting in the boathouse?

    Interesting to see Connie give Sonny the side eye about his feelings for Olivia.

    Loved the Ava/Duke scenes.

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    Can’t wait to see how the Ava Jerome/ Duke Lavery relationship progresses. She acted like she didnt know who the Jeromes were but I don’t think Duke bought it. Ian Buchanan still seems stiff in his movements. Maybe that viewpoint is just mine.

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    It’s not just you MysteryStory, but I think that may just be IB’s style. I thought that those scenes were some of the best parts of today’s episode. Anna’s scenes were amazing too. It’s so nice to see a cop on GH who isn’t (a) a lucky idiot or (b)crooked. It’s even better that she’s a woman! :beer:

    I know Anna was showing restraint when she let Sonny carry on and pretend that he had the power to dictate who can come and go in a public hospital, but I was pretty much yelling at my TV when he told her to go away. I love the scenes between Sonny and Anna when they square-off. The ones in the PCPD the other day were great!

    That Lucy, Molly, and Rafe scene where they sent positive energy to Danny was weird.

    I am glad that Carly didn’t dump her problems on Michael. He’s got enough to deal with right now, though I could do without the weird cousin lust (yuck!). I’m also glad that Michael found out about Morgan stealing his credit card. Speaking of Morgan, I noticed that he stuck up for Ava. Maybe some people will get their wish about them hooking up after all? That would definitely make for a soapy twist down the road!

    I FF through all of the Olivia and Connie stuff. I actually am okay with both actresses separately, but I just can’t pretend to care about their off-screen past in Bensonhurst and whatever love-triangle they seem to be setting up with Sonny now.

    On the other hand, I did enjoy the Silas and Sam scenes. I thought that we got another tiny glimpse of the human-being underneath Silas’s pompous exterior. He did have a couple of amusing lines as well.

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    Daniel St. John

    It is so refreshing to have a police commissioner that is actually smart, savvy and good at her job. I love Mac but he was a terrible cop so seeing Anna have this entire Olivia shooting figured out is just great.

    And Maura West continues her streak of great scenes with her new co-stars. You could see all the wheels in her head moving while trying to act blasé when Duke mentioned the Jerome crime family. I am curious as to just how she is going to end up being related to the Jeromes.

    I actually liked Silas this episode. If they can find the right balance with the attitude he exhibits then he might begin to work as a viable character. I particularly enjoyed how he gave Sam the bum’s rush while trying to get on the elevator. Hopefully there is a decent back story for why he is such a major jackass.

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    Perkie, Kaka putting on the used bathing suit was gross but not as gross as her happily reminicising about kissing her cousin. Not sure why the writers aren’t playing that Michael and Kaka are grossed out. That would be most people’s reactions to learning they made out it with a relative.

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    J Bernard Jones

    I am curious as to just how she is going to end up being related to the Jeromes.

    This is just idle speculation and NOT a spoiler, but it crossed my mind it would be interesting if Ava decides to masquerade as a Jerome.

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    Today’s show was good but I’d sure like to see Anna put the screws to Carly. Somebody needs to go to jail for shooting Olivia.

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    I am so looking forward to watching MW’s Ava work her way through the canvas. She is one of those actresses that once they’re on screen, it’s hard to look away. And I loved how wardrobe outfitted her in the pale cloud blue sheath dress-chic and feminine with just the right amount of edge. IB is always a presence and as with FH, he’s got a great acting match opposite him in these scenes.

    I really liked how FH and DZ worked together, with Anna and D going through the case, discussing character clues and I was struck by the clearly articulated conflict that the writing for D exhibited. And while there will always be that rumbling that D should recuse himself from anything that involves the mob boss, the scripted dialogue went a long way in disecting how the young man is torn between wanting to believe the father he never knew versus the cop he grew up to be in the absence of that same father. In a lot of ways, because of how he was introduced and the subsequent ridiculous way Guza “sidestepped” the point blank shooting, the character will always be tainted from that angle. The scenes where an overjoyed and grateful son welcomed his mom out of her coma was sweet and true. And I’d really like to see he and Anna nail Carly as the responsible party…

    If it wasn’t for LH’s energy the scenes with HP and JD’s Molly and Rafe could have just been a slow tortuous drip. And I’m one who’s always liked Molly. The way they’re writing her though, good Lord have mercy, she’s gotten as woebegone and limp dishrag as Rafe…

    Maybe it’s a case of deja-vu, but ME’s reading of Silas reminds me a bit of the arrogance and “I know it all” snotiness of JT’s Patrick when he arrived on screen. Not that I’m liking him. Personality wise, he’s still not anything to write home about…

    Not a lot of people care about Connie and Olivia, but I actually felt a twinge for KSul’s integrated self. Knowing someone is “bad” for your mental/emotional health is one thing. Cutting yourself off from it when it’s right next to you is a bit different. Especially when he’s engaging your cousin who’s got a wee bit more of a personal connection via a child Kinda hard to overlook…

    I’d like to say I’m interested in Jr., Lauren and Morgan…but I’m not. I actually liked Morgan’s doofus interaction with Alice’s “Dominator” a lot more. The way those scenes were written for the youngest Corinthos son, I can say I’ve actually taught kids who are just as clueless…0:)

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    So just the other day we see KIKI considering going to visit her father, Franco, and giving him a second chance yet she won’t even BOTHER with her mother?!!!

    OK… Franco: CRAZED LUNATIC out on bail for a litany of crimes against humanity and SOAPDOM.

    AVA: A money crazed mother who kept you sheltered from SAID CRAZED LUNATIC out on bail for a litany of crimes against humanity and SOAPDOM so that he couldn’t hurt you.

    I think I would take my mother any day since she protected me from being a victim and I would want her on my side against not only FRANCO, the CRAZED LUNATIC out on bail for a litany of crimes against humanity and SOAPDOM, BUT the Q family!

    Ahhhhh… but that would keep Starr from her father Todd, now wouldn’t it.

    AND could someone please explain to me WHY Anna would allow Dante to investigate his mother’s shooting… no matter how many times he jumps up and down begging to do it like the spoiled moron he is…especially since she has already, herself, put his father and step mother on the list of suspects?!!

    COME ON… Let Anna do this alone and bring in Mac as a special investigator. We all know that eventually Sonny will be implicated somehow and Dante will not report it.


    Where’s Tracey?!! i miss me some Tracey!

    Oh… nice, respect, Sam. Silas is an ass and has the bed side manner of FRANCO, and you take his course of action to Danny’s treatment over Patrick’s?! Or the specialist he gets for you WHEN YOU JUST MET Silas?! UGHhhhh again

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    “Maybe it’s a case of deja-vu, but ME’s reading of Silas reminds me a bit of the arrogance and “I know it all” snotiness of JT’s Patrick when he arrived on screen. Not that I’m liking him. Personality wise, he’s still not anything to write home about…”

    SwanQueen you are right. Silas is coming off arrogant as Patrick did when he first came to Port Charles. And like how Silas is saving someone Sam loves, Patrick was saving someone Robin loves, Jason. Its’ the same storyline except this time they have Eddie Munster a.k.a Rafe involved.

    Sorry but when KiKi covered her chest all I kept thinking was are her tatas even big enough for her hands to cup them? I also wish they would play it that KiKi and Michael are grossed out by the kiss.

    Don’t care about Sonny and the Bensonhurst tricks. Now if the real Kate was back, maybe I would care.

    Don’t care about Rafe, Molly at all. Poor Lucy was doing everything to get some energy in that room.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Ava and Duke scene. When Ava walked out the room and made that face, imo that means she’s related to them. I really hope the writers backburn Franco and just do an Ava storyline. Far more interesting.

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    Anna is just so cool. She doesn’t get rattled by Sonny in the least. Hopefully she puts the screws to Carly today. Maura West is like Finola; she has chemistry with everyone. Loved her scenes with Duke. She a Jerome, and I look forward to Duke getting roped into that.
    Michael and Kiki aren’t going to be related. Hopefully something like Frodd isn’t a Q or Kiki isn’t his, and not something like AJ really being Rick Webber’s son.

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    J BERNARD JONES: Genius idea, Ava pretending to be a Jerome! She’s a snake if I ever saw one. if this is how it plays out, she’s gonna get in trouble with an actual Jerome!

    Regarding the minor, minor, can’t believe its a point of discussion matter of Kiki putting on a used bathing suit. I’ve known a few wealthy families with swimming pools and I experienced the same thing– there’s a bunch of suits in the cabana, find one that fits you. The rich are different!

    To the Silas haters who think he’s too inhuman to be realistic: see what happens when you have patience and “tune in tomorrow?” Character development! We saw the first crack in the facade today. I’m sure there will be more to come. The strong silent types always buckle when it comes to Sam.

    Have to add my voice to the crowd in saying I love when our characters are smart and the ones doing bad get busted. Does any soap fan like seeing our faves shuffle around like imbeciles while someone is getting the best of them? Anna is smart and a good cop, won’t take her long to bring Carly down.

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    Y’all, I am loving this soap so much right now! It’s so soapy and great!

    —Enjoyed Sam and Silas, it’s an eventual pairing so we have to start giving him somewhat of a soul. Just let it happen.

    —Anna is amazing and I can’t wait till she gets a hold of Carly. I do feel as though someone should pay for this crime, but Carly and Sonny aren’t going anywhere and I really don’t want Shawn to leave. I love him with Alexis, but if they had to punish anyone for it, it’s him…so I have a feeling no one will get arrested for this unless it’s Shawn.

    —I just love my Lucy Coe! Loved her scenes with Molly, Rafe, and Alexis. Loved the positive energy part…it was nice without being preachy. I just love watching Lucy Coe. She makes me so happy!

    —I don’t mind the Morgan/Kiki/Michael thing, even if there is implied incest. It’s not my favorite thing going on, but it’s alright. Implied incest has been going on in soaps for years, so no one really should be shocked by this and in most soaps that tell this kind of story, the characters end up not being related or they break up and one leaves town in shame (and I know a lot of you out there wouldn’t mind if Kiki packed up her bags and left). However I don’t think they are going to end up being related. I think Ava is playing this whole family somehow in some bigger scheme-which includes her daughter-and that kind of thrills me. Which leads me to…

    —Ava and Duke scenes were AMAZING! I feel as though Maura West (who I never watched on other soaps) has been on General Hospital for years! She fits perfectly and I don’t think Ava is being truthful about not being related to the mob family. I like J. Bernard’s theory about pretending to be a Jerome, but I would love it more if she actually were. And, as I and someone in the comments above noticed, she never said she didn’t know Olivia Jerome. Is she really Olivia or a sister or daughter? I’m not familiar with the Jerome mob family from the 80’s, but I love that they connecting this with GH’s history. That being said, I am sure there is MUCH, MUCH more to this story that will prove Kiki is not a Quartermaine and with this Ava/Duke scene that happened on today’s episode, this story just became my favorite story. Looking forward to seeing more!

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    I would love to see an Anna/Duke/Ava triangle pop up. More screen time for Anna please! Sonny standing in that hospital hallway telling a police commish to leave was wearing on my damn nerves. I’m glad she just stood there and didn’t leave.

    I don’t want Sam and Silas to fall for one another too soon. He’s an ass right now, and she’s a mother worried for her child, who she just got back not even what 6 months ago or so after thinking he was dead. I always loved Sam in the too few times when she got to yell and stand up to Jason, so I’m more than happy with her sparring with Silas for a while.

    I guess getting sent off to military school is bad for boys who have nothing wrong with them to begin with. Morgan left a great sensitive kid who loved everyone, and came back a spoilt rotten brat who would have sex in is brother’s bed, invite his girlfriend to stay there for a while with him, and then run up his brother’s credit card. Anyone else remember when Michael (I seem to remember the MyKill nickname banded about here) was the brat and Morgan was the angel?

    I can’t wait to see Anna go up against Carly! I hope Carly ends up quaking in her heels!

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    I can’t believe Alexis was screeching at Silas and was refusing to even consider his opinion when he was the one who first diagnosed Danny. I get that she is upset about Rafe (the most boring and pathetic soap kid ever), but how about a thank you to the doc regarding Danny and listening to his expert opinion? What’s more important, getting one up verbally on a rude doctor or saving your grandson’s life?

    I can’t stand Kiki. I couldn’t stand Star. I can’t stand KA. I hope they bring on someone new for Michael, but I doubt that will happen seeing as KA is a pet for some reason I just don’t understand.

    I love Anna. She is too cool and classy for words.

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    [quote]but ME’s reading of Silas reminds me a bit of the arrogance and “I know it all” snotiness of JT’s Patrick when he arrived on screen[/quote]

    I’m not seeing it. Maybe I need to go back and watch earlier episodes of Patrick to remind me. I remember him being a douche to Robin, but never to the patients. Silas is being a tool to everyone that crosses his path.

    [quote]I can’t believe Alexis was screeching at Silas and was refusing to even consider his opinion when he was the one who first diagnosed Danny[/quote]

    Do we even know what specialty he is? Is he a pediatrician? An oncologist? A pediatric oncologist? Did they mention it and I missed it? What if he was a proctologist or a chiropractor? Would you want him diagnosis your child if he didn’t specialize in that practice?

    It just seems weird to me.

    [quote]To the Silas haters who think he’s too inhuman to be realistic: see what happens when you have patience and “tune in tomorrow?” Character development! [/quote]

    Yes, but if we waited til tomorrow to post comments about today, we’d never post!! Maybe I should do a weekly column. Or a monthly column. Or an end of the storyline column. It’s a daily column so we can rant and rave about that day. Silas is an ass on Monday. Silas is partly human on Tuesda. Silas is back to being an ass on Wednesday. It’s a daily thing.,

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    They haven’t mentioned his specialty, Perkie, but the fact that he diagnosed Danny from the rash and the fact that he said he uses this certain protocol on his young patients with Danny’s illness implies that he specializes in oncology. Why else would he have patients of various ages that he is treating for cancer with different types of chemo? He is obviously an expert in cancer treatment. A rude expert, but an expert nonetheless.

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    Everything Mipeony said.. Testify! Seriously after todays dialogue I am even more annoyed about what they are doing to Morgan. It’s one thing to bring on a stranger as a teen and make them bratty or dumb.. But seriously Morgan who was like my little Jax. Nothing about him at this moment even resembles who I saw as a child..

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    I statrted watching GH regularly the last two years.I am enjoying the addition of Maura West. Too bad Y&R didn’t value her. Just thinking she’d make a great recast for Phyllis! HA, Too bad they wasted her as Diane! The kissing cousin storyline with Starr and Michael is icky. GL did it with first cousins Tammy and Jonathan. Not something I can root liking the identity changes for Todd, Starr, and John. Get why,but it’s hard to like any of them yet.. Clearly GH is just slotting these newly- minted characters into the s/l vacated by the OLTL folks they lost. Overall, the show is more balanced.

    My only real pet peeve is what they have done to LIz. Too many kids too young. Too many men, too quickly. Yet they play her like an innocent ingenue. no longer believable.

    Glad Sonny is no longer front burner everyday.

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    Liz plays like an innocent ingenue….

    Oh you’ve only been watching regularly the last two years. That explains it. Liz is in her early to mid thirties. Having that many kids is not bad at all. Also too many men too quickly??? Liz hasn’t had sex since 2009!!! She was alone. She dated Ewen for a hot second. Matt flirted with her and kissed her once. Her and Jason was going to restart their romance but Jason learned of Danny. From 2004-2010 she was her and Lucky was stuck in a sick circle of break ups and make ups. In that time she and Jason hooked up which lead to the great LuSam (swoon!!) then later her and Nik hooked up. Otherwise the girl hasn’t had so many men. Please read Liz history.

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    Just now writing about this eppy. What a goodie!

    Love Anna!!! She is as cool as a cucumber, and LOL @ the audacity of Sonny telling the police commissioner to leave. I kept waiting for Anna to laugh in his face. I hope she laughs in Carly’s face when reading her her rights. She has her number!

    Love Ava and finally we got scenes with her and Duke. She is definitely a Jerome. It had better become the storyline of the summer! (I certainly did not understand how it would be good if she was just *posing* as one? It’s a horrible idea. What’s the point in that?)

    Disgusted seeing Morgan and Kaka abuse the Quartermaine living room. Michael & Kiki are just all shades of inapproriate, I don’t get why they aren’t disgusted with themselves/eachother after the reveal. That was the point of it! They should be ashamed etc. Yet, seems they just want to keep on going back for more?! Omg! And even Morgan is egging it on by talking about it all time. Lmao, relationship rule #1, if you are worried about your spouse having too much chemistry with someone, for God’s sakes don’t talk about it! :D That won’t exactly lessen it will it.

    And yes, it is definitely gross to wear someone else’s bathing suit, used or not. Yuck. Whose to say when Alice has washed them the last time.

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