Kristen Blake is Gonna Burn in Soap Opera Hell on Days of Our Lives (VIDEO)

God don't like ugly and the beautiful Kristen Blake DiMera's (Eileen Davidson) behaviour is down right hideous on Days of Our Lives! It was one thing to use John (Drake Hogestyn) and Marlena's (Deidre Hall) dimwitted boy, Brady (Eric Martsolf) to bust up his dad and stepmom's marriage, but now Stefano's (Joe Mascolo) unhinged, adopted offspring is targeting the cloth! Watch as Kristen goes after Father Eric (Greg Vaughan) in the DAYS recap video below.


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    Will never, never understand why attempted rape is considered entertainment. Laughing at Jennifer for being so stupid? Fun! Watching the dysfunctional train wreck known as the Sami Show? Guilty pleasure. Dragging Father Eric and Nicole into the Kristen/Brady festival of crap? What a waste.

    Hello, FF button, g.

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    [quote=richalan67]This SL is beneath my intelligence in so many ways. I will stick with The Young and the Restless. Much better sls and acting.[/quote]

    I’m sure the show’s fans are crushed that YOU are not impressed.

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    And DAYS just keeps on bringing it! :crown:

    I was worried what might happen after May sweeps were over, whether the show would water down, but as today and this storyline has proven, there is absolutely nothing to worry about!!!

    This is amazing. Kristen DiMera is going to Soap Opera Hell and I’m loving every minute of it! :D She not only looks amazing, even with the wig, her and Eric were hot as hell! I really hope Nicole doesn’t interrupt them too badly, because I’m gonna need Kristen to be able to finish the job!

    Damn! Loving it!

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    The beauty of it is that Eileen Davidson brings it. She delivers every single minute and that’s why I enjoy it.

    Needless to say that if a story like this would happen on GH everyone and their mothers would have to applaud Carlivati’s brilliant writing otherwise you are given hell.

    On Days people are still allowed to say if they find something below their intelligence. Cheers to that.

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    Wow people from Y&R saying this storyline is beneath their intelligence and that their storylines are better well sorry for you cause Days is amazing right now and it is doing me right and that’s all that matters to me.

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    Oh Kristen, why, why, why are you going there boo? This is the most I’ve ever watched Days of Our Lives consistently since waaay back during the days when Marlena and Wayne Northrop’s Roman Brady was the super couple. I don’t have the same history with Kristen that most Days viewers have. I was starting to really like her hysterical villainous ass but what she’s doing to this fine man of the cloth is just so wrong. Oh well! I do know enough about this show to know that karma always finds its way to Ms. Kristen DiMera. Oh what the hell I’m talking about. I still love me some Kristen as played by my AGELESS queen Ashley Davidson.

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    This is great! As a GH viewer for over 20 years I have checked out of that snoozefest.

    Even though Kristen is bonkers at least she is a strong woman going after what she wants unlike so many of the weak women on GH.

    DAYS is fun unlike GH.

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    [quote=soapjunkie88]The beauty of it is that Eileen Davidson brings it. She delivers every single minute and that’s why I enjoy it.[/quote]

    This. ED just knows how to bring it. And this whole story? Devious to the core. I’ve had a feeling for awhile now that somehow Eric was gonna end up in Kristen’s orbit one way or another. And that scene with Kristen hovering over an unconscious Eric on the bed and then Kristen taking Brady’s call? Both hilarious and genius. Kristen walking around that hotel room on the phone with Brady while Eric was laying there knocked out in a towel–hel-lo Greg Vaughan!–just put a smile on my face.

    This show is still on fire people!

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    I like both ED and GV, and I enjoy their respective characters. However, I wish Kristen’s scheming/deviousness didn’t involve rape, and or other forms of sexual assault. For me personally, it’s not entertaining, but rather uncomfortable to watch. There are other ways for Kristen to be devious without falling back on what is, unfortunately, a soap staple: rape.

    Since Days is going this route, however, I hope they treat it with an appropriate level of seriousness, and not make it some campy, OTT joke…especially since the victim is a priest! Mercy me!

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    I absolutely love Days! It’s good like it was when I started watching in 1988(stopped in 98)! Even got my uncle hooked in the mid 90’s and he ever only watch YnR. Never would have thought I’d be watching Days again after so long but I’m glad I’m back! This is the Kristen I love and remember! Who wants to see nice Kristen?! Not me! Everything has kicked up a notch and I’m on the edge of my seat! Gotta call my uncle Derrick and get him on the Days train again!

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    The whole week was great, but Friday’s episode was BEYOND, even the Jennifer and Daniel stuff was good. That woman will not wake up from her clueless daze about who her son is until his azz ends up in jail.

    It’s just too bad that some people are getting the vapors about the Kristen/Eric storyline. The show has clearly established that she’s a psychotic villain, the kind of person who does things that are morally unacceptable. How is that glorifying rape?

    This is not a Todd Manning-type situation where the character ends up being portrayed as heroic.

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    [quote=SoapArmageddon] This is not a Todd Manning-type situation where the character ends up being portrayed as heroic.[/quote]

    Exactly.This woman exited any sense of reality YEARS ago and failed to by a round trip ticket in which to make the trip back. Some characters are simply not redeemable; in my mind, Kristen happens to be one of’em. I’m okay with that. :)

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    Kudos to all here – the make up team esp. – this pic looks like a crackerjack B movie shot from the 50’s , maybe?
    “The Vixen and The Priest” , like it.

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