Ted Shackelford Returns to The Young and the Restless on July 8

Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) will soon have more than just Mama Anita (Catherine Bach) to worry about on The Young and the RestlessDallas and Knots Landing legend Ted Shackelford has returned to the CBS soap . Look for Jeffrey Bardwell to start getting all up in his daughter's biz when Shackelford hits screens on July 8.

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    Like Devon, either this character needs to be on or not.

    Glo seems more interesting without Jeffrey so I’d rather he disappear if they don’t want to write for him.

    They did the same thing to poor old Murphy.

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    [quote=RebeccaJ]I’m happy to see this. I always liked the chemistry between Gloria and Jeffrey.[/quote]

    Sounds like Jeffery is going to be used for Anita and Chelsea not Gloria. YAWN!

    I liked Jeffery (& Will) when he was used in between Jill & Gloria and as a couple with Gloria at first, but he ran his course a long time ago. I don’t see why he’s important as Chelsea’s bio-dad if he’s never know her. Makes me mad that Anita is used all the time as Chelsea’s Mom but Jill is rarely used with Billy. When was the last time Billy & Jill were in the same story? Under LML?

    We’ve watched Jill & Billy since he was a fetus in utero, but it’s not important now? A last minute ret-conned Chelsea with flimsy ties to GC with a newbie Mom gets all the air-time???? No wonder Y&R is so boring these days, they aren’t continuing the story we were following. If I want to watch the life story of STRANGERS I can watch a different show. I tune in to Y&R to follow those I’ve been watching for decades.

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    PENNYWISE 555, You know we have to see Dylan every day and doesn’t that just thrill you? I see they fly that hack in from Tennessee every week. Why not just leave him there, he phones it in, anyhow.

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