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Shawn tells Carly he needs to confess to pulling the trigger to cleanse himself of his guilt. He keeps seeing a vision of Olivia getting shot.  Dante storms into the room, and asks where the second gun is.  He explains the shell casing matched the gun they found, but didn’t match the bullet taken from Olivia.  Carly realizes this means Shawn’s gun isn’t the wanted weapon. She points out the police have nothing to connect either of them to the shooting.  

Luke and Tracy are impatiently waiting for his doctor to arrive with the diagnosis.  When the doctor arrives, he tells them there is nothing wrong with Luke’s liver. However, he does have a high level of a toxic substance in his body. The doctor doesn’t know what it is, but it’s serious.  He informs Luke the substance was somehow introduced into his system. 
Lucy’s happy to see Laura and Scotty back in town.  Lucy tells Laura she’s back in Port Charles for good, but needs a purpose. She wants them to resurrect Deception, and return it to its former glory.  Laura asks if Lucy has any money or investors, but Lucy’s confident they can make it work.    Laura agrees. 
Nikolas apologizes to Liz about the recording of AJ’s confession. He admits that it’s true.  Liz wonders how Nik got the recording, and he confesses Tracy sold it to him.  Nik tells her Alexis warned him to keep it to himself. He kept it as insurance against AJ.  Liz takes the phone, and takes off for her date with AJ.  
Kiki tells Michael they can’t be together, because they’re first cousins and she’s Morgan’s girlfriend.  Michael knows they need to find a way to shut off their feelings and forget.  Kiki makes him promise to stay away. 
Ava wants to make a deal with Franco, but he finds Morgan listening at the door.  After some back and forth, Morgan leaves, and Franco wonders how much was heard. Franco accuses Ava of keeping Kiki away from him. She defends her actions by saying he was crazy, and not ready to be a father.  Franco only wants his daughter’s love.  Ava reminds Franco he poisoned people with the relish. She vows to keep his secret, if he brings her in on the deal.  
Franco agrees, but only if Ava will help him get back into Kiki’s good graces.  Ava admits their daughter isn’t speaking to her right now, but swears she won’t let Franco hurt Kiki.  Franco promises he won’t, because he’s changed. He would like to get to know Kiki.  Ava reminds him someone tried to kill him, and could finish the job.  
Shawn realizes he missed Olivia completely, which means the bullet is somewhere on the terrace. They need to find it immediately.  Carly agrees, and realizes someone else took the shot. She's relieved they have nothing to feel guilty about.  
Dante and Anna come to the same conclusion about a second shooter. Neither can figure out who else could have done it, but are determined to find out. 
Morgan gets back to the boathouse in time to see Kiki and Michael shake on their new agreement to stay away from each other.  Kiki lies, and tells Morgan the agreement was about not telling Carson about Morgan’s gambling.  Morgan apologizes to Michael about the credit card. 
AJ worries when he sees Carly at the Metro Court, but she doesn’t care about his issues with Liz.  Liz arrives with Nikolas’ phone, and plays the recording to AJ.
Shawn finds his bullet in the terrace wall.   
Franco claims he knows who tried to kill him, and warns they won’t try again.  Ava flashes to herself taking the shot at Franco.

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    So we have confirmation that not only was there a second shooter, but that it was the lovely Ava. Now, based on today, in her flashback she didn’t appear overly upset that she missed her target. Obviously that could change if they show us another flashback, but it did make me wonder if she missed Franco on purpose. That it was a warning shot only.

    I like the Lucy/Laura collaboration to get Deception back up and running. But it does bother me that the writers have so few ideas that they have to go back to an old well. Not saying it won’t be an interesting well, but still.

    I think Dante and Anna were wrong in telling Shawn and Carly that the gun was the wrong weapon. They should have pretended it was still the right one to get more information from them.

    Interesting that Luke’s problem isn’t liver related, but something foreign in his body. Helena Cassadine strikes from the grave??

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    Lucy D.

    Totally loved today’s episode.
    It will be interesting to see how you all react to Ava being the shooter, since there was much rejoicing on this board last week over the possibility. Will credit be given to Cartini?

    I do think the Michael/Kiki connection was too quick–and the fact they’re still discussing it likely means they’re not related. I think KA looks better as a brunette, and I’m enjoying her portrayal of Kiki (ok, make fun of me now).

    I like the Laura/Lucy connection–when Scotty said he was in–did he mean he was funding it? I understand Perkie that you think they should have explored new territory, but I’m excited since I missed the entire Deception era.

    So Helena poisoned Luke? Does that mean he’ll have to go to “that” clinic where presumably Robert is still in a coma–and somehow he & Robert will eventually find Robin?

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    The PCPD’s ballistics and CSI people suck, how did they manage to leave that bullet behind in the wall? *RME*

    IF Ava is a Jerome, could it be possible she was targeting Sonny, I know it wouldn’t really make sense because there were no drops about Sonny’s mob prior to the shooting and usually we’re aware there’s a threat looming…but we did have that promo last week showing that Sonny would be taking over the…who knows?

    I can’t stand Olivia, so the fact that Ava was the one that shot her made her my favorite. I’ve been waiting for another female character to ruffle Sonny’s feather since Faith Roscoe and Ava looks like she could be it. I want to see how Sonny manages serious threats without Jason there to do his job for him while he sits in his office or living room and throws stuff around.

    I wanted Luke’s illness to be alcohol related..but oh well. Let the Cassadine resurrection begin! I wonder if it was Helena or Stavros that did something to him……..I hope Luke being ill doesn’t lead to a Luke/Laura reunion leaving Tracy out in the cold again since she’ll be lending Luke her shoulder during this ordeal.

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    I would have rather seen Lucy and Laura take over Crimson while Connie is courted off to Ferncliff to live happily ever after with Heather Webber.

    Here’s hoping Liz kicks Nik to the curb for continuing to meddle in her relationship with AJ.

    Ava the hitwoman? Here’s hoping she takes out a few PC citizens!

    What’s up with Kiki and Michael aka Starr and Michael acting like they have some deep abiding love and they only met two weeks ago? Jeez. It’s silly and annoying that Morgan’s return is all about Kiki and Michael.

    Luke can just die.

    Why in the hell is Monica allowing her mansion to be used like a bus stop?

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    Joe and Tracy were sizzling until RC turned the man into another rapist! Joe was all about Tracy, and it looked like the actors were having fun.

    Faith Roscoe! I, too, was hoping that Olivia was dead and Ava could have taken out Connie while she was knocking people off!

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    an amoral female character that doesn’t whine me me me all the time
    Ava could really stir things up in a way that we haven’ had since faith roscoe.
    Let her get away with it–if she was trying to take out sonny, that fits with the any mob related character is fair game (..gospel of sonny chapter 3). As the device of Shawn’s momentary flash on conscience showed, there isn’t a major character that hasn’t killed or attempted to kill someone so faith, I mean Ava, can weather this and stay around for a long, long time
    But anna better chew Dante a new one for continually barging in on witnesses to a case he shouldn’t touch as it involves a relative.

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    Any episode that has Laura, Anna, Lucy, Scotty, Tracy, Elizabeth and Nikolas in it…is a good episode. I loved the use of all the vets today. I also have to add that Maura West killed her scenes as Ava. RH was as usual, pretty funny with his Todd one liners. I enjoyed this one.

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    The fact that Ava is the shooter just shows how predictable GH has become. Let me just “predict” the next plot point: Toddco will provide the life saving bone marrow for Danny.

    And people, no need to wonder who is poisoning Luke, it is all in the coming attractions.

    Did anyone else notice that in the timeline Laura and Scotty were on their honeymoon in Hawaii for all of two days?

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    I so agree about Shawn being a bad shot. Instead of Shawn being happy he isn’t the one that shot Olivia and he got his bullet back, he needs to go to an eye doctor!! That fool had a rifle with a scope on it and he still missed Frodd by a mile! That is stupid. Well there goes the theory about Black ppl being able to see in the dark….

    LOVED the Niz scenes. I loved how Nik was so worried about Liz. He hates to Liz hurting. The only thing I didn’t like was that Cam recognized AJ’s voice and AJ said hot sex then Cam was like what is that. Nik and/or Liz needs to give that boy “the talk”. But Nik in a pink shirt made the scene all better.

    Loved how Liz didn’t get loud, ignorant but just sat the phone down and played it for AJ. See that’s the Liz I know. That’s the Liz who use to get in epic verbal fights with SJB and TB’s Carly. That’s the Liz who slapped Kung-Fu Courtney for pretending to be her friend and getting it on with Jason although CornHo knew how Liz felt about Jason. Love that Liz.

    Love that Ava is the shooter although it is toooooooooooooo predictable. I wish Ava was a real boss and hired out. Morgan has got to be the dumbest kid on the planet. I just hate that he’s just a plot point. He’s Carly/Sonny’s only blood child and he’s a Spencer but you wouldn’t know that by watching the show. You would think he was just some kid KiKi brought along with her for her enjoyment.

    I hate that I have to FF Ava. I can’t stand Frodd. I just can’t stomach that character. I love when she’s in scenes with other folks. I hope to see her soon again with Duke.

    Um, if Laura, with Lucy, launches Deception again (with Nik’s money!) then she better call her boy Elton to come back. I loved him. Oh and make Taylor the FOD so she can be the new Gia Campbell

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    So I love the fact that Laura and Lucy are relaunching Deception. It’s about time Laura got some business to do and not just sit around and worry. I just kind of wish the idea had come from her. What I want to see is a pro-active Laura, who makes up her mind about something and goes after it. I wanted HER to think of the idea, and ask Lucy into it. Because, now, even though it’s great she agreed – if it’s such a great idea, why hasn’t she done it herself earlier?

    And another thing is Lucy, I love her to bits, and I know she tends to try to steal the show wherever she goes. Normally I love that about her, but in this case I want Laura to have the spotlight, and/or them to be at equal partnership. Don’t have Lucy make all the decisions.

    Hopefully these are minor issues and it all goes well. I won’t mind if Taylor becomes the new Face Of Deception, just as long as there is no Sobrina. Thank you.

    I also fully expected Luke’s problem to be alcohol-related, or at least a REAL illness that he has to deal with. Now, it’s just another goodie vs. baddie storyline where someone is trying to poison poor little Luke. I call it a cop-out. It would make sense that RC wanted there to be an alcohol-related illness, and TG nixed it. He seems to have a lot of say over there.

    Loved Ava being the shooter. I don’t see how it was predictable. Aside from Faith Roscoe, when have we ever had a female version of a Jason or Shawn on this show?? No, it is a great solution, and not a cliché in the least. Although she does seem more the type who would run the mob instead of being a hitwoman, it’s fine. Plus it doesn’t mean she isn’t running things herself either, maybe she’s just one of those bosses who wants to keep up their own talents and abilities. Like Sonny, he boxes regularly – but really, who is he going to have a fist fight with? Honestly? He’s just gonna order Shawn to do it/ kill him. And Ava is a very, VERY interesting character.

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    OK… my post in a GH thread today may make a lot of you jump in excitement and happiness but I am calling it quits on General Hospital.

    I have been watching soap operas for over 30 years and I’m only 43. I started watching Another World because my mother watched it and it was on when I got home from school. It was a great show to me. It had all the drama and escapism that I loved at that age and even up til I was in my early 20s. It was well written back in those days with stories that took months to tell and conversations that seemed as real as a conversation I would have with a friend who just cheated on his girlfriend with his mother’s brother’s girlfriend who killed her high school sweetheart after the prom. LOL

    It wasn’t shakespeare but it was well written and entertaining. people did things and there were consequences. If you picked up a gun the writers were sure to have you arrested and a court case was brought forward. You might get off but the reasoning was there all along and the writers were sure to make the fans of the show pick either side of the decision. If you committed murder the only way you got off is if you were raped by the victim, the victim was blackmailing you or you were defending yourself. And you got off because the writers came up with a perfectly believable scenario.

    Characters sat on sofas and talked. They met up in their kitchens and one made tea while the other sat down. They laughed and loved and hated bitches and bastards and slept around but not just to get naked. We could relate to the characters in certain ways and believe their actions, in a way.

    I remember Mac Cory on Another World marrying Janice Frame. She was planning to kill him for his money once they wed. Her plan was to run away with Mitch once Mac was dead. But Rachel, Mac’s ex-wife and true love, figured it all out, and even though she ended up sleeping with Mitch and then getting pregnant with his child, she was able to save Mac and killed Janice in the struggle. And guess what?! Mitch went to prison for his deeds. He returned later on when Matt… his son with Rachel was a teen but he served time and paid for the crime.

    I also remember the Cory’s maid leaving town. Then many months later her body was found in a plastic bag floating in the boat house on the Cory Estate. A mystery ensued and eventually the maid’s ex bf (i believe) was found to be the murderer. The story was believable and felt real.

    Back then a rape was a rape and the criminal paid on AW. He went away because the writers and producers KNEW that their audience were women and that if a crime like rape happened to a woman it wasn’t sweeped under the carpet, it was dealt with. GH romantisized Rape with Luke and Laura and although I don’t condone it I got over it more so because I never watched then but never understood why a woman, other than Laura, lusted after Luke. The same with Todd Manning.

    Weddings were HUGE and spectacular! Sure budgets are tight but if Amanda Cory got married on AW, we know for sure that if only 3 guests were there to watch “The event of the century” her brother Matt was one of the guests.

    Dating happened over time before someone fell in love and got married. New characters were introduced over months and not moments. And if a story was being rewritten it wasn’t on a floating barge owned by an amnesiac who didn’t ask for ID from the anonymous man who asked her “so you really don’t remember me at all” twice to hold a party and in one episode everything the fans believed to be the truth was wiped out between a commercial for DEPENDS GUARDS for MEN with Odor Shield and an advert for Midol.

    My point to this long diatribe is that watching GH is no longer that escapism because the writers and producers control too much of it and change the history of the show when they feel like it. Sure, bring back Roger Howarth. I was never against his returning to the show other than the amount of airtime he’s received once he came back. I am against the fact that he came back NOT as the crazy rapist murderer artist that I knew he was BUT as a father looking to rekindle his life with his long lost spawn and to take over a publicly traded company. Sure CARTOONY weren’t around when the original Franco was there, but they OPTED to take that character and rewrite him for their silly purposes. It sucks because it doesn’t respect fans like myself.

    Then add to the fact that Soap Opera Digest has confirmed in an article with Laura Wright in its latest issue that Franco indeed with end up in Carly’s bed that I am just disgusted by it. Every prediction I made on the character which several other posters blasted me for since the story hadn’t played out has now been confirmed.

    SO, with a lot more free time now on my hands, I say good bye to watching GENERAL HOSPITAL and reading the posts on the show until NEILSEN and press show that the show has truly gotten better.

    I will miss the show because not only am I a HUGE fan of Maura West and Laura Wright, but also love the characters of Tracey, Lulu, Maxie, Mac, oddly Sonny, Anna and Alice & MOnica. I think the show went the wrong direction in not writing for these characters responsibily only to write for characters we don’t know or I don’t care for yet.

    Again, happy for those who are happy that posts have suddenly gotten easier to read and sorry for this last long one.

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    Wait, J Bernard Jones and I predict that Ava is the shooter, get positive response from some commentors, and how that it’s actually happened it’s “predictable?” I don’t understand how that thinking works.

    Did Helena poison Luke? Or did Ava when he visited her apartment? My theory is that Ava has known Franco is alive and that Kiki was a Quartermaine before we actually saw her on screen.

    Thought that the Franco/Ava scene did a lot to develop the characters and differentiate him from that shady newspaper publisher from Pennsylvania with the scar on his cheek. ; )

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    [quote=Lucy D.]Been meaning to say mfarris70 that I enjoy your posts and your GH outlook.[/quote]

    Wow, thanks LucyD! Honestly, you’ve really made my day. I understand why some people have quibbles with GH but I wish there were more commentors here with a positive outlook. Thanks again.

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    Sonny & Olivia have been hanging out a lot, she the closest person in his life right now. Maybe Ava meant to shoot Olivia? Maybe Ava is in town to get Sonny and Franco is just an unexpected distraction/complication. Would explain why Ava wanted Morgan to stay with her.

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    TV Gord

    [quote=Perkie]Now, based on today, in her flashback she didn’t appear overly upset that she missed her target.[/quote]

    She bowed her head in a way that told me she knew she hit the wrong person. She probably didn’t overreact to it because she was in “hitman” mode, and she’s a pretty cool customer. That’s my take on the flashback, anyway.

    [quote=Perkie]I think Dante and Anna were wrong in telling Shawn and Carly that the gun was the wrong weapon.[/quote]

    It was Dante and only Dante who screwed up there. When he told Shawn and Carly that the bullet came from another firearm, Anna tried to stop him, but he continued to blurt it out. He’s not a very good cop.

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    Maura West 2014 Best Actress Daytime Emmy. Her portrayal of Ava Jerome has been knocked out of the park every time she graces the screen. This was a great episode. Liz hearing AJ on the phone priceless.

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    pjc7222 – I will miss your perspective on the show. I like to hear all honest opinions, both positive and negative.

    As to the show. I liked today. I FF’d Franco and Kiki, and you know what? I found that they had longer scenes. The show whizzed by the other characters, but I guess I was happy to see them.

    Loved the family moment with Liz and Nik. I love how they are with each other, they just fit.

    I hate how Shawn is being written. You mean to tell me that a marine and former hitman (he was a hitman prior to Balkan)…missed by that wide of a shot without PTSD to mess things up? So he’s just bad? Really? It’s not enough to screw with his character, but now you have to insult his skills? Really? Ugh.

    What happened to the smart PCPD? You mean to tell me that they COMPLETELY missed a bullet hole in the back? Their CSI needs to be fired!

    I love Ava and I am waiting for her to have a scene without Franco so that I can watch it. Can I just say that as much as I appreciate RH, I am tired of seeing him on screen. I loved Sonny too, but got tired of seeing him every day. It FEELS LIKE he has been on screen every day for close to a month. If he hasn’t been on screen, he has been mentioned. I guess it doesn’t help that I loathe Franco..wait..that’s too strong. I simply don’t care about him or Kiki.

    I enjoyed seeing Tracy and Luke. Great TV.

    AJ is becoming insufferable. You mean to tell me that you expected that Carly, the owner of the hotel, would stay away from the hotel? Wouldn’t it be easier to pick a new restaurant? Try a picnic? And for the record, the best way to act like something never happened, is to not talk about it. Why you keep bringing it up AJ??? You got the vapors?

    Also, I said this on another board and I wanted to share here. I like the way that Ava is being introduced. She is being introduced slowly and in the process, you are seeing multiple facets – relationship with Kiki, Franco (which I don’t see), her mysterious nature with Duke and Luke, and now she can be pushed to murder. And when I say slow…I don’t mean months on end, I mean a piece at a time. I am allowed to get to know her as a character. I am not being told that she is a saint or that she is wonderful everyday. I am also not being told that she is evil incarnate everyday. Of course, this may be discussed with Kiki and Franco and I missed it. Either way, I find this refreshing.

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    Thank you for letting us know you are quitting. I don’t blame you one bit, and I will miss your commentary. Most of the time I think we have seen eye to eye, and whether we do or don’t, I have always found your posts to be very honest, and thorough. I like that. So, thank you.


    I read your commentary and ideas, along with J. and to myself I thought “This is such a good scenario, it probably *won’t* happen”. I am positively proven wrong. This was a welcomed surprise from Cartini. And certainly not predictable to me.

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    PJC – Sorry to hear that – I might not always agree with your posts but they were always well thought out and passionate

    BUT DAYUM YOU PJC – you just brought back all my Another World Memories..and I started watching the same way you did…How I miss Mitch, Sam & Ryan…I still cry over Ryan’s death

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    My darling mfarris many of the posters on here only come to bitch and moan. Nothing that they do on GH will ever satisfy their appetite. They are in my opinion sad things.

    Ava being the shooter is awesome. Faith Roscoe was just the bitch from hell. I think this is great. Sonny will not be able to retaliate. Kiki is Ava’s daughter whom is involved with Morgan and Michael. Therefore if Sonny hurts Ava his son’s will have problems with him. Regardless Olivia was shot by Ava, Morgan would hate his father for hurting Ava. It is not far fetched that we may have a Morgan and Ava pairing. I also believe that Ava has revealed her Jerome genes. Ava Jerome is connected to the Jerome mob family and I won’t b surprised if they start popping up.

    Lucy and Laura will be going up against Crimson. Nicolas will be the investor. I think this will be when Christina Baldwin will make her debut.

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    Excellent sound editing in the scene btw Ava and Franco, with the sound cutting out abruptly as Ava said “bullet points” and Franci shushed her sensing Someone was listening. Well done.

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    loved ava being the shooter. love the comparisons to her and faith roscoe, faith was one of my favorites! i really hope they can make ava a big bad threat, this actress is really talented and i’m loving her scenes. i’m surprised we haven’t had a scene with her and carly considering their kids are dating (and the actors’ histories for fans).

    love love love deception coming back! lucy and laura sounds fun and i’m excited that they will have a reason to be relevant again… now bring on lucy’s two daughters serena and christina! i really want to see scotty and lucy and kevin raising their daughters, such great comedic potential.

    i like the michael, morgan, kiki storyline. starr’s return as kiki is better than i thought it would be. some of it feels rushed, and morgan has been pretty unsympathetically written, but i really shouldn’t be complaining because i’m still entertained.

    i’m glad shawn and carly got a get out of jail free pass. i’m down for the olivia sonny connie triangle, hopefully it will breathe some life into the lame connie sonny storyline. also i love olivia, she makes me laugh.

    i would have preferred a more serious storyline for luke facing the ramifications to his health based on his drinking so i wouldn’t have to put up with his nonchalant denial over his alcohol abuse that resulted in him raping laura and killing jake. i’m really ready for luke to get redeemed and i thought this was that chance…. oh well. i’m very excited to see helena return in flashback form to spite luke then. i love helena. hope they bring back stefan and stavros for more cassadines vs spencers storylines for years to come.

    i don’t see how monica can put up with franco and kiki in her house. that’s just not something monica would do.

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    I like Ava and Franco…
    All other Livers can go home…
    Would love to see GV Lucky return for Lusam… OFF TOPIC
    Would love to see Oliva and Sonny together. She makes him watchable..
    Carly belogs with AJ they are the train wreck but the ride is goig to be funny. So II want Liz to tell AJ he just needs to go find her…

    Now on to Nicholas and Liz…
    She just needs to admit her real feeling are for Nicholas
    I felt so sorry for both of them yesterday:
    Him because he had hurt her and I don’t think he really expected that kind of pain. And he is not really going to understand why. That AJ cheating really only proves she isn’t good at love or relationship. That somehow she is not worthy of them.
    Her because Nicholas is now apart of the whole mess and he is the one she loves. Then AJ cheating with a person he confesses to hate makes her feel like there has really got to be something wrong with her.

    In any case Niz scenes though short were very strong, It is amazing what these two actors can do. They made people love them with crap for writing the first time and with hardly any airtime they are one of the top couples on daytime. TPTB would be really rediculous not to go with Niz.

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    I’ll miss your posts PJC!

    I’d rather have people “bitching and moaning” about the show than people “bitching and moaning” about other posters simply because they have conflicting opinions.

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    Genie looked fabulous today! I hope hair and wardrobe stop making this gorgeous woman look so frumpy.

    Also I too adored Jane Elliot and Richard Steinmetz together. They were HOT! TPTB made a mistake in killing off Joe Scully Jr!

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    J Bernard Jones

    mfarris wrote:

    Wait, J Bernard Jones and I predict that Ava is the shooter, get positive response from some commentors, and how that it’s actually happened it’s “predictable?” I don’t understand how that thinking works.

    Welcome to the boards! LOL

  27. Profile photo of J Bernard Jones
    J Bernard Jones

    Lucy D wrote

    …congrats to you and J Bernard Jones for your Ava insight.

    No insight on my part! I was just wildly guessing and thought it would be really interesting because I heart Ms. Maura West and, bases on her old ginsu knife “if looks could kill” stares on ATWT as Carly Tenney Synder, I thought she’d be a perfect hitwoman. LOL

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    TV Gord

    [quote=GHteenybopper]I’d rather have people “bitching and moaning” about the show than people “bitching and moaning” about other posters simply because they have conflicting opinions.[/quote]

    A poster complaining about other posters complaining about other posters. That’s mega-meta! :-D

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    i loved today’s episode. i agree with the earlier post – Dante is completely to blame to spilling the beans to Carly and Shawn and not getting a confession. i was waiting for Anna to call him out on it and she never really did – oh well. MW killed her scenes today when she yelled out that she kept Kiki from Franco because he was crazy. i am so looking forward to her being connected with someone because so far she has had chemistry with everyone. i am glad that they are using her a lot better than they did on Y and R. i want Liz with Nikolas – they have a history and you can practically see them burning for each other on screen they should forget about Lucky because he was a whiny baby when he left the show.

  30. Profile photo of GHteenybopper

    [quote=TV Gord][quote=GHteenybopper]I’d rather have people “bitching and moaning” about the show than people “bitching and moaning” about other posters simply because they have conflicting opinions.[/quote]

    A poster complaining about other posters complaining about other posters. That’s mega-meta! :-D[/quote]

    bite me. :)

  31. Profile photo of mfarris70

    TV Gord: Those who dish it can’t always take it.

    Any comments I made about bitching and moaning were not doubting that people have the right to free speech. Everyone does. My point was that some commentors only have negative things to say, day in and day out, at great length. I guess they have the patience to spend an hour watching a show they find so abhorrent.

  32. Profile photo of mfarris70

    Dante is the only character I truly cannot stand. His righteous indignation and constant refusal to obey orders by his superiors always screws things up. He’s the Gilligan of the PCPD. The way he treats Anna as an underling should get him fired. Which could actually lead to something interesting, maybe being canned by the PCPD and being drawn into Sonny’s business? Or going vigilante?

  33. Profile photo of logan_echolls

    People on facebook and on twitter were saying last week that Ava was the shooter. So a lot of posters are going to say it was predictable because they already predicted that Ava was the shooter. It was all over twitter last week so these writers are predictable. It’s good she’s like the nuFaith Roscoe but it’s predictable.

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    Hey all… A friend on here asked me to clarify something abt why I opted out of both GH and the threads on the show, and katehoward proved it exactly. A bitter black hole of a person just 2 shades lighter than the queen of bullies, ghrulz.

    I stopped watching GH because I personally wasnt enjoying it anymore. My decision and never called any loyal fans out on remaining loyal. It’s their decision.

    The other reason I’m leaving GH posts is because of posters like katehoward and ghrulz. You guys are mean spirited unintelligent bullies who love to knock REAL PEOPLE then knock scripted programs for what some deem a lack of creativity.

    No other thread on here has as many vile people as GH threads… Thankfully a great number of people are good hearted, nice and respectful to others opinions.

    I will miss a lot of you and your comments. Katehoward… Well, there’s a place for people like you in the world. It’s usually reserved for cockroaches rats and that used wad of bubble gum you discover under the table at your local diner. In the Effin garbage!!!

  35. Profile photo of nysam

    @prettyflower10001…..YOU have blossomed!!! May the wonder twin powers and sass of Morgan Fairchild be with you to fight the GH bullies on here.

    I agree with PJC about the GH fans being the biggest bullies. When I post comments for Y&R or DAYS I don’t get attacked. I have watched GH since 1979, Y&R since the late 80s and DAYS the past few months. I know GH inside and out and since I loved it so much for years that’s why it is hard to watch it now.

    I used to get into a lot of arguments and fights when I was a kid in elementary school through high school defending GH and my watching it, but I grew up. Many fans on here still act like I did when I was in jr. high.

  36. Profile photo of logan_echolls

    [quote=prettyflower10001][quote=TV Gord]Why are you so filled with hate PF? It can’t be healthy.[/quote]

    @TV Gord – I’m so sorry. I must apologize. I forgot to mention that I also really hate your guts too.[/quote]


    Pls dont stop posting on here prettyflower10001

  37. Profile photo of jeremy in chicago
    jeremy in chicago

    Ooh there is drama on this board! All I want to say is that I’m so relieved to see so many people hating on Dante. I thought it was just me. There are many characters on GH that annoy the crap out of me (all thanks to Ron Carlivati’s fairly deplorable taste in new characters… he did the same thing to OLTL by filling it with really dorky and cartoonish messes), BUT Dante is truly an idiot bordering on mentally handicapped.

  38. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    [quote=logan_echolls]Pls dont stop posting on here prettyflower10001[/quote]

    You should have seen what prettyflower10001 wrote before those comments were edited overnight.

  39. Profile photo of mfarris70

    People guessing that Ava was the shooter isn’t the same thing as being predictable. What’s really predictable is when people who love to publish hate posts start bashing their opponents with name calling and claiming their civil liberties are being infringed.

  40. Profile photo of mfarris70

    Just so I have it straight: if you hate the current GH, you’re a good person who’s only expressing their God-given right to free speech, but if you love the current GH and don’t concur with the hate opinions, then you’re a bully? I feel like I’m watching Fox News.

  41. Profile photo of mfarris70

    And for the record, I’m not old and don’t have the proper equipment to qualify as a hag, but if that’s the best ammo you got, then good for you!

  42. Profile photo of GHteenybopper

    Mfarris- If one can guess something or make a hypothesis about something, it’s probably because the outcome is predictable hence why people would be able to guess what was coming up. Do you want a cookie for being the first one to make a guess about Ava being the shooter, something which a lot of people on twitter had suspected? Are you looking for recognition lol?

    The fact is that PJC was being bullied for his opinions on GH because those who happen to love the show couldn’t wrap their head around the fact that someone wasn’t enjoying it as much as he did. Exhibit A. Ghrulz and Exhibit B. Kate Howard who resorted to calling him a scrooge.
    Like Nysam said, I too view other posts on here about Y&R and Days and I don’t see any backlash as I do in the Gh threads.

    If one doesn’t like what another poster posts then scroll over it, simple. I don’t think it’s necessary to have people saying how much they hate that someone isn’t enjoying the show and blah blah, it takes away from the discussion of the show as we are doing right now…

  43. Profile photo of mfarris70

    GHteenybopper and prettyflower10001: You’re badgering me and calling me and others names– that makes you the bullies.

    “Mfarris gets a smart mouth when it doesn’t like someone else’s posts…” And what exactly is it that you’re doing now? You’re the bully and a hypocrite on top of it.

  44. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    I’ve disagreed with you, GHteenybopper, but I’ve never had a problem with you. prettyflower’s name-calling (even though the c-word, directed at mfarris, was edited out overnight) is uncalled for. I actually laughed aloud at your “bite me” comment earlier, regardless of whether you were serious or joking. I don’t have a problem with that. It’s the other one with the name-calling just because someone disagrees who crosses the line for me. We should be able to disagree without taking it so far into the gutter.

  45. Profile photo of GHteenybopper

    Feeling’s mutual TVGord– I was joking around with the bite me comment and I hoped the smiley face would imply that. It would be weird to have issues with someone whom you’ve never met before and probably never will lol these discussions would be boring if we all agreed on every single thing.

  46. Profile photo of Cornfed

    To PJC — the end of an era! :tired: :( :(( YOU WILL BE MISSED!

    I have always said that of all the soaps i watched MOST CONSISTENTLY from the late 70s into the 90s and 00’s, it was probably Another World. It had a sophisticated vibe compared to other soaps (similar to Edge of Night in some respects) that i appreciated — even in my early 20’s — and during that same time featured adult African Americans in riveting stories, that were subtly but excellently portrayed. (Anyone remember Henrietta Morgan and Roy Bingham? or Elizabeth Franz as Alma Rudder?) As a gay white boy in a small Midwestern town, i friggin ATE IT UP, and the Rachel/Mitch/Mac/Janice story was LEGENDARY!

    Bottom line, i have to be able to BUY the writers’ and producers’ vision of the show as my own…it’s a product they are selling, and i as a consumer decide whether i can buy or accept their product as presented. I was able to handle LML’s Y/R for year or so before i checked out (when VR quit and Adrienne Leon was fired for weight gain, that was the beginning of the end for me). Same goes for MAB’s version of Y/R — watched for about a year before giving up. Same for James Reilly’s vision of DOOL, tho i made it way longer on the latter due to Crystal Chappell, Eileen Davidson, and Lisa Rinna. My point being, after so long i no longer SEE the characters or the show for what i had ORIGINALLY loved about it.

    I sorta feel CarToony jumped the shark with the Franco revival. I now see newbies eating screen time and the vets given crumbs. I am curious to see how ratings are reflected as time goes on, and whether this current GH will become the PERMANENT GH. I can only speak for myself, but i didn’t return to GH last Fall to see 5 eps of Anna per month yet 15 eps of Frodd and Kaka. I realize subtlety isn’t CarToony’s strength, but they are currently BLUDGEONING us to death with the Michael/Kaka coupling. I don’t think viewers care as much as the writers do. And the same goes for Frodd and Carly.

    All i know is my dvr is usually 80% full at all times, so i will have plenty to do if i decide to give up on GH! I will have to survive for now FFing thru most eps, and then commiserate with DillusionedGHFan, SwanQueen, Yorla, nysam (whom i miss terribly! lol), and a few others i forget right now. Sorry for the long rant — PJC you will be missed!

  47. Profile photo of Cornfed

    [quote=mfarris70]My point was that some commentors only have negative things to say, day in and day out, at great length. I guess they have the patience to spend an hour watching a show they find so abhorrent.[/quote]

    Umm, you mean 15 mins (tops) on my train ride to work each morning? Mmmkay, that’s what i THOUGHT you meant! :)

  48. Profile photo of Cornfed

    @ jeremyinchicago and prettyflower — ROTF!! Oh my goodness i’m bursting at the seams!

    @katehoward — i knew you were a bit delusional in your love for that B-grade actress aka Kate Howard 1.0, but i didn’t think you were so damn mean! I’d hate to think pjc left b/c of narrow minded, bullying posters like yourself…

    Jeremy also mentioned what eventually happened to OLTL; i too tuned out the last 6 months and never even circled back for the the finale…mainly due to the Ford brothers, porn sisters Natalie and Messica and TPTB’s treatment of TSJ — CLEARLY a more nuanced, capable actor than the mysteriously beloved Roger Howarth. Maybe even then i should’ve seen the writing on the wall, considering recent events of Frodd holding all of Port Charles hostage… |(

  49. Profile photo of Yoryla

    IOWA, thanks for the shout-out :) Always love that you take the time to appreciate us fellow posters in here! You are one of the rare ones :)

    “prettyflower” sounds a lot like that “Sweet_Thing” poster who had on a picture of Sabrina and used to post in here like a 12-year old.

    Actually, for some reason it IS true that the GH fans/ boards are not only the most active and vocal posters, but most provocated boards I know. You can see this here, and also on SOC. Especially in the SOC boards the difference is visible. The Y&R board gets about a page worth of topics in one day, and it’s pretty calm, thought out and respectful. Also the mods over there are very quick to address problems. Whereas the GH board there gets three pages worth of stuff, a lot of fights, fanbase wars, belittling other posters opinions, overt sarcasm, etc.

    I think this algorithm pretty much applies here too. Some posters seem to pick apart what other posters have said, and find one little tiny thing which to concentrate on, and start a fight from there. Like if someone says “Sam doesn’t look good in red today” and then a few posts later there will a monumental Liz vs. Sam fight going on based on that one comment. That very rarely happens on the topics discussing the other shows. Of course, the GH topics are always the longest aswell.

    So what does all of this mean? GH is watched by people who have the most to say?

  50. Profile photo of Cornfed

    I think i remember in the old days the Phick/Shick wars were pretty intense, tho i have no idea anymore, i’m talking 5 years ago approx! LOL

    Great observations Yorla…

  51. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    IOWAHAWKEYE-Have missed you darlin’! :) Good to see you’re back on the board. Also OT- I caught “Black Swan” this past Sunday. ;) Yup, it was everything I thought the first time…. 0:)

  52. Profile photo of

    The GH boards are definitely the most robust. I watched Kansas City Bomber the other night with Raquel Welch and the GH boards are definitely a virtual roller derby complete with tag teams, cat fights and angels that never did any wrong.

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